Bible God Created Division

Thinking about god’s interference with the Tower of Babel and the gods’ fear of man “…then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.”

Our “language” effects the way we think… and our vocabulary within the language as well (simplistic language use, simplistic mindset)…

Obviously :roll_eyes: language evolves. AND tribal groups used/created their own and interchanged word usage - HOWEVER BuyBull believers will say that “god doesn’t ‘interfere’ with human society” LIE - AND doesn’t this prove that GOD could also “use this immediate, miraculous power FOR THE GOOD of mankind instead of ALWAYS against humanity?


I’m pretty sure it was the Arabs who first invented division.,fraction%20is%20a%20general%20norm.

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Lol :laughing:. … did abrahamic god same as Jesus same as allah “give it”???

Not sure, but he is the reason all of our children have to learn those damn Arabic math problems in school. Why they just can’'t use American math is a mystery.

As an amateur mathematician I wonder what you mean by ‘American’ math.

In any case I don’t think you can classify the fundamental mathematical operation of division as having being ‘created’ by anyone. Perhaps a civilization like the Arabs could have ‘formalized’ it within their writings on algebra, but any civilization that has practiced counting objects has necessarily always performed division of some kind and I think its safe to say that that includes ALL of them.

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I knew I would catch a fish…

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Care to elaborate on that assertion?