Being Objective

What are the parameters of objectivity?

Independent verification, operationalization, repeatability. (An understanding of the limits of personal perception.) Facts and details with as little interpretation as possible. A fact is an observation or element that can be demonstrated to be true.

I am constantly trying to teach my staff how to write this way. It is amazing to me that university-educated people are unable to recognize and distinguish facts from opinions. I get so much mind-reading in the staff reports that I want to pull my hair out at times. Then there is all the amorphous garbage, “Johnny did a good job reading the class content.” WTF!!! How did he read? What was the cadence? Volume? Pronunciation? Did he attend to or follow the punctuation marks? How willing to volunteer (how often) was he? What was the vocal quality? Soft, loud, conversational? Did he appear confident? Able to make eye contact, look up, or head buried in the book or script. And then we do speaking, listening, comprehension, and writing. Same shit in every category. Tell me fucking something about the students’ ability to read!!! NOT He did well. I want to vomit every time I see the word good in print.

Same shit in every category. (regarding this.) One of the teachers is a Christian. I am convinced, that his inability to see facts is directly related to his religious indoctrination. I have to go and see if there is any actual research in this area.


Did you become convinced solely via objective facts?

I agree. Additionally, the number of university-educated people who don’t know how to use punctuation, who don’t know the difference between there and their, who use singular verbs with plural nouns, and who are unable to spell correctly amazes me.


Whew! I’m glad I keep my spellchecker on 24/7.


Depends on the context, in religious apologetics I have not seen any objectivity. In a scientific context it would be encompassed in the methods of validation, in logic it would be adherence to the strict principles of validation within that method of reasoning.

Objectivity is a scale, the stricter the method of validation that are designed to remove bias, the more objective the results, religious faith is about as subjective as any method there is.


No. I am a bigot. I equate the inability to see facts concerning religion, to an inability to see facts regarding classroom performance. Fully getting, correlation is not causation. On the plus side, I can see I am a bigot and I know when to keep my mouth shut and simply ask the guy (once again) 'What does the student sound like when he reads? “Is his tone flat?” “Does he use intonation?” “Is he using proper inflection?” When practicing dialogues, is he talking to his peers or talking to you? I have been making the same inquiries of him for 3 years now. I am signing another 2-year contract this week. I am fairly certain it will be my last. (The semester is ending, and I am in the middle of writing year-end reports.) LOL I’m Jaded!


So, play the notes and follow the composer’s directions precisely? It does not seem to allow for improvising into new territory like when Dylan fused folk and rock together. He drew the hate of the folk purists who said he sold his soul to the devil.

Quelle surprise, having started a new thread to ask a question he has already had answered, he breezes past the responses with dishonest evasion. Trolltacular…

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Nah, you were right on to identify those subjective judgements as such…I was just yankin’ your leash…

In your analogy it’s more like not being in the right key when playing. Being objective is like being aware in which key we are jamming. It’s a bad analogy, but let’s try it anyway.

Hey, this is random fun and I am trying to be random!

You ruined it when you wouldn’t answer questions. Sorry, no cookie for you.

From my point of view, it is not possible to be an objective musician…


Crack on, who’s stopping you, but let’s not pretend your question has any real meaning, or that you are remotely interested in any answers. But if it is fun you want…



I agree. Therefore musicians must not exist?

Only objective musicians…

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I prefer diversity myself, still, I’m not in control. Some might say I’m “out of control”.

Ok, I won’t pretend if you won’t. It seems like you have been taking them seriously and invest personal meaning in them How else to explain your seeming hostility towards me?

Gee, the facts of life are not improvised. What an awakening! Faulty analogy, music even the director’s notations, must be improvised. I would even assert that the original composer likely altered his piece numerous times throughout his life without changing the little black marks on the page.

Dylan fusing folk and rock has nothing to do with a finished composition. Another faulty analogy. The finished composition would be presented a million different ways by a million solo artists who all follow the same little black marks on the page. Do you plan on simply spouting nonsense once again or do you have anything of substance to say? Do you know anything at all about music or are you just talking out your ass once again?

I’m betting you are a real joy at parties. Do you ever get anyone to fall for the shit that comes out of your head?

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