Atheists in the building, lets deal with this

Isa 1:18 Come on, and let us reason together, says YAHWEH. Even if your sins are as scarlet, I’ll make you white as snow and even if red as crimson, I’ll make you as wool.

Excuse me. Just love that verse so so much. I kinda like the idea of a god that wants us to reason with him, don’t you?
And one that’s ready to clean up my mess no matter how bad if I just can come and be cleaned. Sweet mercy!!

Anyways, here’s where I’m really going at today.
Technology today has put even the faithless on a most privileged pedestal to appreciate the creator because in tech today, we get to create things that actually work.
So now we can understand better, the amount of intelligence that has to be invested to create intelligent systems that work and solve problems.
Take a robot for instance, there is absolutely ZERO plus ZILCH probability that a robot will ever accidentally happen. Simply because it is a complex intelligent design. Anyone who believes that a robot can never randomly occur will only be a fool and hypocrite to believe the complex human body or complex intergalactic systems of space are randomly occuring designs.
Even the argument of evolution either way it swings, will take nothing away from the creator of the universe because as long as things are evolving intelligently and under defined principles rather than meaninglessly, it still is proof of an intelligence behind existence and it’s development.
So when some evolutionist says evolution is proof of no god and then goes on to say natural selection defines evolutionary sequences, he literally becomes the most informed dummy in the school of idiots. Makes one do a smh! ROFLMAO!!
So the next time a stupid, lame thought comes to your mind that there may not be any creator, run a quick delve inward into the human anatomy up to the genetic coding or outward to the intergalactic systems of space, re-educate yourself and get ashamed for even being able to hear such illiterate thoughts. Don’t worry, no one’s looking.
And yeah, as long as you still feel guilty about such dumb thoughts, you can confirm your mental health isn’t drastically impaired yet. So don’t beat yourself down, okay. Shit happens. LMAO.

Rom 1:19-22 As the fury of God is revealed from heaven against all irreverence and unrighteousness of men, who resist truth in unrighteousness since what is to be known of God is obvious in them as God has made it obvious to them because the invisibles of him through the creation of the world are clearly seen, being comprehended in the things that are made, both his eternal power and divinity so that they are without excuse because knowing God, they didn’t honor him as God, neither were grateful but became foolish in their mode of reasoning and their foolish heart was obscured. Asserting to be wise, they became blockheads

Now, of course, the idea of a creator always brings up so many unanswered questions, many of which can easily be answered but even not knowing some answers can’t take away what is already proven beyond doubt, right?
So, more than any generation, we, the most informed and enlightened, have more reason to believe without an iota of doubt the existence of a creator.

Anybody ready to take the gauntlet here. Share your thoughts and critiques if reasonable


Now I have to write a bunch of inane BS because the forum thing what I have written above is not a complete sentence.


The stuff that was created in the past (knives, bow and arrow, reading and writing, etc) didn’t work?

I couldn’t agree with you more; anyone who tells you something like that is proof; doesn’t know what they are talking about:

Seems you don’t know what you are talking about.


Why the fuck aren’t you cleaning up your own mess? Is that what invisible sky daddies are for?

THANKS SCIENCE … your method works!!!

AND how do we know it’s “intelligently designed” -
BECAUSE it doesn’t exist in nature … can’t find it in the backyard.

OOPS - NOT DESIGNED … and BTW, if you “evidence” is complex (in your opinion) “design” (nope) WHO the fuck DESIGNED your DESIGNER???

NO ITS NOT. You are making a claim without any evidence! Zippo nadda!
My “claim” WITHOUT evidence - God got bored (one of his human qualities) BUSTED through the space/time AND DIED - we’re the physical remnants of this “being” … kinda solves all the issues, eh?

I see your bible and quote back this…

Verses from Quran : "Indeed, I am Allah . There is no deity (No God ) except Me, so worship Me and establish prayer for My remembrance. (20:14)

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Please go back and read your OP. You begin by requesting we work together, then proceed to inject insults and charged words like “faithless”, “privileged pedestal”, “informed dummy in the school of idiots”, “stupid, lame thought comes to your mind”, “get ashamed”, “such dumb thoughts”, “confirm your mental health isn’t drastically impaired yet”.

And you expect me to engage in constrictive dialogue?


I’m calling this one, troll.


Whaaa??? The great Opposer
to Fairies??? Troll??? Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

Hahahaha. Fairy GodMother laughs in the face of Trolls.

OK - list the 10 commandments …

MOVED this here…

I’ll wait a little longer… you might be busy with other things… I’m sure you can list the 10 Commandments - (you don’t have to do it by memory - this isn’t a memory test)


I love this new forum, I really do, but if I can offer one teeny tiny criticism, I do miss that disagree button. :sunglasses:


Please explain how perfect old God made these stupid mistakes

  1. The proximity of the butthole and the genitals. (it causes a lot of trouble, including but not limited to diseases and the occasional wrong port of entry)

  2. The recurrent laryngeal nerve of the giraffe routes via the thorax and under the aortic arch, a considerable detour (like all mammals, including humans, imagine that). While in humans this is a detour of mere inches, in the giraffe the nerve is around 15 feet long. Causes the giraffe a lot of problems, very easy to fix for an intelligent designer.

  3. There are literally thousands of other examples, you can look them up, google intelligent design errors and prepare to laugh your ass off at your god’s fucking stupidity.

Now, if I was god, even without perfect intelligence, I would not have committed such stupidity. Is your god just plain stupid? Or, perhaps, it’s evil and just enjoys fucking things up on purpose?


Oh look, it is another drive by rant poster! A random poster that thinks he/she is somehow special and knows all the answers because he/she heard of the very flawed complexity argument but is unaware how flawed it is.

Even though this argument has been thoroughly debunked well over a century ago, we still see a steady stream of religious apologist pop in here and try to “ah ha!” When ultimately the argument is actually detrimental to the notion of an even more complex “creator” god idea, instead of supporting said god idea.

This person might as well be arguing that the earth is flat.

How about the male “g spot” (prostate.)

What demented god idea that frequently also forbids the notion of gay intercourse, include a pleasure button deep inside every man’s asshole? What possible purpose does this g spot have? Why would this supposed all knowing god idea design that?

Yes. Please bring back the disagree button.

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Oh man … patience in waiting… fuck it! OK … here:

The Commandments were carried around in the Ark. Hebrews 9:4 states that the Ark contained “the golden pot that had manna, and Aaron’s rod that budded, and the tablets of the covenant.”

Imagine you’re an Israelite. Moses is up in the mountain. You and your friends are bored, so you engage in a big party. Moses comes down, sees the shenanigans going on and, oops - drops the tablets which smash.
Here they are

Now, maybe a few partygoers up front saw the original, but I doubt they memorized them on the quick glance before their destruction.
Moses trots back up and comes down again with God’s Written Word, soooo sacred it’s carried around in the Ark. No mention of stealing or killing. Here they are:

As an Israelite I’d have no problem killing my neighbours and stealing their stuff as long as my baby goat wasn’t boiled in its mother’s milk.

Edited to fix links.

AND TO ADD - God’s memory is shit :poop: poor
Oh and he’s a promise breaker … can I address the next part in response to your
” Bible lacks the alleged inconsistencies.”

Oh, OK
I’ll wait first to see if you even bother responding to this


[quote=“Sorrentino, post:1, topic:288”]

The Teological argument has been around for centuries. It is included in the so-called five proofs of Thomas Aquinas. (1225-1274 ce All have been thoroughly debunked. (see link)


How on earth can I respond to that? Yes, I know; thank you for the ad hominem. Go fuck yourself you pig ignorant patronising cunt :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

IF on the other hand, your post is satire, I apologise.


They’ve been happening for decades you tool. Even as an apprentice Fitter in the early 1980’s I had to work with robotics. Christ but theists are dumb.


Robotic Knight - by Leonardo da Vinci . If Da Vinci’s self-propelled cart was the first working design for a robotic vehicle, then the robotic knight would have been the first humanoid robot , a real 15th century C-3PO.

Ah, humans through history invented things before their (the inventions’) time for useful application in the real world. Remnants can be found- the application or usefulness (energy required vs output) of the idea usually was the obstacle to adaption into human society.

STILL waiting for a theist response to
POST number 16 … for fucks sake - it’s the most commonly understood bible laws … hello :wave: it’s the 10 Commandments