Atheist Censorship

Over the years, I have participated in countless discussions with atheists on many different message boards. One consistent observation I have reached is that atheists consistently ban believers for “spamming” but when atheists “spam” believers’ forums, they scream “free speech, free speech. What are you afraid of?”

Obviously the same is true here since you have forbidden any believers to post in Atheist Group 197, and possibly many others.

Join the Atheists group 197 to get access to the Atheist Hub.

Note: The Atheists group 197 is exclusively for Atheists. Any theist joining the Atheists group will be banned."

What are you atheists afraid of?


The legal concept of free speech in the USA; has no application to private websites (even websites hosted in the USA). You don’t have free speech here, and you probably don’t have them on any given Christian forum.

Yes Virginia; there are stupid atheists out there.


“A forum can foster lively debate and intellectually stimulating arguments.” - Atheist Republic

How, exactly, without free speech? Please elaborate.


The First Rule of A197 is you do not talk about A197.

Shit… now you can’t un-know that.

Report to the only abandoned gas station in Argenta, Nevada at 0200 next Wednesday for initiation. You shall gain entry to the Hub after the paddling, monkey poo flinging, and a candle wax activity.

Bring seven tins of Spam. We love mixing that stuff with our baby dinners.


The Japanese giant hornet is pretty scary, since you ask.

I have a growing fear you are never going to take a break from trolling, and answer my question. What objective evidence can you demonstrate for any deity?

What about this question are you so afraid of?



What objective evidence can you demonstrate for any deity?

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There is a thread for these kind of meme image comments.

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It is appropriate exactly where I placed it. If this troubles you, it is your problem, not mine. This forum permitted it, did it not?

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I am only speaking for myself, but I don’t want to a religious point of view supressed on this forum, or anywhere else. If I have the courage of my convictions, then entertaining opposing ideas shouldn’t bother me.

I think part of the problem may be if theists don’t follow forum rules and guidelines, and then they get banned.

In my opinion, part of the problem has to do with theists preaching on the forum. There is a difference between arguing for God’s existence, and preaching . . . and this forum is not a pulpit, but a venue to exchange ideas.

It would be quite refreshing if theists could figure out the difference.

I hope this helps.


Well, if a poster is not debating but just throwing shade, they will get sent packing. I don’t give two shits if the poster identifies as theist or atheist.


There are no atheist churches, despite the fact that the Supreme Court has stated that atheism is a religion. Absent your own church, how can you have a pulpit, which you seem to find so repugnant? Preaching is a submission of ideas, very often from the Holy Bible, the best selling book in human history. Why are the ideas expressed in the Holy Bible so offensive to you atheists? Because you reject them wholesale, but only temporarily. The atheist religion has the lowest retention rate of any religion shown on the Pew Survey at the website I provided. If it is so “rational” and “scientific” and “intellectual,” why are only 13% of the people on earth atheists, while Christianity is the largest of all? Moreover, some 85% of Nobel Laureates in the sciences are Christians or Jews. Atheists are a small fraction of that total. Surely these scholars are “rational” and “scientific.”

Incidentally, not only are there no atheist churches, but there are no atheist hospitals, universities, orphanages, blood banks, homes for unwed mothers, nothing. Who Really Cares documents the fact that believers give a great deal more than atheists to charities of all kinds, not just churches. The author says categorically that people who give more get more as a direct result. He is a statistician who sought to prove that liberals are more generous. He proved the opposite and was shocked.

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There is an atheist church . . . The Satanic Temple. I don’t buy into the Satanic Temple, but I deeply respect what they are trying to accomplish. They keep fighting for separation of Church and State, which I think is crucially important.

Please see below:


I may have to go with Chem on this one, Nyar.

People who come into someone else’s house and start questioning the rules must know better than the rest of us about what goes where.

I eagerly await what our brand new guest will offer next regarding what right looks like.


“what right looks like” ???

What does that mean?

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You “deeply respect” satanism?

Our Founding Fathers deeply respected Nature’s God and books explain how and where and why. The Supreme Court begins every session with a prayer, “God bless this honorable court.”
Every president has taken the oath of office with his hand on the Holy Bible. Every piece of currency you have spent reads “IN GOD WE TRUST” and on and on. You’re really out of touch with reality and rationality.

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Also, atheism isn’t a particular religion . . . just a denial of God’s existence.

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Well that is false. :man_shrugging:t6:


Not for the vast majority of atheists I know, nor for myself. To deny the existence of god(s) is gnostic. I identify as an agnostic atheist.


So don’t spam. It’s simple. No one wants to hear you preach. If you want to have a discussion, everyone on the site is up for it. All you are doing currently is whining. Not a good start.

My own history on the site will reveal over and over that I have supported free speech for Christians. In the years I have been on the site, I have used the expression “Their free speech is our free speech.” regularly. So, you are still whining. You are making accusations to a new group of people that you have never met. You are currently engaged in several psychologically inappropriate defensive mechanisms.

Displacement: You are angry at atheists somewhere and, now you want to take it out on us. Labeling the atheists on this site with the bullshit you have encountered elsewhere is not a healthy way to go through life. Do you suppose it could be your approach that is causing you difficulty communicating?

Projection: The only person citing anything negative is you. If a theist is banned from the site, it is for violating rules. Preaching and refusing to engage in genuine debate (trolling) will also get you removed. As long as you are willing to be honest, you are not going to have any problems on this site. You are attempting to protect your own ego by projecting evil intents onto us. This is another horrible way to go through life. No one on the site is limiting your posts or your freedom of speech.

Social Comparison: You are attempting to compare your posts and your position to another random participant in the threads. What have you done, thus far, that is in any way similar to the reasons the other individual was banned? Why would you make such a comparison? Certainly if you begin preaching and talking bullshit, (trolling) you too will be banned. Until that point, you are just as free to post bullshit as anyone else on the site. Stop comparing yourself to others, pretending you are a victim when you have in no way been victimized, and join a conversation.

So, what are you afraid of?

As a theist, you do not have access to the Atheist Hub. That is a place for Atheist support. You know… Like a prayer meeting with secret handshakes, magical panties, cannibalistic rituals of human sacrifice, baptisms in logic, and other things most theists would not find interesting. Oh! We BBQ a Christian baby every second Sunday of each month. BYOB and a side dish to share.