Bodily Dismorphia - Noses

Growing up, I had a severe problem with my “big, ugly nose”. Resolving this issue finally many years later has undone many of my introvert tendencies. It also resolved delusional beliefs about God and has given me a much more normative view of reality. I’ve always related to this clip.

For anyone with nose issues, I’m here to offer critical help and advice. :pray:

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I’m missing two toes on my right foot due to a lawnmower accident at age 7. Does that count?

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Yes. Depending on how you like John C. Reilly as doctor Steve Brule in the following clip

A little disappointed, to be honest. Kept expecting Will Ferrell to come bursting onto the scene in his underwear, wearing a racing helmet, and screaming, “Help me Baby Jesus! Help me Jewish God! Help me Allah! Help me Tom Cruise! Use you’re Scientology witchcraft on me to put out the fire!” Alas, it didn’t happen. Bummer. :pensive:

Not your cup of tea, I see. To each his own. In John C.‘s defence, he denies playing the role of Dr. Steve Brule. John says they are associates who work together, but claims Dr. Steve Brule is a real doctor in real life.

The important thing is that you lost two toes - and that I have a big nose. There we can relate :wink:

Actually, I rather enjoy that type of humor from time to time. Just saying the vid would have been funnier with Will running through. Not accustomed to seeing John without him. Rather like a foot without toes, ya know?

10 seconds of research… How are you so gullible? Doesn’t it bother you in the least?
"Dr. Steve Brule is portrayed by John C. Reilly…or not, according to John C. Reilly. The actor sometimes claims Brule is another person, a real person, separate from himself. Reilly has insisted that his relationship to Brule is as executive producer of Check It Out!, and that he’s never even met the doctor in person. He maintained their separate existences in an interview with Vanity Fair, for example, saying, “Steve is a very talented guy, he’s an original voice.” However, Reilly will occasionally let the veil slip: he told Esquire that he didn’t really create the character as much as he just showed up for an Awesome Show taping “and started channeling that guy. I don’t know where he came from.”

Read More: The Untold Truth Of Dr. Steve Brule

How am I so gullible? Are you kidding? Yes, Cog. I realize that John C. Reilly is the actor portraying Dr. Steve Brule, okay?

I happen to be such a fan of Dr. Steve Brule that I think the world is a better place IF him and John C. are merely associates. I CHOOSE to believe that Dr. Brule is a real person. It makes life better. No disrespect to John C. Reilly.

How does that make it better for you? Personally I am of the opinion that you are allowing fantasy to slip into reality. If you actually accept John C Reilly as Brule, what other fantasies are you entertaining? Can you even separate fantasy from reality?

I will answer my second question, because you are allowing fantasy to mingle with reality. No matter who you are or your mental makeup, this leads down a road of self-destruction and great emotional torment.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … “I just covered this in another thread.” Evolution does not favor creatures that see life as it is. You certainly fit in with the masses and are bound to be a breeder.

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Can you describe the pain you felt?

I can’t imagine losing toes, fingers, or any other appendages.

Oh, god! You sick freak! Asking me about my childhood pain like some demented sadist. (I admire that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Oddly enough, I honestly don’t remember the pain. Although, with severe trauma like that, it’s actually fairly common for a person to feel very little or no real pain. Also, I’m pretty sure I was in some form of shock after realizing what had happened. The human body can be pretty good at compensating and protecting itself like that. About the most pain I recall is several weeks after, during my recovery. I would often have to go back to the clinic for bandage changes. Because of the drainage and scabbing, the bandage would be stuck to my healing foot. Therefore, they would submerge my foot in a solution to help release the bandage. Caused a bunch of pulling/pressure on the still-open wounds, and THAT hurt like a MO-FO. Hated going in for bandage changes.

Hey, I just thought of something, this month is the 46 year Anniversary of that accident. I should celebrate, or something. Maybe fix some pigs-in-a-blanket for lunch, and then go get a pedicure. (STILL trying to find a nail salon that will give me a twenty percent discount, by the way.)

That’s what I need too, a Nail Salon with a discount. I play guitar and bite my fingernails.
Well, I bite all the fingernails that are not used for guitar playing. I have four untouched fingernails on my right hand and the rest are chewed to the nubs. I put falsies on the real nails to strengthen them, file them nicely, and take good care of them. The rest? Well, those are the ones I use for poo flinging.

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