Another Miracle Cure...well its more than a cure its a revelation!

I did say about book burnings recently that knowing about bad ideas was a good thing. I think I came across a different miracle YouTube ad (or is it a different one? who knows) Anyway I clicked on the “Divine Secret” logo displayed and got taken to a place that really tells it like it is brothers and sisters. It’s actually worse than we or even the theists thought. We are being slowly murdered!!

the life eternal God actually wanted us to have

But don’t despair, although I have not yet ventured further to supply my email or click the button before this whole insidious conspiracy is banned by those in real power, (my hands have not yet stopped shaking, pray for me) I have a feeling that all it will take is a just lil money and a bit of faith, or truckloads of both, to get this all cleared up and have the delirium of religious sanctity restored for our mutual delusion.
Come brethren come to the YouTube Revival Tent! ($10 entry fee - $10,000 exit fee).
Hurry before it gets banned!!?

Seriously this has to be illegal, I can’t sell snake oil online anymore, so why should these guys be permitted this spiritual cure all shit? YouTubes got a lotta splaining to do.

Oh… fuck… I always knew there was a secret. Sign me up!!!

As someone who works in the medical field, I find things like this to be beyond disgusting.

When I was a paramedic, I knew of any number of people whom were taken in by con artists and snake oil salesmen with the next miracle cure.

If someone is terminally ill, then spending time and money on these cons detracts from the quality of time that remains with someone whom is terminal.

It seems like a better idea to spend the money on expensive scotch, hashish, Cuban cigars, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and a fabulous trip that should be shared between the whole family and the terminally ill patient.

Use the remaining time to seek amends and make peace with estranged and/or distant family and friends . . . to finally die with a smile and no regrets.

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My father-in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He sought out all the medical help in Canada available, but it was no help. Then he went to Costa Rica is pursuit of a possible cure there. A few months later, as expected, we received news he died.

He died in a nation where he did not speak Spanish, alone. To this day we do not know where he was buried, and although I am not that bothered, this plagues my wife, not knowing precisely when or where he died, or where his body rests.

I’m sorry that this happened to your family. I’ve worked in healthcare for over 30 years, and it’s a familiar story.

Do you know if they offer finance or credit? Only I’m financially embarrassed at the minute?

I’m sure it’s cash only, dead people can’t pay, and their relatives are unlikely to cough up for a cure that obviously didn’t work. Since they’re all such good people wanting to share their healing gifts they might be willing to work a deal with you and just take everything you have. I think I saw a video of James Randi doing that sleight of hand surgery where they pretend to operate with just their hands and pull raw chicken parts from your body. You could probably find a out of work magician who would work cheap.

Sorry to learn that David. How awful for him and his family.

A good friend of mine died four years ago from leukemia. He distrusted mainstream medicine and relied on alternative, quack medicines. He was ill educated and not very bright. A perfect victim.



Some years ago, ‘psychic surgery’ was popular with the desperate. These were heartless con artists, using simple sleight of hand. They caused enormous misery.

I remember these frauds operating in the Philippines. Seemed to be pretty lucrative, so probably in many other countries.

James Randy doing the exact same trick.

Half an hour ago I was watching TV, this advertisement sprung up. Scammers gonna scam, they never stop.

Half an hour ago? Truly? Peter Fucking Popoff?

The cunt’s a thoroughly debunked fraud.

Pickle me grandmother! Some people will truly believe anything! You don’t have to be stupid and/or ignorant and/or gullible to be a theist, but it it’s distinct advantage as far as I can see.

I don’t understand why this is allowed. Both religious and dietary supplement advertisers seem to commit fraud with zero consequences. He’s managed to combine the two cons with his “special” water. The networks who take this advertising have blame too. As long as they’re paid they don’t seem to care.

Yair annoying ain’t it.

I once tried to get a refund ($50) from a book seller for misleading advertising. I bought a book from the history section of the store. The book was complete woo ,the author wasn’t even an historian. I was livid.

Professional historians charitably describe the book as pseudohistory. To me it’s woo.

It’s still being sold by Amazon

On the author

Well, it looks like used copies are going for $45, but I’m guessing you disposed of it in disgust by now. Geez, an audio CD says $218. Pseudoscience is alive and well, and very profitable. I’m thinking of writing a book about how the earth is flat :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: . I’m convinced that at least some of the people pushing that theory are just in it for the money.

In the TV ad he gives this “miracle” water away for free. It is like the collection plate in a church. You don’t have to contribute, but …

I’ll tell you the secret for free. The antidote to death is not dying.


I think I might still have it. Or I might have given it away to some one I don’t like. Can’t remember .

Be warned, as ludicrous a piece of sophistry as this book is, the core idea of it is quite nauseating.

There was a regular poster on the old Amazon religious chat forum, and he had left two seperate 5 star reviews for Mein Kampf. He referenced this book broadly as if it was a matter of historical record, odd really given his gushing praise for that odious grandiloquent tome of (S)Hitler’s.

When I challenged the guy to cite one corroborating source, he cited a book I was reading at that time. I pointed out that the author was a Roman Catholic from an era where bigotry and prejudice against homosexuality was commonplace, but that other than Ernst Röhm, the book didn’t mention one single high ranking Nazi as being gay. I challenged him to cite any text from the book or any other book, apart from that bigoted nonsense in the link, that supported the ludicrous notion. Off course he could not.

The guy was also a holocaust denier, claimed it was an accident resulting from allied bombings causing food shortages. I asked him if that were the case, why did the concentration camps have gas chambers and crematoria, he seemed reluctant to give a credible answer. He repeated the claim a few times, and each time I challenged him in the same fashion, and Amazon banned my account from posting for a breach of their guidelines.

Apparently his claims were ok, but repeating a question with the “purpose of embarrassing” another poster was not. You have to see the irony. I think those forums are closed now.

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“Anitdote for Death”…mmm…that IS catchy…lets bring that on board then shall we? I have no doubt you are right Bryan, but I think the biggest problem with your suggestion is that in its basic form there doesn’t seem to be any way you can market or package this idea and make money out of it. There will be some who will say you are fucking insane to even think about giving the secret out for free but lets look at this from another angle. Previously successful programs have involved exchanging money or at the very least insisting on a contractual modification in behaviour in exchange for immortality. If you could just work that into your “Antidote for Death” slogan we could be well on the way to a killer solution. :thinking:

Hmmmmm Don’t know. I’m guessing AU dollars since I saw that price on the link you gave in your post. That’s the hard cover edition, the paperback is selling for $27. Looking on the AU ebay it looks like paperback copies are asking $22 to $28, but U.S. ebay has many selling for $5. Just giving it to some unpleasant person is probably the most satisfying strategy :slight_smile: .

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