Bloody Coronation!

This Coronation cr@p is getting on my damned nerves!

She’s not wrong though I suspect an argument about glass houses could be raised.

I’m a republican (small “r”) not a monarchist and I don’t accept anyone’s right, let alone divine right, to reign over me… frankly I have enough problems with the fascists we Brits elected back in 2019 (and I didn’t have any say in electing the current boss man) and leaving the EU!

But most of all, it seems our wonderful Church Of England (who most seem wrongly to regard as relatively innocuous) is taking it as an opportunity to push more effin’ religion down our collective throats.

Irritating as f*ck and I’ve decided I’m spending most of the day hiding in my cellar.

I have to agree and disagree with certain points, as a fellow brit.

Far from being a royalist, I am true loyalist to the history of our country.

When I see the king partaking in the coronation, I see it as an extension of thousands of years of tradition, build on the sweat, tears and blood of our ancestors.

I’d hate to see it end just as much as I’d hate to see remembrance Sunday forgotten or stopped.
These are simply traditions and they have their place.

I agree on the religious aspect of it, I hate seeing it and why I won’t particularly be watching Charles’ crowning.

As for food banks, well… its an understandable point, its disgusting that so many live in relative poverty (I say relative as its obviously not as bad as some in 3rd world countries).

But I put that down to piss poor governance by the Tory idiots we currently have presiding over us… I wouldn’t go as far as saying they are fascists, but they are certainly beholden to big corperations and ridiculously corrupt.

So yeah, whist I couldn’t give a shit about Charles, I do respect the history of our country.

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Yeah, a patriot as in wanting the best for your country which I also believe I want.

I kind’ve feel it could be done as easily in a museum. I mean, don’t get me wrong, as a person of influence, I think he’s pretty good as was his mother before but I equally see the royalty as justifying the existence of the class system and the haves/have nots generally. There’s also the point that most of our status/wealth as a nation is based on some fairly awful history.

Maybe but we’re some thing like the sixth wealthiest nation in the world, last I looked.

On that we agree.

Me? Not so much but, like I say above, I do want the best for us and I pretty much saw that as being part of the biggest trading bloc in the world.

From my POV it can’t get any more cringey than all that clergy and the claim to rule by divine right.
It is quite a show though, complete with world class trolling i.e. the penis mowed into the lawn at a coronation party site.

Where was that? I guess I’d have to watch the bloody thing to find out though!

It was at the grounds of the Royal Crescent in Bath, England where a coronation party was due to take place. A google search pulls up images. Hell hath no fury as the working class with time on their hands. It reminds me of the Cerne Abbas Giant.

Haha … juvenile but still amusing :slight_smile:


I don’t know about that, obviously the colonisation was more 17th & 18th century and alot of harm was done… most sane folk could agree… but we’ve done a lot of good too.

Our history is vast, the likes of Alfred the great and lineage leading to a united England, rather then the provinces I.e. wessex and mercia… all before 1,000AD… all the way to now…

To simply state our reputation, status and wealth is built on one brief moment in a huge history is quite narrow view.

Quite possibly and I really hope one day we cab have the sort of governance that places the well being and dignity of the people before profit.

On that we again agree… I’d much prefer to be part of the EU… that said, their complete lack of control on migration led to ridiculous fear mongering and why we got a shit tory government and brexit.

Ironically I could see with it going unchecked and controlled, that the right wing of the conservatives would lean on the narrative.

Hopefully sanity will one day prevail.

In case you missed it here is my live commentary from yesterday. (Richie is Richie Sunak the Prime Minister…had to laugh at his mispronounciation)

Watching the coronation…best comedy show ever. On they come the royal pensioners dragging their carpets behind them, surrounded by charlatans in funny hats and dresses. Oh my. Hilarious, then Richie Someone reads from the Epistle to the “Collushuns”…tears down me trouser legs right now.

Oh gawd now we have another sermon by the English equivalent of Ned Flanders. Almost as boring as the previous act of six singers in ill fitting white, with a one word lyric…I don’t know how they chose the entertainment but BGT on a bad day knocks it out of the park.

And now the pensioner king is being fekking undressed by a handsome guards officer…well that’s a long standing (geddit) tradition of this particular royal dynasty. Now he is being oiled ready…oh yes another peccadillo shared by frequenter of certain Turkish baths on the Mall. Love the modesty screens…did they change his depends at the same time?

Well, what can follow a band singing a one word song? Obviously 7 blokes all in black singing horribly out of harmony in ancient greek…riveting. Charles looks fetching in his gold dress, I notice that Camilla doesn’t disrobe. Now Charles is given stuff by a man in a dress, and…hold on if this is the biggest drag show this century…ok …I 'm in! Charles got a very expensive scarf encrusted by what appears to be all the cub scout badges he earned. He’s just been given a particularly ugly blanket…the blanket of salvation…more like the itchy heavy blanket of the homeless. It looks like they just robbed it off a sleeping drunk outside Tesco.

They keep showing him trays of old secondhand tatt and taking it back…I don’t get it.

What? They’ve actually let him hold something…a couple of metal sticks that apparently are pretty much magic. Now they are going to give him a hat. Bloody silly thing won’t keep the sun out of his eyes.

Had to stop to laugh, poor old Charlie, they jammed that fekker on his head really hard. Maybe the guy fitting it didn’t like that Charlie had his blankie.

More whining from men in dresses and funny hats and one woman in severe black. I don’t think she is nice. Oh no, more ‘singing’

…can’t we have Lynkyn Park or something? Anyway they are walking the new king out of the wooden chair and helping him sit…a recliner would have been more like it. He looks thoroughly miserable…but then maybe his catheter is loose.

They all have prompt cards…

So not one of them could be arsed to learn their lines. Next time it will be mobile phones and Alexa reading the lines with Spotify providing the music and holographs for the stars of the show…

Fed the cat and back in time to see Camilla given a matching hat and only one magic stick and surprise…everyone sings an original number. It won’t make Eurovision I can tell ya.

Camilla looks very uncomfortable…didn’t she get to keep the stick? Her hat is at a pretty jaunty angle which is strangely comforting. Now all the men in dresses are helping the pensioner couple to walk while the handsome cavalry man holds Charlie’s dress up at the back. Camilla doesn’t get the help. Shots of the audience pretending to sing. If they were extras they would be off the set quick smart.

A lot more people singing? Maybe they have been reminded that the troops are there to ensure enthusiasm…pretty sure that has been a recurring thing in this royal family’s history. Senior man in gold dress reading his prompt card in earnest entreaty to his invisible friend. The organist must be getting tired by now. I am impressed by his stamina.

And that’s it, Madame can’t take the singing any more and I can’t take the bs. Goodnight all.


While I accept we’ve brought some good things to the planet, I’m pretty sure we weren’t benefactors and that a significant part of our history is fairly bad. Several links here, the Sky one mostly positive, The Guardian one mostly negative while the other seems more balanced.

It won’t be while we’re ruled by the current lot of money-grabbing, corrupt bastards.

The very long borders and multi-party state make that problematic however it’s worth noting that migration is typically a good thing for developing nations as it means importing pre-skilled workers and that more often than not they’re very keen to work and typically honest (more so than the “native” population) when it comes to paying taxes.

On that “hope” we can agree but, given that my fellow Brits voted insanely to screw their own nation, I have my doubts sanity will ever prevail.

Most amusing, even if I didn’t watch it (preferred to play troll-in-the-cellar), and from it I mostly get how really feckin stupid the who charade is.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Again, this a very narrow prescriptive parameter that is being used, I.e. the British empire.

The empire technically started in the 15th to 16th century, but was really in its pomp in the 17th and 18th century.

People need to consider that England was formed under King Alfred, his son King Edward and then Aethelstan who was the first king of England in 927.

So limiting our history, status etc… to just a very small portion of our history is foolish in my opinion.

Should we hold others by the same standard? Look at the great works Germany has done over its history and the great thinkers and advancements to come from there? Should we hold their status as to war mongers given the two global conflicts… I say no.

In that time as well, we have had the likes of Brunell, Newton, Shakespeare, Darwin, Hawkins… and so many more shape modern civilisation to a degree that is hugely progressive.

Agreed, but we can hope and dream.

I agree, I currently have multiple working for me and they are phenomenal. But the media and right wing tried to play the card of they’re coming here for benefits… those that work for me just wanted a good job and a good salary.

Again we agree, I’m still dumbfounded that we lost brevity vote, but you can see how the disenfranchised can be turned very quickly… I feel this is how trump got to be president.

I’m not convinced any of it is really that good. Ultimately, we’re just a bunch of animals who think we’re better than all the rest without a great deal of evidence. I’m not saying we couldn’t be, but, some select individuals aside (some of whom you name), I’m of the opinion we’re pretty much a negative for this planet. On the plus side, when we wipe ourselves out (which seems more likely these days), give the planet a few centuries and it’ll right itself.