Any Ukrainians here? NYT says Trump & Putin are breathing down their necks - help refugees

Can anyone provide more data?

It could be Hotel Rwanda time for them (google the movie.)

Call to Action is doing a letter writing campaign to try to force Biden to help the refugees.

Biden is going to be hampered by the USCCB and their fat cat handlers who support Trump.

CTA HAS a polite Advent letter to Biden & I have MY version for the bishops.

The Ukrainians & (Poles) may want to get in on the action. The Ukrainian church is currently in communion with Rome. That my change if the USCCB throw them under the bus to appease their fat cat handlers. I’m sure they don’t want to stay associated with a Church that is trying to kill them either.

I just now got a chance to read through the tool kit. I’ve been working 12 hours days for the last 2 weeks.

If I try to get Biden, I reply to the invite for his weekly invite for faith & community leaders trying to get people vaccinated against COVID. That won’t work for this.

The BISHOPS are more dangerous. I reminded the ones I could catch in the elevator that the rampant xenophobia they are whipping up by their support of ‘build the wall’ trump is going to GET CHURCHES BOMBED. It has already started. The NYT has today’s article I will send you in a few minutes how Trump is teaming up with Putin to invade Ukraine. Bye, Bye Ukranian Catholic Church. That was probably what the bishops had in mind.

They forgot that the Catholic Church is WORDWIDE. It is full of nothing but ‘feriners’ We have a HISPANIC POPE! Great career move there. The refugees on the southern border are at least nominally Catholic. The bishops are putting targets on the backs of their own congregations!

General Flyn is already stating that America needs to be united under one religion. It WON’T BE CATHOLICISM. It will be the Trumpist vision of Rambo Jesus with Kyle Rittenhouse as their poster boy of their ideal young male- leaving his video game training to get outside and protect those helpless women and their babies. Who now have to do whatever the male wants as they are armed. The bishops idea of a perfect society.

You also have the wrong image. Try this one. Mail as Christmas cards this year. I can try to convert it from pdf to Jpeg, but it likely won’t come out. Do you have a better artist?

What happened to the upload image function?

If you say that someone is breathing down your neck, you mean, they are watching you closely. (Ex. The boss has been breathing down my neck all week. )

You said: ("Trump and Putin are breathing down their necks???) Not sure where you are going with that one. But then you said, "

So they are working together. Was that your main point? If not, I understood nothing of what you have posted.

America is already united under one religion, Christianity. The Americans are just too stupid to see that their one religion is a bunch of infighting fractured sects. Speaking of infighting fractured sects is the Catholic church any better off? While they are considered by most poles to be Christian, the majority of Protestant Christians, obviously disagree. I doubt Rome has any real pull in the USA. (I just don’t see it.)

Biden is the second Catholic president and that fuck-nut has lost all credibility as a president. They could run that crooked, two-faced, lying, piece of shit, Hillary against him and win.

Everyone else RELAX, This is a non-sequitur moment. I figure it is just “randomly post an opinion time.”

Trump is teaming up with Putin? Are you fucking nuts? Who thinks up this shit?

Roll the tape.

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