Atheist Premonitions

Okay, Everybody Ready!!!

Here is a quick way to earn a buck. Everyone participating in the thread agrees to pay a dollar to the winner.

You must make a specific Atheist prediction about some dipshit thing a Christian is going to do IN 2020. It must not be vague. Narrow it down to at least a specific month, state or province, a named individual, or a specific disaster, comment or prediction the person will make. It should not be overly common. “The banana man will be at the Huntington Beach pier asking people if they told a lie on December 14th from 3 to 5 pm.” We all know that one is true. Something big and eventful but not the fucking end of times or second coming, unless of course you are really sure this time… HA HA HA HA HA HA …
December 25, 2020; Ken Hamm is going to lose what he has left of his mind. Despondent over the utter and complete failure of his Ark, he is going to set the damn thing on fire and call it an act of god in an effort to collect the insurance money. The investigation into the disaster will reveal arson was the cause and Ken will be sentenced to 20 years behind bars.

How will the winner be chosen? Perhaps by vote on Jan 1, 2021? Perhaps have contestants submit the “closest” news story to support their premonitions?

On November 18th, in Mississippi, a governmental legislative body will attempt to pass a law granting a legal exemption to an existing law. This exemption will be EXPLICITLY for Christians.

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Awww come on… exemption from what?


I predict that there will be more weather tomorrow.

I was going to say that a politician will be elected in the US. I won’t because there’s a possibility that won’t happen and Donald Trump will be re elected.

Honestly Boomer, that is as good a prediction as any Christian prophecy I have ever encountered.

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uhhh hmmm, religious discrimination laws.

awwwww fuck! So they will be allowed to have prayer classes in schools, prohibit homosexuals from buying cakes in bakeries, and refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples because these things are against their religion and discriminators.

Too vague Nyar … you know that YOU just want to win!!!

Pick and get specific … I gotta think and re-look over the rules I’m agreeing to…

…putting on my Canadian :canada: hat … gotta stick with what I “know” (hahahaha)…

I’ll be back…


named individual Gerald Ripley

specific month damn! Gotta stick to 2020!!! OK! End of December (caveat: I will concede a non-prediction if he says the same thing I predict but in January/February 2021)

state or province Calgary, ALBERTA

Common see pic (Regina Lutheran church blah blah blah)

Specific uncommon prediction…

Gerald, an atheist will encourage the “return to gods food” and agree that “the drunken harlot who rides the beast” HAS been so “tipsy” she just might fall off! THIS will be public and shock soooo many! An atheist! A “revival” is a’ coming!

Maybe not public to the world but “public” to Albertans…fuck it might make Canadian headlines! (The Lutherans would eat it up)…

NOTE for my integrity-
**I do not know this person on any LEVEL - from past interaction or as a casual Facebook friend … HE is a complete stranger to me. NOR do I know, talk, texted, phoned or any other means of communicating ANYONE I know who might “know” him. This is a random prediction made out of my mind. “Know” does not include a random google search for a name…”

I’m surprised at you Cog. This is so unfair to atheist prophets. Christian prophets are often intentionally vague, and of course get to move the goal post. How can I move the goal post if the contest ends? You are discriminating against atheist :slight_smile:
I guess I’m too late but I’ll make a prediction for 2021: Cog will be banned from playing Street Preacher Bingo for winning too often. You have to give others a chance.

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I had a premonition in 1967:

I said; “I think John Lennon is going to be assassinated”

I just thought some one would kill him because he had such a big mouth and upset a lot of people .

–and then, somebody did him, only 13 years later, in 1980.

Yeah creepy, much more accurate than any biblical prediction. I must be psychic! :joy:

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. What a fucking idiot.


When I was 16-20, we all though John Lennon was genius.

Took some time to realise he was a pretentious wife beating cunt of modest intellect and talent.

IMO ‘Imagine’ as performed by Lennon was a piece of dishonest pretention.
A very different piece when performed by someone who seems genuinely sensitive.

Song starts at 2.10

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You know… you got me there.,… I have to admit, if we followed the same damn rules as the Christians, any fucking moron with an IQ above a three word vocabulary would be able to make a prediction. I was simply trying to hold us to a higher standard.


I predicted you would say that.

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To those who have ears, this cannot be heard.

To those who have eyes, please continue reading this prophecy that only the wise fool can understand.

On the 2nd day of the 8th quadrant of the year between 2020 and 2022 there shall be a prophetic event as never seen before by your own eyes.

Let those with eyes continue reading and let the wise fools understand what is to come.

New York City will be hit hard by heavy winds and water causing destruction as never seen before by your own eyes.

You will hear the TRUMPet scream about a lost plaza.

Those with ears will hear this and those without eyes will not see it.

Only the wise fool will understand these words.

Those who have listened and placed the grand poo on their front doors will not be touched by wind or water. You will have to clean it up yourselves after the prophetic day.

Yes the mask will still be necessary.

EDITED TO ADD: $1.00 advance payments are accepted . No rubber cheques please.
EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: For an extra $1.00 I will explain the prophecy in full detail


I predicted the curse of tutankhamun would kill the last British member of the archaeological team to find/steal his mummified remains.

…and sure enough, just 17 years later, at barely 75 years old, the curse claimed Howard Carter…



I predict that Q will be revealed to be THE “THEY” (NWO) and it is creeping into all homes …

Subliminal programming…

Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As far as I know, that has been shown not to work.

No it doesn’t - ah fuck, I was trying to be a clever conspiraturd. Link an image with a belief for proof and there is a whole conspiracy line of thought how a person is “programmed” ahead of time what to accept.

This ad would scare the shit out of some people. Jesus fuckin’Christ…