Baptism option for non-believers

Well @boomer47 that was interesting. I hope you didn’t take any offense. I do kind of like to argue, if you haven’t notice. I always learn something. I never really understand my side of an argument until I see the other sides (that’s a paraphrased quote from somewhere). It had been a mystery to me how the catholic church had survived the pedophile scandal still relatively intact. Child molesters are a group of people universally despised. They’re said to be on the lowest rung even in prison society. Yet the church soldiers on despite the scale of their involvement and it being systematically covered up and allowed to continue in it’s own ranks. I guess it was something of a blind spot that I couldn’t see that so many individual members actually mean well and are loved and respected.

Yes, and No. I don’t expect everyone to agree with my opinions, or any body else for that matter.

I have belonged to forums where offering different or unpopular opinions resulted in personal attacks. I enjoy respectful disagreements. Often I agree to differ. Sometimes I change my opinion, mainly when I have made an error of fact.

Depends on how you measure “doing well”

We have yet to learn not to kill each other, how not make our planet uninhabitable. We still allow economic and political systems which result in millions of us dying of curable diseases and starving to death.

Having said that, I have to admit that relatively speaking we are doing well. The advances in my lifetime are jaw dropping. As long as you live in a developed nation. Not so much if you are a subsistence farmer in South America, Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or the PRC for example.

There are some individual people I quite like. I do not like or respect homo sapiens as a species. We are aggressive and self interested. (innately greedy and selfish)

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Yes it is, that’s fucking hysterical.

“Oh dear me! Say two Hail Mary’s and three Our Father’s”.


“Turn in your Bible to Numbers 32.23; “Behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out.” You need to see your sins. Your sins have been against the LORD. Some one comes to me and says, “Pastor, I need to be saved.” And I ask him, “Why do you need to be saved?” And he says, “Because I’m bad, I am a pedophile.” That’s not good enough! You need to name your sins. You need to admit to yourself, “I am a liar, and a cry baby, and I’m selfish, and I pout, and I trick those around me and fool everyone I see. And I pretend to be normal, but secretly I yearn for the soft tender flesh of a little boy’s ass. Just like the fucking Pope. And I take what I want and I never share. I hord little slips of paper with e-mail addresses and phone numbers in secret compartments in my wallet and pants pockets. Even now, you can FEEL THOSE SLIPS OF PAPER BURNING HOLES IN YOUR SOUL AS YOU MAKE A FALSE CONFESSIONS. THEY ARE STILL THERE BURNING, BURNING, BURNING. FEEL THEM BURN YOUR SOUL. FEEL THEM, FEEL THE WEIGHT OF THEM DRAWING YOU TO THE ETERNAL FALMES OF HELL. FREE YOURSLEF OF THOSE SLIPS OF PAPER NOW. PLACE THEM IN MY HANDS. PLACE THEM IN MY HANDS NOW. NOW / NOW. NOW.!!! Yess … yes… yes… my son. That’s it. Free yourself of your burdents. Jesus forgives you… Now go free and sin no more… *** Drop someing in the collection plate on your way out the door and I will see you on Sunday.”

"Hmmmm — now let me see what we have here…?