Another case against the clergy

From a news feed: “ Maryland AG report into Archdiocese of Baltimore alleges 156 Catholic clergy members and others abused more than 600 children”

It occurs to me that were so many religious organizations less puritanical about sex, conversation could take place about it. Children would feel freer to discuss their feelings. Intervention for urges to engage in non-consensual sex might increase. Folks who are made victims would feel freer to call out abuse so actions can be taken and thereby, reduce the occurrence of victimization.
In other words, I think those who eschew discussion about sex and sexuality with kids are can be considered culpable.


From the report:

“From the 1940s through 2002, over a hundred priests and other Archdiocese personnel engaged in horrific and repeated abuse of the most vulnerable children in their communities while Archdiocese leadership looked the other way. Time and again, members of the Church’s hierarchy resolutely refused to acknowledge allegations of child sexual abuse for as long as possible.”

CNN notes the report says the number of children abused “is likely higher” than 600.

And apologists have the gall to ask Atheists why they are so vehemently against religion…