Believers and God's will

If everything is God’s will, how come humans are responsible for what they do? How come all-knowing God let everything happen so that people can be punished later on? Are there any reasonable answers to these simple questions?

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It’s a dichotomy they can never answer rationally, if you want to see a theist tap dance back and forth between contradictory claims run it past them, it’s pretty funny. Well, for a while anyway, until you realise they will never ever accept the contradiction exists, but then that is pretty hilarious as well, for a while.

Am I mean for fucking with them?

Well I am an atheist, so can only speak to the rational inconsistency in the claim, as I don’t believe it to be true obviously. However if you want to see theists have a meltdown, casually ask them if it would be immoral not to stop a child being raped, if it was easy to do so. Then ask them why their deity can’t even achieve the moral standards of it’s evolved pet apes.

Not for me, but that’s why I don’t believe the theistic claims, as they violate the law of non-contradiction.


@tom, I’m curious, your profile says both atheist and agnostic. Since those two positions are not mutually exclusive, do you identify as both?

Well, no not in my opinion…rather more of a “tough love” sort of thing…:innocent:

Edit (this is going to hurt you more than it is me)

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Lots of them realize there’s no rational explanation and use the old chestnut, “God works in mysterious ways”. As if that explains why any decent being would act like a psychopath. There are just so many things that can’t be explained and the Abrahamic god is riddled with contradictions. That the christian god is perfect and all knowing, but needed a do over in the form of the new testament is one of my pet peeves.
@tom If a person thinks there’s a reasonable explanation to your question, they probably wouldn’t be atheists.

@Sheldon: Well, I know there are no reasonable answers to those questions but posed them to demonstrate how irrational and contradictory theists’ thinking is. Being new to this forum, thought that was the way to start a discussion.
@Kellii: Correct.

Both atheist and agnostic, and confused. Not decided yet. In fact I am a truth seeker. When I think about all contradictions and nonsensical ideas religions feed us, I am an atheist. When I think about stereoscopic vision, mechanism of pain (it is my pain, not yours and I feel it from my insides not yours) and the idea of inner ‘self’ (seeing and feeling what I feel and not what you see and feel) and such, during that time I wonder if there is more to it than our existence and whether there are forces that control the universe in addition to the four or five physical forces that science discovered.

Many folks identify as agnostic atheists. A/theism is generally considered to be about belief and a/gnostism has to do with knowledge. In other words, I don’t believe in any gods but cannot/ do not know if any exist.

Religion is different than theism. One can be a theist but not a member of any religions.