Atheist and proud

I’m new here. I live in Missouri. I grew up with a Christian family. I quit believing in god as early as 10. I think my father being a college teacher in Anthropology and Sociology had a lot to do with my awakening as an atheist. I lived with my father for 3 years. In that time, I read and listened to him about anthropology. It made a lot more sense than the Bible did.

When I moved back in with my mother and her husband. They made me go to their church every Sunday. I was very volatile with the youth pastor. He and I basically hated each other. Eventually I got my way and quit going. She was finally convinced that I didn’t believe in any of it.

So my whole life as an atheist. I’ve struggled with religious people. I live in a religious town. So that fight will never end.

After my divorce and 2 kids of my own. I have finally met a woman who is an atheist and mocks the religious.

As an atheist. God, Allah, Vishnu, and all of the other deities out there are about as real as Santa Claus, Flying Pigs, and machines from the future. Its all crap. It all needs to burned and destroyed. Religion has no place in today’s society.


I couldn’t agree more. Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome! Look forward to reading more from you :grinning:

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Welcome to Atheist Republic MrDawn. Nice name, very awakening.

Yea, religion poisons society and people.

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Thank you everyone. I’m very happy to be here. I hope we can all be friends. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Happiness is either where you find it, or you learn to make your own. The difference is indistinguishable until someone is challenged. Good luck and welcome to the site.



Sorry to learn about your divorce. Having been through the experience, it’s not something I would wish on anyone.

Mercifully, we had children. A lot less suffering all 'round and I got to keep everything I’ve earned.

PS my marriage ended in 12 April 1991. Since then I have made my own happiness mostly. Now I’m a crusty old cunt, and that suits me fine.

As for being friends with everyone, I’ll settle for civility. However, I think it’s a laudable ambition. Knock yourself out :innocent:

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The newbie won’t catch the omission of “no” - so, Cranky, we had no children.

I assume the “less suffering” saved is the suffering that would have been set upon your offspring? :wink:

Myself? Absolutely worth having the kids and the monetary expenditures are worth the investment.

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I’m new here as well, it’s nice to meet you.

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Oops. My bad.

Errata;" Mercifully, we had no children." One reason I didn’t get married until I was 30 was that it took that long to find a woman who didn’t want children

NO. I was referring to the anguish I have seen in friends divorcing. Of course I’m aware that divorce causes great distress to children of just about any age

Contrary to popular fantasy, not everyone is suited to having children. I do not like children. Eldest of four siblings, I never have.

OF COURSE there have been times I have regretted not having children, but the regret soon passes.