Australian Catholics trying to clean up the Church

For all you Australians / New Zealanders with Catholic Friends,

Here is a group trying to reform the Roman Catholic Church in your area.

BTW: I was surprised by the great emu controversy. I believe I had only heard it pronounced the way you apparently say it. I think is was documentary created in your area that was the only time I ever heard of the birds.

The Catholic church is not a democracy, it’s an autocracy with one man,the pope, in charge.

The laity have never had any clout in the church.

After 2000 years, the church remains deeply corrupt systemically .

After being dragged kicking and screaming by the courts, the church is still on the very edge of significant change with the crimes of pedophile priests…

Seems to me very few priests world wide have been reported to police for abusing children. What? Do you think that abuse has suddenly stopped?

The complaints and suggestions of the laity are smoke in the wind in terms of real issues. I see Pope Francis has not changed the rules about clerical celibacy nor has he allowed female priests.


I’ve never seen an Emu in the wild. Some places serve the meat and its skin is used in making some high end women’s fashions. As with most Australian native animals, it is ineffably stupid.

Hundreds of years ago I was sitting in my car in the Cleland Conservation Park ( just outside Adelaide in South Australia) eating my lunch and enjoying the bush view.
Without warning an emu ( a bloody big bird for those not familiar with them, think ‘ostrich’) snatched my sandwich out of my hand. Scared the proverbial out of me.
The buggers had learned to approach parked cars from behind, slide up the side, poke their big heads in through open windows and grab food with their equally big beaks.
My first exposure to emus.

They can be trouble in a pub.
Emus banned from pub for bad behaviour.

Emus are strange buggers…we actually had a war with them…and we lost!,bullets%20had%20been%20used%20up.

My closest encounter with one of the buggers was when I lived in the North of my State above the 26th parallel…where the desert meets the ocean country. Emus have a habit of running alongside moving vehicles if disturbed and can bloody well move! However they also have a habit of dashing in front of your vehicle at speed.
This day I was travelling towards Fitzroy Junction when an emu started tracking alongside my trusty old Toyota R75…I eyeballed it and as I did so, it turned right, at speed, to cut in front of me, sadly it misjudged and ended up hurling itself (after hitting the fender) through the open passenger side window…ending up with head and 2/3 of the body INSIDE with me and legs still kicking furiously OUTSIDE. I screeched and swerved to a halt, trying to avoid being pecked to all fuck …oh did I tell you these things SMELL?? It finally got its body and legs through as I departed the driver side leaving friend emu to rampage about until it got itself in the back…when I opened the rear door to allow it to leave…but no…it had settled on my Eskie (containing valuable beer) and was leery about departing for the wild again. It SHAT, copiously all over the side seat and my lovely esky…and resisted all poking and yelling from the front seat to get the fucker out the back. Just sat there threatening with beak and giant clawed foot if I got too close.
Fortunately a truckie stopped for me and using an airhorn and a tyre iron we shooed friend emu out. He stood about 3 meters away giving us the evil eye, and those things are fucking scary when they do that, prancing a bit on their outsize, sharp as razors, clawed feet. So I just jumped in my seat and pulled away…too fast as it turns out, as my shit covered eskie, with its precious cargo of Emu Export (it’s a beer) slid straight out the back and landed at friend Emu’s feet. I did not go back…fucking emus.

They scare me like that. They are only a milder version of the raptors ala Jurassic Park.

As I said, have never seen an Emu in the wild. I was once chased by an annoyed goose.They can be nasty fuckers. Oh well, that was probably Karma for the time I had roast goose for Xmas lunch :yum:

As a child I can remember being swooped by nesting magpies. As an adult I learned the secret; take food. They really love minced meat. You just drop in on the ground and keep walking. Magpies are very smart, they learn immediately that you will have food so won’t swoop you.

I used to keep geese…emus are 10x the magnitude of ornery.

Hahaaaaa! Well I raise ostriches as part of my future army… top trumped you sir!

I had a one night stand with a cassowary. Squawk.

Now those are REALLY dangerous bastards.

Now you tell me. Her boyfriend was worse.

Not this bastard I hope… I am glad they live the opposite side of the continent…

That’s the thing when you give up wings to fly with; to survive on the ground you gotta have powerful legs with sharp talons, sharp beak, an axe blade growing out of the top of your head and a savage attitude.
NZ Moas weren’t much different, they were only ever subdued by the Tangata Whenua.
Is it true ‘Moa’ is Maori for “I like a leg.”?

I would say the pedophiles are worse.

worse than what? May I ask?

The emus and cassowaries of course.

You’re comparing apples and oranges there in something of a non sequitur.

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I think they have quite different interests.

At this point, I’m not so sure.

Both seem to be viscous beasts intent on creating as much damage as possible. fueled by vile appetites.