Atheist Study (Survey)

You should work up your own origin myths; something to do with a giant poo throwing war that went wrong.

No, but evolution asserts how life changes. Other science finds the beginning of course, but then evolution finds where it goes.

No, I just accidentally put evolution and other science together. Apologies. However, other science found the beginning, and then evolution sees how life changes. I hope that what I meant is clearer now.

You have to forgive us. We’ve had 100’s of theist here make that same ludicrous claim you accidentally made. Right or wrong; there isn’t going to be much patience for that here. Sorry about that land mine!


Oh, it’s fine. I can understand that worry then.

I’m not aware of any scientific evidence explaining how life originated, only ideas that have been posited as theoretically possible.

Could you offer a citation for this please? As my understanding was that science currently does not understand how life originated. As you say evolution explains and evidences the diversification of life, but makes no assertions about how life originated.

Sure, I’ll find something about it. I had heard about it a while ago in a documentary or school or something, so I’ll have to find it again, but I certainly can. There’s probably several articles on it, at least.

You mean, you have not heard of BYOB,
The Big Yellow Omni-everything Banana.

Yeah, but poo flinging is just begging to be included.