Atheist Museum and Theism Escape Room

I’m interested in making a theism escape room and Atheism museum as a permanent feature in any popular metaverse space.

I’m looking for some exhibit ideas and maybe some feedback on the activities I’m currently flushing out.

My hope is to provide information for anyone seeking clarity or is on the fence about theism rather then converting zealots. A graph of peoples belief in religion world wide over time steadily declining with be prominent.

  1. God’s Powers Over time - Experiance

Starts with the Genesis story then it takes you through different time periods and asks how reasonable is it to believe in the God of the Bible.

Year 0 living conditions and understanding of reality. then add each additional advance that helped us understand reality and took power away from a god.

Scientific Method
Cosmic Theory
Meteorology and plate tectonics
Germ Theory

At each stage updating human understanding of reality and reducing God’s powers over time and decreasing the reasonability of accepting the claim of a god. Some out work out a way to have the user rate how reasonable it is to believe in god for each group after each discovery.

  1. World of religions - Interactive world map showing populations and beliefs, with a slider and a play option so you can watch it over time. Focus on the fact that their is more than one religion, religious beliefs change over time, and the fact they are not mutually compatible.

  2. Word of God - player required to sort through a pile of religions and find the the 1 true word of god. Attempt to demonstrate the fact that everyone agrees that thousands of religions are man made.

  3. Time : Try to illustrate just how much time is involved when it comes to the formation of our universe into our galaxy, into our solar system, into our planet and then evolution right up till today. and how silly it is that the concept of God or gods has only been around for 2000 to 7000 years when humans have been around for hundreds of thousands.

  4. What if your wrong? - examples from every religion on negative effects on non believers are the world at large.

  5. What is a scientific theory and why you should care.

Blue sky I would like to build virtual chatbots that theists can interact with when visiting the virtual museum.

Holy cow! That actually sounds pretty dang cool! I have to say you are correct in avoiding trying to sway the “True Believers”. For those who are “on the fence”, though, it sounds fantastic.

Not exactly sure what you are looking for or how you plan to organize your site, but one suggestion is to have a spot where folks can easily find links to vids like “The Atheist Experience”, and “Dark Matter”, and “Non-Stamp Collector”. I can tell you just those three series alone were a tremendous help in getting me through my transition while escaping my religious indoctrination.

Seems to me that this would be one of the best possible places to start.

ELIZA: a very basic Rogerian psychotherapist chatbot

Something like the above in action… Eliza, a chatbot therapist

In therapy, different systems could be utilized in a chatbot format, Gestalt, REBT, or CBT, actually I could see Reflective Listening as a possibility as well. I think the therapies that are processes, that do not have goals, would be better for a bot. Gestalt and Reflective Listening and basic Socratic Questioning.

Thank you, I’m going to register a non profit and start working on some design idea’s, I’ve scoped out Decentral Land and Somnium Space so far.

So instead of a site these will be virtual buildings available to visitors on the MetaVerse. Doing everything i can to make it A-Political with basic info on Atheism, maybe some of the most common misconceptions.

I’m hoping that it being a visual experiance with activates it will hit home what a bad indicator of Truth that faith is.

You know standing in a virtual made up world trying to explain the properties of the real one. :slight_smile:

I like all those sources, i found one yesterday called street Epistemology that looks like a great place to start. already focused on structuring conversations productively, set up for multiple interactions. i’ve only watched a couple videos but so far so good.

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Excellent. Like I said, the animated vids of “Non-Stamp Collector” and “Dark Matter” both helped me greatly in seeing the absurdity of the bible teachings. They may not be everybody’s “cup of tea”, but they appealed to my own warped sense of humor quite nicely. Therefore, I could easily relate to them and enjoyed them. Granted, I do not watch them very often anymore, because I suppose I finally “graduated” to another level where I no longer require the support they provided. But I do always recommend them to anybody who comes here “straddling the fence” and looking for guidance.

As for the “Atheist Experience”, Matt and his crew are incredibly knowledgeable and they are fantastic debaters. Listening to them and seeing how they handle the various religious arguments was incredibly helpful in getting me through my “de-programming”.

Anyway, making users aware of those resources and providing them with the links could go a long way toward helping some of them see more clearly.

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Will the museum be virtual? If so, it’s an original and awesome idea. At least I googled and did not find anything like that.
I advise you to think about the visual component and also about quality sources of information (studies, articles from scientific journals, video lectures)It will be useful and fascinating.

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