Are we living under Theistic oppression?

I was having this debate with a close friend of mine, I thought it would be a good debate to get started here.

My personal view is, yes we are to a point; depending on where on the planet you live, you have varying levels.

Also, in my opinion, I feel that the most mainstream platforms are extremely in favour of theism, for example, the YouTube comment section. If you ever post a reply, that’s has anything negative to say about Theism, an army appears out of the wood work, to personally insult you, claiming you to be simple, claiming you are destined for eternal hell fire.

I even had multiple cases, where theists would go to my channel, and start disliking all of my videos one by one, spamming horrible comments.

The problem has gotten so bad, I had to uninstall YouTube and just avoid the platform all together. Which is a shame, because I enjoyed uploading my gaming footage to the site, even if barely anyone watched it. :unamused:

I’m be curious to hear what you all have to say on this topic.

Why not just disable comments? Or allow comments and ignore?

People as a whole can be trained to accept oppression. N Korea is a good example (an obvious one), however, the idea of “oppression” needs to be defined before really discussed.

Any thoughts on how you would define “oppression”?

That’s exactly my point though, why should I have to, I reported every single one of the comments for harrasment, not one of them got removed by YouTube, nor did I hear anything about any action taken.

I know its stubborn hubris, but I feel boycotting the platform is the only power I have.

I mean oppression in its literal sense, as in by this definition:

op•pres•sion ə-prĕsh′ən

  • n. The action of oppressing; arbitrary and cruel exercise of power.

  • n. The state of being oppressed.

In my personal experience, Atheists are seemingly a minority, we are constantly told we are evil by the media.

Some Theists hold the view point, that they can preach and scream their hearts out about their faith online, even in places it’s not relevant. But the moment you try to the parallel with Athiesm, you will get attacked daily, until you remove the comment.

I’m sure you can sense some resentment in my words, it is there, but I’m trying my best to suppress it. I’m just so tired of people questioning my morality, for not believing in what in essence, is an evil deity that they have made up.

The internet is a relatively new phenomenon and I have observed that it isnt like any other means of communication we’ve ever had. I think we are still only learning how to use this powerful global communication tool at a personal level and how to deal with it and it emergent problems due to less intelligent users. Its a great place for fanatics and idiots to sabotage, undermine and generally fuck with other people who want to utilise the greatest most immediate form of communication ever devised for greater purposes than being a dick.
I have never wanted to use YouTube and so have no idea how to broadcast with it. In my internet use and in my life generally I like to apply the old evolutionary tool of keeping a low identity profile and staying off the skyline as much as possible.
The anonimity of the internet makes goons and trolls and bigots far more courageous than they could manage in face to face situations or any situation where repercussions are unavoidable. And I keep in mind there are some real sick people out there. I know because I think I met most of them before the internet kept them at home in front of their computers.
I dont really understand how this theistic oppression you mention can get in your face. I have been threatened physically for my opinions in public. So this online oppression is just typed words, in CAPITALS WITH GENEROUS USE OF EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!AND FUCKING SWEAR WORDS AND INSULTS YOU FUCKING FAGGOT!!!..mere scribble on a page…We get that here on AR sometimes. The worst is censored by our good moderators who might even ban the offender, but how is it threatening? It can get under your skin and the sheer mix of intolerant wilful ignorance and arrogance can make you furious sometimes but its not exactly like being accosted in the street late at night. Physical violence is threatening (and sometimes painful), but words on a screen? As long as you maintain some anonymity in your internet use, maintain practices to protect your identity and location, you should be fine and you should be able to defy or ignore these idiots (they may not even be theists but shit-stirring trolls attempting denigrate theists for shits and giggles). I have noticed ignoring people like these the worst (best?) way to treat them. They hate it. Reminding them that responding to their crap is below your dignity. If you don’t respond or remove your comments what can they do? If they persist in crude obscene behaviour there should be some sort of moderating power available to you but then as I said I dont know You Tube procedures.
I have several aliases I use online, as I suppose you have. Some folks here use VPNs. I dont know what you can do on YouTube to defend yourself beyond disregarding and ignoring unwanted attention.
Hang about Wily. I am sure contributing to AR will strengthen your arguments and insults and perhaps in time you can either confuse, confound or shame these dipsticks and get back to the real work of posting gaming videos.

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This had occurred to me, I noticed that, my arguments for atheism were bulked out big time, by listening to Greydon Square.

His words, inspired thoughts in me, that had never occurred before, I’ve already noticed a few points and ways of thinking from AR, that I can’t fault.

So, maybe in time, I could become the next Christopher Hitchens, or Stephen Fry… Except straight, for the latter. :joy:

Not that I have an issue with homosexuals, I judge people by their character, not their sexual preferences. :upside_down_face:

If you’re curious who Greydon Square is, I recommend you listen to his song Summers ending.


Seeing as you were saying about YouTube, I gave you Spotify as an alternative! :sweat_smile: