Beliefs without Foundation Held By Christians

Beliefs Without Foundation For Christians (worth a rerun for any lurking theists)
In the short time I have been involved with these forums it has become tediously obvious that Christians in particular have no concept of the origins and political nature of their various sects and beliefs.

I am just going to list very few of the most egregious errors that are commonly held as “truth”

Let us start with the biggy:

The synoptic gospels are all eye witness accounts of the Jesus figure’s life written by disciples or followers at the time of the events.

Nope, the gospels by their own admission are NOT eye witness accounts. The timelines are wildly off and both Matthew and Luke correct and extensively plagiarise 'Mark” showing they are interpolated, edited copies of that earliest gospel written not earlier than 70CE.
John came much later and is dated to the early part of the second century. All the stories are changed or embellished.

There is lots of evidence that the Jesus of the Gospels existed.

There is no contemporary evidence that a Jesus figure as described in the gospels ever existed. None.

The apostolic tradition lives on in my Church

There is no contemporary evidence for the existence of any Disciples or Apostles*. The gospels don’t agree on who they were or where they went. There are no contemporary records of their deaths or even their lives.**They can’t even agree on how many there were.

My Church is founded by Jesus

Read your bible; the last thing Jesus the Torah bound Jew would do is admit gentiles to the temple. He instructed his disciples/Apostles not to approach gentiles or even Samaritans unless they first became Jews.

My Church is founded upon the rock of Peter in direct succession

There is no contemporary evidence at all that “Peter” or “Simon Peter” as described in the gospels ever existed.

*Note: A James was at the upper room temple at Jerusalem, and head of the Messianic Jewish sect that developed into Christianity. Several contemporary sources mention him. The same sources call him “Elder Brother” which immediately calls into doubt the virgin story of the mythical Mary figure.

**It is fairly certain that “Paul”, author of the epistles, who is anonymous, existed. But by his own admission never met the Jesus figure and conducted all his business by way of dreams and visions some 30 years after the events described in the gospels. So if your church adheres strictly to the uttering of Paul you may be justified in using “apostolic tradition” ( just insert the word “imagined” here) even though Paul himself was charged with apostasy of the Law by the founders of the Jewish Messianic Jesus sect.

The One True Church

There were a myriad of “Jesus” sects in the First and Second Centuries: The Ebionites, The Marcionites, The Sethians, The Syriac Church, The Valentianians, The Ophites, Cainites, Barbeloites, Abelonians, Agapetae, Alogians, Angelici, Antitactae, Aquarii, Archontics, Ascodroutes, Borborites, Levitics, Phibionites, Stratiotici, Carpocratians, Cerinthians, Adamites, Marcellianas, Cleobians, Docetae, Elcesaites, Encratites, Apostolics(Apotactics), Severians, Marcosians, Messalians, Nicolaism, Naassenes, Perates, Priscillianism, Secundians, Seleucians, never mind the many forms of other rites that eventually coalesced under duress from the Roman Emperors into what we now know as the Latin Rite (Catholic) and Eastern traditions. The Latin Rite and Eastern churches survived by dint of extreme brutality, massacre and book burning.
It is history, dear reader. Search out and read some truth.

We (insert the church here) preserved/translated the bible as truth

Bollocks. None of you preserved/translated a “bible” you all chant from comparatively recent translations of expurgated, interpolated texts, none of which actually date to the last quarter of the 1st century. Get real.

Pick a point if you wish to argue. Prepare to concede (as I will) when you are found to be in error.

Anyone want to do the same for Islam?




YOUR REVEALING QUOTE: “There is no contemporary evidence that a Jesus figure as described in the gospels ever existed. None.”

You are correct with this embarrassing situation towards the pseudo-christian, whereas I will copy and paste my refutation to your quote from the old website:

The whole mythical Jesus scenario starts with it being to easy to become a pseudo-christian to begin with. All the Kool Aid drinker has to do is accept that Jesus died and sacrificed for their sins, which rationally He did not, and then you say a couple of placating words to Him and send them skyward, and poof, one becomes a pseudo-christian!

I am probably preaching to the choir, but the first historical mention of this mythical Jesus character is from Josephus Flavius who was a Roman Jewish Historian, where his alleged hearsay non eyewitness statements about this Jesus character in his Antiquities were overall disturbing to the astute rational thinker.

Barring the fact of many historians stating that what Josephus wrote about Jesus in a minute way were interpolations, the simple math is revealed nonetheless: Mythical Jesus died approximately in 36AD, Jospehus birth was 37AD, Josephus Antiquities were written in 97AD mentioning through hearsay non eyewitness accounts, a Jesus “character,” where he was not at all mentioned as the brutal serial killer Hebrew Yahweh God incarnate, the creator of man and the entire universe!

Such a notable one God concept would have been mentioned ad infinitum in historical records and writings in Roman, Greek, and Jewish history from the day of his celestial impregnation to the whore Mary as a bastard child, until his death and until the end of time, but it was not! It is like Neil Armstrong landing on the moon and walking on it for the first time in the history of man, and having not a single person write about it during the time it occurred and subsequenly, but only 61 years later as equal to Josephus’ interpolations were written within his Antiquities about a bible Jesus. Laughable!

Therefore, what mental state would accept the above historical embarrassing facts, that is if they actually knew about said facts? Yes, the inept mindset of a pseudo-christian.

Any subsequent historical hearsay and non eyewitness writers like Tacitus, et al, about the alleged Jesus character to Josephus’ time period, only gets more embarrassing as the years add on to the Jesus myth. Subsequently, societies have been paying dearly for the ruse of Christianity and its pagan and primitive beginnings.