Atheist motivation

In my having debated tens of thousands of atheists over the last 30 years, it is clear that atheism is held for emotional/psychological reasons and no philosophical/rational reasons by those who suffer deluded narcissism in believing they are the final arbitrators of reality when, in reality, they are exceptionally ignorant of even basic facts.

You are correct. There is no philosophical rational for Atheism. (Is it emotional? I don’t see how as it is not a system of belief? ) What is it about “Atheism” do you find emotional?

Do you understand that there is no “Atheist Belief System?” No dogma, no claims, no holy books, no leaders, no scriptures. Atheists are people who do not believe in God or gods. That is about all there is to that.

So… How is “Atheism held?” What is it you imagine is being held? I see nothing to hold onto.

Philosophically and Rationally, Theists have not met their burden of proof. There is no reason to believe a claim until such time as evidence is presented to support that claim.

Do you have evidence for your claim? If so, we would love to hear it. If you are planning on playing stupid word games. You can just Fuck Off.

Really. I find that hard to believe because you truly seem to have learned nothing about atheism. I don’t say that as an insult, but as an observation from your posts. So far you have not demonstrated an understanding of reasoned discourse or a knowledge and understanding of the most basic logical fallacies .(such as ad hominen )

Sadly, I am forced to think your claim of having debated thousands of atheists is a bare faced lie. Or perhaps you use the word “debate” when you mean “argued with” or “exchanged insults with” .

Below is full clip of a debate about political correctness. Perhaps watch enough to to get an idea. IE listen to both sides.

I have never done any such thing nor have any of the atheists here as far as I know.

The word atheism comes from the Greek atheos “without gods”

An atheist is simply a person who does not believe. Nothing else is inferred or may be implied.

Atheism is about belief. I make no claims to knowledge of any truths except the reality of my death.

You seem to be suggesting that science claims truths. It does not I accept scientific findings as true as far as we can tell based on available evidence. All questions remain open in science.

Agnosticism is simply about knowledge, not just lack of knowledge about god(s). Every human being on the planet is agnostic about many thousands of things more than he/she has knowledge.


Still no answer to my Q, but lots of ignorant, mindless atheist cliches. Are there any educated atheists here?

Time. I’m calling troll.


My motivation is to offend anyone that has “faith” in any kind of god/gods to the point that they will leave me the hell alone. I don’t need to nor do I wish to hear your personal testimony about your fucking god.
There isn’t anything that you can tell me that I haven’t heard before. One of the reasons that I look the way I do( long hair, heavily tattooed, and wear concert-shirts everyday) is to keep other people the fuck away from me and my wife( who is a christian) whenever we go out in public. It works pretty well.
The other reason is just because I’m different. I’ve never been normal, I won’t do anything just because everyone else is doing it. Fuck that! So I definitely don’t want to hear about it.
My atheism is just my choice and my opinion on what happens when we die.(nothing)


He’s not smart enough to be a troll… Trolls can at least egg you on for a couple of posts.

Out little friend Viceregal has been given a time-out (until 8:00 AM tomorrow, EST) in the hope the anger and insults can be contained.

A healthy discussion is encouraged, a heated debate tolerated, but nothing but insults are not.

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You should have brought out the paddle…….you know, good old fashion corporal punishment. :rofl:

I’m a fucking prophet!


A sadist is someone who is kind to a masochist.

That explains the relationship between Trump and the head of North Korea, doesn’t it?

I am finding it almost impossible to believe you’re not an angry teenager.

Well then allow me to add some clarity for you champ, I’m an atheist, and you’re wrong.

Atheism isn’t a belief, try a dictionary to avoid publicly soiling yourself like this in future.

Well before anyone can address this piece of arrogant hubris, you’d need to offer at least one single fact, basic or otherwise. Like the basic fact that atheism is not a belief, but the lack or absence of belief in any deity or deities, which you seem ignorant of.

You also owe me a troll meter, as your bs has broken mine.


I love it when mythology fanboys posture as knowing what we think better than we do ourselves …

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That’s like 1 a day for 30 years. Must not have a life. Sucks, eh?

I suspect “debated” = insulted

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You write this stilted, subliterate prose…

And then you ask…

One of the “basic facts” that you’ll learn here is that atheists tend to be far less irony-challenged than theists.

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Oof I missed the fun…

Yea, It was an interesting three hours.

I take no pleasure in censoring anyone in this forum. That is balanced out by my personal dislike of bullies.


There were some posts recently discussing the withdrawal of an invitation to Richard Dawkins as a guest speaker.

I know some of the regulars are not fans of RD, but I’m always slightly bemused at the stark difference between the pleasant affable man, and the vitriol (not here obviously) that he often receives. I always refrain from comment until I’ve had a chance to investigate as well.

In this instance RD retweeted a a video without fully realising all the facts pertaining to it. So an error of judgement at the very least, however he deleted the retweeted video almost immediately and apologised.

YouTube link to Sam Harris’s reaction…

So that link interestingly is Sam Harris’s reaction to the withdrawal of the invitation, or also gives RD’s reaction, narrated by Harris.

I’ve learned to be cautious about social media condemnation, and I think this is another instance of an unjust and knee jerk reaction.

I wondered if anyone else had seen this, or had any thoughts?

I will say I’ve not yet seen the offending video, if someone has a link please do post it, in the mean time I’ll see if I can dig this up.