Amish hair style?

My daughter actually pointed this out to me when we saw them in a restaurant and then I notice the same dumb fucking bowel cut style hair cut in this video. Why the fuck do they cut it like that?

It’s just sad that you cannot see the reverence and piousness that such an accoutrement indicates. Only a heathen such as yourself could be blind to the holy inspiration on display here… sheesh…and after living in Missouri all this time. You would think some of this would have soaked in by now. FFS🤦🏻‍♂️

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I would largely say it’s for control, much like wearing a team uniform. You know who is with you and against you. Also much like the church of Latter Day Saints a.k.a. Mormons. I could dig up a few verses that talk about clothing, but I’m too lazy right now.

But here is a Pinterest of acceptable Mormon hairstyles for woman. Pretty weird shit if you ask me.

Yeah the control thing is real. That’s why Indian boys had their hair cut immediately when forced into the indoctrination schools.
I just cannot help being sarcastic though. It’s a deeply imbedded pathology for which I have zero interest in finding a cure…

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HEY! Don’t be bashing the Bowl Cut, dude! For your information, I sported that dashingly rakish style up until about 8th grade. But then I started watching “Miami Vice”, and The Bowl ended up getting replaced by the daring super-cool Crockett Wings.



I attempted to add the Castillo stare, as well - it only served to stop even more women from talking/associating with me.

Ah, the oblivious idiot years.



I never could master the Castillo Stare. I wasn’t very intimidating during my teen years.


It’s quite popular with Vulcans.


It’s cheap and easy. Also, It is one of the approved hair styles of Kim, Jong-un, and of the Three Stooges.
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