Beginning of the religious thoughts?

is there anybody who explains how the religions had created?

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This is pretty well understood by Archiology and History. Religion was the result of explaining the unknown. Pretty much as it is today. It’s evolution is from simple animism to our modern forms of theism. There is a ton of research in this area.

Check out the Max Planck Institute.


I am very very confused nowadays. I think I should find the human development with religious and social beliefs

How is that confusing. That is exactly what you find if you bother looking into it.

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is there any assosiation with delphic maxims ??. What is the french revolution assosiation with them? And lastly Why french revolution had lasted 1793?(All revolutionists were killed by horsemen?

I am very confused.

Hi! Welcome…

The idea of religion, mind you I didn’t look it up or click the link (just like you :wink:) is ancient man’s way of explaining

Say for instance, you are in your tribe - and because of social order, or lack of females, or lack of resources, etc your tribe starts killing others “within” the tribe (hey - his woman is pretty, ill take her - whack! Hit his head with a big rock! AND now she’s mine!). It may seem “good” at first. UNTIL…

Oh no - another tribe with lots of males!!! Somehow you avoid the “fight” (run away and leave your stuff behind; maybe a female or two for them to stay “busy” with). Whew! That was close!

So now, you start thinking :thinking: “hmmm, maybe that wasn’t a good idea :bulb: “ “hmmm, maybe we need a big tribe too…”

So you need all the males to “listen” (but men, well it’s all that testosterone- it’s difficult to get men to listen) SO … you make up a rule,

Don’t kill
Don’t take your brother’s woman
Don’t even “want” your brother’s stuff

Tell your tribe “HEY! This is important - the “Great Spirit” told me! They listen because the Great Spirit works with weather (but that’s a different story)…

Your tribe gets bigger. Everyone seems pretty content … until… uh oh :fearful: resources are running low…

(to be con’t)

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So you decide you need “stuff”. :thinking: hmmmm. You have lots of males but you have these Great Spirit rules. “I know” you think - “NEW RULES”… so off you go to “talk” (well, that what you tell the tribe) to Great Spirit. Great Spirit, being the good guy he is, has miraculously given you new rules THEY ARE:

  • take land
  • celebrations
  • a food restriction

HEY - Great Spirit says it’s OK now to murder and steal and want other tribe’s stuff.

So off you go! Happy as can be! Killing and plundering, taking young virgins- killing babies (after all they belong to the other tribe and your women have to raise your kids). Ohhhh - in the process you have a few men alive.

What to do with these guys? Hmmmm :thinking: I know! Put them to work! They’re strong! I’ll talk to Great Spirit!

Yup - Great Spirit says “slaves are A-OK!” AND he says if your own brother is “poor” or “owes” you, you can “own him” BUT here are a few rules for that…

Now though, with more men around, and your woman is pretty, your not sure about being the daddy. :thinking: “I know!” Great Spirit says if you think your woman is pregnant with another man’s offspring, bring her to a Holy Man (you need those now) and he’ll abort it!

Lots of rules … they start to build …

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Quick question. You have a script? It sucks. Did you read my posts?

If it’s a script “get one with better English writing”.

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You are absulately wright. The feudals had gone but democrate feudals has COME. The tribe people are still crying.

I am not joking I see around me just like this

sory about the mistake(feodal Feudal)

Sorry, eh -
What’s a feodal?

He is just spouting word salad. Random utterances with no content.
Feodal definition: of, resembling, relating to, or characteristic of feudalism or its institutions (Best I could find.)

Random nonsense.

Thanks cog - at first I thought “feudalism”
but then I thought spelling