Atheist fashion?

Is it just me, or does this look better when it’s inverted? I think it does.

This is in our walk-in closet, it’s usually in the front hallway. My wife put up a Fall decoration in it’s place until X-mas, my favorite time of year.

Walking through our front door, this is what greets you all year-round. (Yes, that is a real skull on the staff.)


By the way, I made the staff and the triangle thing hanging on the wall behind it.


Inverted, now you need to use it as a shelf. Go to a hobby shop and pick up little D&D characters that you can place on top of the crossbeam. Add a little insult to injury.

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Exactly what I was thinking.

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That’s cute. White has an outfit just like that. If you replaced the trident with a rolling pin, they would be perfect matches. (Actually, that is a bident isn’t it? Makes symbolic sense from a Satanic point of view.)

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I’m feeling left out. I have nothing interesting in my home any more. I do all my reading on-line, since I am in a foreign country, I don’t want to have a lot of books. I had a cross once, no idea at all what happened to it. Lost it in a move I guess. Looking around, I have a weight bench, guitar, some books (nothing that would interest anyone), loads of notebooks with scribbles in them, a stuffed Tazmainian devil (Buggs Bunny tyle), some squash rackets, a couple of fishing poles; Fuck! How do I live like this? I am so fucking plain!

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Why’d the democrat vote for the penis?

There was an erection coming up.

Why didn’t Donald Trump serve another four years in office?

The Chinese made sure he wouldn’t get erected twice!!!

And other variations on that.

Like what do penises do when they come across laser beams?

They call the erectrician.

lol or you could just take it off of the wall and throw it away. You know, get rid of it. :grin:

Is that a Scottish dirk knife on the table there? I like it!

I think it’s something like that. I’d have to ask her to be sure. She has several different such “ritual” knives here and there. The one in this pic is carved from a piece of selenite crystal. Got it for her as a Christmas gift one year. Sits on her altar in our bedroom. That candle holder behind it is one I made for her several years ago.


That is awesome, dirks from what I know were sailors weapons for boarding a ship or repelling a boarding party. Best for tight quarters where swords were unwieldy. One of these days I’ll get out to the forge and possibly make something like that.

Nice craftsmanship on the candleholder. What did you make that out of?

Scrap wood and a coathanger. :relaxed: (For real.) And a cheap metal saucer from the thrift store.


Here’s a spice rack I made for her a few years ago. It was one of my first attempts at that type of woodwork.



This is probably the most “elaborate” piece I have built so far. Her “Witch Desk”. The black shutters you see behind the shelves are over a hundred years old.


No, a Scots Dirk ( Sgian Dubh) is a small dagger traditionally worn nowadays inside the sock and is a part of Highland Dress.

Historically it was any concealed blade worn about the person. The Highlanders were famous for it, carrying several concealed about their clothing, much to the fatal upset of many a redcoat.

That one may be a decorative copy of the real thing that were (and are) designed to be both decorative and useful, for killing sheep, cutting fruit and clearing the road of the sassenach.

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Hey Tin Man? Nice stuff! Where’s the sacrificial goat??? Am I right? Am I right? Ahhhh. I’m just yanking your gear box.

(could use a couple sacrificial virgins tho).

Everyone over to Tin Man’s!!! We’re having goat and virgin!!! :meat_on_bone:

That is fantastic, I wish I had more time for woodworking. I actually bought my self a 1940s Shopsmith, table saw, drill press, lathe all in one. Neat little machines, built us this nice shoe bench with it.


Minor correction. Not goat AND virgin. Just a virgin goat. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

Whoa! THAT is Old School right there. Nice! Crisp clean work on that shoe bench, by the way. Looks pretty sturdy, too.