Article singing Cardinal Pell's praises

For all you Australians, this article hit my in box.

Cardinal Pell represents the outdated Catholic church and it’s hypocrisy in our age…

I threw up in my mouth there.

@Fleeing_in_Terror Thank you for this insightful but distressing article. Sadly, and tragically, the Vatican still maintains a wall between the sexual perverts and rapists within it’s own organization and the outside world.

The Vatican is being dragged, kicking and screaming, by it’s heels, into the modern age because of pressure from society, not on it’s own initiative.The word “reform” is one avoided within the “hallowed” halls of the Vatican.

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Father De Sousa who penned this rewrite of history is now as guilty as Pell himself through willful ommission in the protection and harbouring of his criminal paedophile brother priests and the persecution, hectoring and condemnation of their victims.

The sanctity of the exclusive Boys in Black Club remains undisturbed despite the revolting and persistent stench of betrayed trust.


In my family, long before the scandals broke, he was “that slimy George Pell”:

All know about his alleged offences comes from media sources. His conviction was overturned. That means I am not in a position to say if he is or is not guilty. If you have access to evidence I do not, I’d be thrilled to see it. In the meantime, I do not support trial by media.

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I do not make any claim to know if he interfered with children in his care. I think it unlkely. He was an ambitious man cautious about his actions. From news reports I learn he gave support to priests who were either convicted of sexual abuses against those children in their care or at least knew about Risdale and Searson and did nothing.

I can supply more but my power is being shut off in a few minutes…

Mea culpa. I was responding to what I though you said rather than what you apparently meant.

No problem Boom, if I am not clear or if I make an error I am happy to make clarification or be corrected or to correct things myself. Mistakes are how we learn, well how I learn and I learn a lot lol. I appreciate the discipline in maintaining clear communication, otherwise I might go completely off the rails.

I often wonder if there are any theists in the Vatican. If they did believe in a just god and an eternal hell, they would all be shitting themselves, instead, they just continue to spew out their toxic bullshit to the masses. But, having given this a little more thought before hitting send, the deity of the bible seems quite pleased at times with tormenting children, telling lies, and justifying all sorts of horrible deeds. So perhaps, they really do believe in that deity after all.

I’d bet money on it.

Yeah, I’m thinking of the passage where God sent two bears to maul 42 children. (2 kings 2:24) This was because they had mocked the prophet Elijah for his bald head. Good thing too. Nothing worse in life than being mocked for having a bald head! :thinking:

Back to the topic; I remember reading that Billy Graham lost his faith towards the end of his life. Also that disgusting old hag, saint Teresa of Calcutta . However, that there are some odious human beings at all levels of the church does not suggest that any of them are atheists. Religious faith is about belief, not behaviour.

I think It’s actually a personal advantage that the most vile miscreant has his faith to protect his ego and help him rationalise his behaviour (as in being forgiven)


This YouTube clip from “Yes Minister” addresses the question nicely.

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When I was selling and fitting hearing aids decades ago, it was a legal requirement that one is thoroughly trained in the very delicate work of accurately measuring and fitting these devices. Incorrectly fitted aids can permanently damage hearing.
One of my co-workers was a Christian woman.
She had a habit of prescribing hearing aids for completely dead ears and to healthy ones as well. She carelessly filled a guy’s ear with a firm fixing mould material without first taking proper precautions which saw her digging the plastic out of his ear for a few hours. The boss sacked her and the client sued her. She blithely insisted it was none of her doing. The equipment the company supplied was faulty and the client had pressured her to finish her work quickly and besides Jesus forgave her.
She indeed was a “most vile miscreant”.

I add that this was well before digital hearing aids configured by computers against digital measured hearing tests to best accommodate hearing losses - I was working in a totally manual and analog environment which called on more skill and experience than technology. I recommend considering hearing aids for anyone who has a hearing issue. It’s a very safe market these days accomodating very specific hearing needs. (no I havent been paid for this)

I forgot to add we were paid on commission, the more aids sold the more money.

A question:

A couple of years ago, a nice young woman from some hearing aide place came to my men’s group. She gave a little talk and checked our hearing with a laptop and head phones. She assessed by hearing loss as ‘slight’

My question is; can wax build up cause even slight hearing loss? Easy enough fort a nurse to clean out one’s ears. A lot cheaper than the cheapest hearing aides. Here our government subsidises hearing aides, but good ones are still very expensive

Earwax build-up can affect hearing, but you’d need a lot of wax to seriously dampened it. I’ve seen cases where the wax completely blocked the canal. As you know a wax blockage easily removed, it just needs a gentle hand. And cheaper than one of those infernal aids.
Wax or any sort of canal blockage does not affect the important working parts of the middle ear or the cochlear which can have problems of their own.

A slight hearing loss in both ears at your age is really very good.

I’d happily trade you any one of my sort-of-still functioning body parts for one of your lugs, if that were at all possible.

My family were at me for years to have my ears tested. I finally offended them by explaining that it wasn’t that I couldn’t hear them, it was that I didn’t listen. (Yeah, I really am a grumpy old curmudgeon)


Bloody cold in here (9c) I’m going to crank up the electric blanket and watch dashcam videos on YouTube

I’m going off on a tangent here, but… This reminds me of an episode in the novel series The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson. The protagonist, Jack Shaftoe, is near deaf on one ear. During the comings and goings of a military field campaign somewhere on the British Isles where Jack is participating as a soldier, he has a massive plug of ear wax removed from his ear. To his amazement, his hearing is restored, and his previously near deaf ear now provides him with highly acute hearing.

If you like the style of Neal Stephenson, The Baroque Cycle is a good read, although massive.

Though she hadn’t enough humanity or common decency in her even then, to abandon her adherence to pernicious dogma and doctrine. Quite a damning indictment.

Indeed, as with that sadistic Albanian nun above, the pernicious behaviour remained after she allegedly lost her belief. Hopefully this isn’t always the case, though who hasn’t witnessed theists claim morality is impossible without theistic belief, and that any behaviour would therefore be justifiable.

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A lot of theists seem to think the deity they believe in, spends time and energy answering their prayers for wealth and success. One wonders how they rationalise so many poor theists?

I have had problems with this, and it has resulted in hearing loss. I often clean my ears and scrape out wax, bad idea really, and far worse was rolling up tissue and feeding the point into my ear, then rolling the other way, and pulling it out with the wax. I made myself profoundly deaf for several days afterward.

I haven’t done this since. Not that this makes my stupidity any less impressive.

I think dissolving a problematic wax build up is the latest way. There are oils you can buy.

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Yes, wax buildup can cause hearing loss. I had to have my ears flushed before. My cousin the public health nurse would flush them every few years. A little hydrogen peroxided in warm water, then gentley flushed with a rubber syringe. Think little soft turkey baster type. You can buy kits at the drug store or the nurse in my current doctor’s office offered to do it. She brought out this horrible looking huge pump. I declined.

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