Armin has caused a storm on twitter by offending hindutva followers

Armin has caused a storm on twitter by offending hindutva followers by tweeting this:

Hahahahaha :joy: shit disturber!!!

Soon they’re will be a plenty of theists to feast upon… bwahhhh hahaaaa :smiling_imp:

Starts to Chanel Shiva


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From what I gather there are still millions of ‘primitive’ Hindus in India. These are people who are very dogmatic about their beliefs and for whom caste remains very real.

Huff Post India often prints stories of some dalit who has been lynched in a village for breaking a caste taboo. EG growing beard, riding horse to his own wedding.

Do I care that Hindus in India are offended because some one has made fun of their personal superstitions ? Not even slightly. However, I would take care if living amid a large Hindu population.

Here if one satirises say a happy clapper church on twitter, one might receive a twitter storm, but nothing more.

I’v often thought Westboro Baptists might suffer injuries to their person if they tried their shit here. They were refused visas to enter Australia


Ask Armin to apologize on Twitter. This is unnecessary stretching far. Our deity is mother to us the way you have your Biological mother. Don’t compare Hinduism with any other abharamic religion. Our female gods are very respected as any of our female family member. Lets settle mutually on this. respect our mother - I will respect yours.

User posted personal threats, and hardcore pornography. They are permanently suspended.


I did a casual Google search for Hindu gods and examined a few pictures. In the great majority, the males are handsome, and ripped with large biceps and six-packs while the females are beautiful, have slim waists and large pelvic regions and breasts.

IMO this isn’t about religion and hurt feelings but controlling the females. In a nation with a caste system and a terrible record on women’s rights.



It has also been argued that the caste system is also about control, being based on strict purity rules. Hindus who defend caste will claim it is based on occupations. True once,and it restricted what work or profession which were open to an individual. A useful tool to control the lower orders, similar to the feudal system in Europe, except that caste has survived into modern times…


My reference; “Homo Hierarchicus” Louis Dumont


Not a chance sorry, this site promotes freedom of expression. If you don’t want to read atheistic criticisms of religions, including your own then don’t.

Except there is sufficient objective evidence to support the existence of my biological mother, what can you demonstrate for any deity?

They’re equally unevidenced superstition, and you don’t get to tell people what to say on here.

Happy to respect people, but not imaginary deities, sorry.

You can’t demand respect for beliefs, and no one here is going to respect you if you try to bully them or make threats.


Sorry. Your religion, just like the Abrahamic ones, is a misogynistic, racist, discriminatory, life-blighting, war-mongering pack of nonsense. The gods and goddesses portrayed in your religious art look like fantasy superheroes from lurid comic books.

Respect isn’t demanded. It’s earned. Hinduism has a long way to go to achieve that. And BTW, if you think a deity is your mother, you should get some therapy.

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Christians attempt to pass legislation hurting others (anti-gay marriage for example), Muslims threaten violence if anyone depicts Mo in a picture, and you want to control what someone thousands of miles away posts that offend your Hindu sensibilities.

The pattern is obvious, you want to control everyone, even non-believers. And in other places and times, theists have gone as far as murder to enforce their attempts at controlling others.

No wonder why I consider religion a cancer of humanity.


Umm David, Elvis has left the building.

AT its very best, as in The Mahabharata, Hinduism can be sublime. At its worst, as with what’s his name’s disgusting post, one feels like saying some very unkind things. Followed immediately by a smack over the left ear with a magotty possum. :rage:

Intolerant? MOI? abso-fucking-lutely when it comes to the kinds of superstitions which are used to control and harm others. Fuck 'em. May a mad cow step on his head


I know Boomer47, but it is very possible that person may revisit just to see any responses.


Oh fuck! An optimist. Takes all kinds I guess. In my circle such folks are as common as christians .It’s not that we mind you understand. When I tell a christian I’m an atheist, they tend to look at me with that pained expression elderly spinsters reserve for when they step into dog shit.


Wow, for vegetarians some of those Hindus are vicious.

And also mind numbingly dumb as fuck. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Religion has caused many wars and genocides in the past such as the French Wars of Religion .Religion in general cannot withstand criticism because it controls people that way it uses threats such hell fire and judgement day (armageddon threads) in order to control it’s hosts.


@robinarmin09 posted porn?

I don’t come on here to look at porn, I come here to discuss things such as being an atheist. Yes I post silly stuff from time to time but will not post porn.

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Glad to know because you would be immediately banned, as was the dickhead who posted it.

Interesting to observe that a person who was quite hysterical about HIS sensibilities had no regard for the sensibilities of others. :face_with_monocle:



I agree. Have you read some of tweets Armin received? Religious types can be among the biggest hypocrites of all.


No and don’t care.

This forum is closest I get to a Social Network. I consider them a huge con and social evils.

Tu quoque, or appeal to hypocrisy is a basic logical fallacy. His hypocrisy does not justify anything abusive or cruel any other person writes. As the saying goes “two wrongs do not make a right”