Attn rat_spit Please Explain Some Things

I believe everyone is getting tired of your antics and unbiased claims as you provide no objective evidence to backup those claims.

Many are also tired of my claims as well as I keep making the same stupid mistakes and making claims without objective evidence to back any of those claims up either.

At least though I am trying as I wish not to keep making those same mistakes, and not make claims which I can not back up.

The only thing anyone is asking of you is to supply objective evidence for the claims you make. To make it simpler yet, you make a claim you backup that claim with evidence.

(God is not real and never was.) That’s an unbiased claim which I can not honestly backup with any kind of evidence.

(God is real.) That’s also an unbiased claim which I can not backup with actual objective evidence.

To answer both those claims I will turn to science. And that is honestly science can not prove nor can science disprove a god exists. Science tries to explain things but with new discoveries popping up anywhere and everywhere it is the closest explanation we have for the existence of all things.

And the other thing people ask of you is to which god or deity you may be talking about?

If I fucked up anything anyplace I welcome correction.


"I believe everyone is getting tired of your antics and unbiased claims as you provide no objective evidence to backup those claims."

If you provide powerful arguments, even haters will start believing in you but some people don’t believe you because even before you tell them the logic, they assume you unwise, so this is the problem.
If people start assuming that the person in front knows something better then they can listen you then they can appreciate your critical arguments and logic.

Why people are getting bored?
Because it is them not you. Eager person is always ready to through away his ideas for a moment and listen to you.

Assume you are talking to a flat earther and whatever cool and exciting ideas you share with him about spheroid earth or erathosthenes way of calculating earth as sphere his relative mind will find this argument boring, so that is why we want people to think critically so that we can replace existing trash with new ideas but unfortunately most didn’t do it and that is why we have messy machines of people all around us, who can work perfectly but can’t think critically.


I think science already disproved God.
Even if some think that God is energy and is not connected to religion so you can disprove god,I will say that God still can’t stop crimes, so by definition he/she is not god because heis not omnipresent, so is not God .

Our brain is complex it thinks we need God, some think there are aliens, but we are just we.
We have a beautiful world around.
People functioning themselves as concious universe(my intuition from childhood).
So we are ourselves a living universe and we can indeed make others world beautiful.
So why do we need God.

I proved devil doesn’t exist by stopping doing bad.

I would hate to say this but that is awfully close to claiming science has proved there is no god.

So where’s your objective evidence to prove this?

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Yeah for me God doesn’t exist completely.
By God I mean God by definition.
Well objectively speaking if we assume that God exist then he must be omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient and good.
If God is not good he is not God by definition.
If anyone of these conditions are unfulfilled he/she isn’t God.
So what I do is whatever model of God someone refers to me, I tend to falsify one of four to prove God doesn’t exist.
Suppose their is a Christian God let’s say.
As we can see there are conflict in this world, disasters, etc.
So he is omnipresent but not good.
Even you and me will be willing to stop crimes if we have hyperspace cctv camera access because our hearts are more empathically matured than Christian God.
God is one who can sense through dimensions of computers and intract with 0101 code to interpret my typing now but as I am typing this and I am challenging God to destroy my phone, as he can’t so he is not omnipresent .
So disproving Christian God can be equal to disproving 40℅ of religion in summation because it applies to Islamic God too.
Now coming to pantheism who think everything is God.Then is rapist God,is a coomer God. huh, who is God, God,
If God is God then how can we be God, we are not part of God we are part of this universe.
Pantheism is full bullshit and nonsense.

Now coming to someone who thinks God is divine energy but even if that is case why is not your energy God stopping deadly crimes and worst mentality when police and psycologists are trying their best daily to help society to become fully civil.
So energy God is not omnipresent implies he is not God.
So what you are refering to may even exist but he is not concious enough to listen your prayer so he is not a God, so God doesn’t exist.
What else do you need.

Mouse headtransplant already disproved hinduism when white mouse head was attaced to grey mouse body and he even lived for minutes.
If rats have souls does their souls superposition during head transplant.

Human head transplant can’t be done yet but I am sure it will be done soon then soul concept will crash and so God.
Still we already theortically disprove soul when we transplant dying persons brain in new one and he is alive again, where is Mr soul?

Anyone who thinks rats don’t have soul is fool because if reincarnation is right then reincarnation is already destroyed.

God is a myth.

Sorry but you are still making unbiased claims that there is not a god, when science has never proved that for sure.

Lack for evidence does not mean no god exists, it means just that science has not found one.

So you have the burden of proof.

Well then I maybe wrong.
I need to rethink on my claims.
Maybe they sound more philosophical then scientific.
I thought they are just fine to prove God doesn’t exist.
Ok well then by scientific proof you mean a hence proved thing that will prove God doesn’t exist or a real time equation.
Yeah, I have not an equation that will disprove God but as I explained my intuition and logic says if God is not omnipresent who ever he is he is not God.
Atleast one condition should disprove God.
I mean doesn’t this sound more simple then we make it.
Further those who still think God is responsible for earthquakes aren’t they evidence that their myth doesn’t work now and we know their is science behind it.
So aren’t God and science separate…
God’s laws can be replaced by scientific laws. how can we disprove micky mouse.
Doesn’t it sound same.

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So I guess dragons are real too.

But my point is that lack for evidence does not follow it does not exist. Not that I believe in a god or deity. If they were real like the Christian bible says, why not make that more clear to us?

Just that scientifically there seems to be a lack for evidence.

I can create a mythical creature now.
Let’s name it cheesebag.
As soon as I created this fiction, I wanted everyone to disprove this character. They ask me what is characteristics.

Cheesbag lives in alternate universe.
They think like humans and some believe they abduct humans and they are responsible for ufo.

So now they will say we can’t prove this but can’t disprove too.

Well a scientific person will use scientific method when he does science.

I will give you brief review on scientific method.

Suppose you read news today that robbers robbed 10000000$ from bank they were two caught on cctv and they had a bike on which they carried this to their destination.

Well someone will need to say it can be true or false but scientific method is different.Scientists say let’s assume this is true.
Now let’s assume weight of 1$ it os approx
1 gram.
They took away 100000000 gram =100000kg.
Bike can’t handle that so news is false.

Take cheesebag.
Let’s assume cheesebag exist in alternate universe.
Proving this is different from scientific process, firstly you know it is a fictional character and they forcing mind to disprove fictional character is unscientific and beyond scope of science it is job of religion that is why subjects are different so is religion separate from science.
Same applies for God.

Best thing scientifically we can do is to test has God potential to move a ball under observation telekinetically but as he doesn’t so he is not willing and miserable god that mismatches with religious texts and so is not a God.
Because he talked to angles, prophets and can’t even move a ball.
Why is he not willing, how can he be god, if he can’t be anywhere.
Isn’t this enough to think God is indeed a fictional character like cheesebag.
Hit and trail.

Here there are definitions. There are things that can be tested.

Here you give a definition of god.

True, “black swan” fallacy.

Again, defined perimeters. And yes, cannot be “dis-proved”…

A claim without evidence, can be DISMISSED without evidence.

A big pile of dis-belief. Why a pile of disbelief? So you don’t turn into a gullible fool!

The time to believe something is when there is sufficient demonstrable evidence to support the claim (greater the claim, greater the evidence required).


Fievel ---- A string of more articulate utterances has never left your mouth. Hopefully you have internalized the data and can now allow the ‘facts’ to assist you in the evaluation of the things you say and in evaluating the responses of others.

“Yes, science attempts to explain by building models.” NOT PROVING!


I am trying to learn better at least.

As close as we can get.
But yes I do agree.

Really. I didn’t know that. When did that happen? I missed it. Oh, well, I’m sure you are familiar with such proof and can reveal it. I’m on tenterhooks

I’m assuming that’s a typo. Could you please explain what you mean?


It didn’t happen as science hasn’t found evidence either way. Lack of evidence yes.

I don’t know what he means.

But I do know he is making my stupid mistakes.



Mate I was being sarcastic. :innocent:

Overall, it’s a pretty lame post imo.

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In a word, oh.

I didn’t think too far on that one.

Have you ever thought of branching out into fan fiction for hard core necrophiliacs?

I’m done explaining God. It’s over.

Good as you never posted any objective evidence to prove your god.

You also don’t exactly seem to explain just what of the many gods you are talking about. You should really educate yourself about what science has to say on the subject.
It took me 47 years to start to grasp the idea for the lack for evidence for any god.

Thanks and bye bye.


I’m far from being done here. If you know anything about rat spit it’s that he shines the brightest when the Evil One is pulling his strings. It won’t be long before I let him take full control of my personality. Then we’ll see about “objective evidence”.

Educate my self on what science has to say about the subject? Hmm. Well, let’s start with my Bachelors Degree in Science (awarded in 2010).

Now. From what I learned in Uni not one single science class I ever took had even a word to say about God or religion.

In fact, the only things they seemed to care about were a) selling text books b) raising tuition c) renewing their research grants d) or keeping their positions as professors.

And of course my biology classes taught biology. My math classes taught math. Physics physics. And Chemistry chemistry.

So what has your 47 years amounted to? What has science taught you about God?

First I realized and answering both questions that science has a lack for evidence to prove any god. I was an atheist since 47 or about. Before then I was a hard Christian believing blindly everything a book told me. The bible I am sorry to say is mostly fiction and was placed together by humans for control.
Yes there’s a few places of actual observation.

If Jesus lived on this earth he was either nothing special or never lived here at all.

If you care to keep claiming that a god is real then you have the burden of proof. Give me some actual objective evidence to prove this. And why is it you ignore near every question then ask other ones? That is really fucking annoying.

And you must not understand English that well as you keep using things such as my self, instead of myself.

I doubt you had so much collage as at least you would know something so damn simple.

Which god is it you are talking about?

There’s millions of them, and 3200 known religions.

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It took you 47 years to realize the Bible was full of shit? Wow. That’s actually quite funny. I turned away from Christianity at the age of 14. My reason. No objective evidence of God. No answers to my prayers. And the opportunity to learn Science in high school.

Do you know what they do to pedophiles in the prison system? You’d better hope to God that Jesus never existed.

Oh. Are you annoyed? I’m so sorry. Here. Give me your email address. I write books about underage children too. I’ll send you a copy of my latest novel as a sign of peace.

Fuck. For a 47 year old man you sure harp on the most fucking menial, irrelevant, and anally retentive things. Do you think I give a flying fuck if I’ve written my self or myself?

“And you must not know English that well” - hmm. Someone definitely has a chip on his shoulder.

“Collage”. No. No. I have a degree from “collage”. I made it my self out of magazine scraps, you retarded nobody. It’s hanging on my wall. It makes me feel special. How much “collage” do you have?

Yeah. You know what? I made it to fourth year and I had one elective credit left to graduate and I failed out of an English class called “story writing for children”. You’re right. I’m lying about my degree. Congratulations. You win a cookie.

Oh so there are millions of them? Prove it. You made the claim, now provide objective evidence for it.

Edit: removed profanity

Listen prison goof - I know we all want to be as smart and decisive as Sheldon - but you make a poor understudy. So stop trying. I’ve seen your other threads. You’re constantly getting called out for the same logical fallacies that you are supposed to be lodging against Theists.

I’m a schizophrenic with a science degree. I’m not some blind Christian Creatard. Leave me the fuck alone, prison punk PC rat skinner.