Ah bugger....maybe doing a boomer

Found out I had a cardiac "incident " 10 days ago, so rushed to ED today. I thought it was bad reflux…duh. Now hooked up to more wires than a cyborg complete with a silent version of the machine that goes ‘ping’. Angiogram tomorrow so won’t be following the inane chatter for a few days. Have fun y’all!!!

Take care Old Man, I will keep the trike oiled and ready for action.

Oh for fucks’ sake! Don’t you dare do a Boomer.

Take care of yourself old man.


Dammit, you ol’ fart! Don’t make me come out there with a set of nipple clamps and a car battery. Git yer damn ticker back-ta tickin’ reg’ler an’ then git yer sorry ass back in here.

If Tin had a heart, he would loan it to you, but you know how those damn Tin Men are… Soooo… I guess no one will be using the trike for … a … couple of days? I’d say, get well soon, but I really don’t mean it… (Now where did you park that little ride of joy?) Oh! And while you are recooperating, Don’t worry about a thing. Everything is going to be okay. (Hey Tin… 'It’s red isn’t it?) I can see myself cruzin down the road now. Chimp screaming in the drivers seat and a pug in a nun outfit hugging my waist from behind. (Where is that damn bike…) Oh! I just had an evil thought. What if the pug wants to drive? DAMN. A pug in a nun outfit in the driver’s seat, and a chimp bound and gagged, dragging along behind. Decisions? Decisions Decisions?
DAMN! Do I really want to find that bike? Hmmmm… Sorry you won’t be checking in for a few days. I’ll let you know how things turned out later.

I remember my stay in the hospital. Remote in one hand, Bed-pan in the other. Nurse call button held in my right foot and all the ice cream I could eat with my left foot. Fucking awsome.

See you soon… but not too soon… I have plans.

I eat my ice cream with my mouth :lips: :icecream:

I second Whitefire, absolutely no doing a boomer. I think Cog is planning to start a tricycle gang. I’m sure the jacket he designs for it will be awesome, but the gang needs a more ummmmm stable? leader, so get well soon :slightly_smiling_face: .

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No, dumbass. It’s blue, and it ain’t a trike anymore. It’s a four-wheeler now. Don’t you pay attention to anything? Anyway, all we gotta do is find a good set of mud tires, and we can go do some serious off-roading in that thi-… (looking over at Old Man)… Oh, shit. Uh, I mean, Cog, don’t you DARE even think about taking Old Man’s ride out into the woods!.. (whispering to Cog… i think he keeps a spare key under the seat.)… Don’t worry, Old Man. I’ll keep Cog in check. We won’t put a singl-… I mean, I won’t let him put a single scratch on it… (whispering to Cog… found the key yet?)… You just focus on getting better, Old Man. Nothing to worry about here… (whispering to Cog… find the damn key already.)…

:boom: bonks Tin on head with rolling pin :boom:

Steps over unconscious pile of medal and loose screws.

Yells at boyfriend “Find the fuckin’ keys already”

adjusts black fucking habit

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…(eyes flutter openlooking around confused)… What the…? (attempts to sit up)… Owwwww… Owie-owie-owie! Oh, my damn head!.. (feels dent in back of head)… Aw, maaaan… I just had that buffed yesterday… (finally sits up after some effort)… Cog!.. Hey, Cog!.. I suggest you find those keys damn quick! Apparently White didn’t get all dressed up for nothin’… (stumbling to feetswaying in place)… Anybody got a number to a good body shop?

I had a cardiac incident once (an agina event that stopped me perching in trees) and ended up with a fine collection of metal stents (bloody amazing design those things) slotted into the ticker and an array of drugs I never actually took. Dont tell my cardiac specialist I said that. That was 20 years ago and I’ve had no problems since. I think of you being a tougher old bird than me and cardiology has had two decades of experimenting on old buggers like me so I’m confident you are going to be just fine. Just lax, avoid struggling and it’ll all be fine in the end. See you back here soon.

That’s not fair. Last time I tried to eat ice cream with my mouth, you refused to take the rolling pin out of it. “Go ahead! Eat the ice cream monkey!” I had to come up with an alternate plan.

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Well hi guys,

Back home buried under a mountain of drugs. Apparently this episode was the last in a series of “episodes” that went by me unnoticed or I put down to reflux.

Wonderful brand new public hospital, had scans, x rays, blood tests, angiogram, and drugs supplied. Cost to me? ZERO…two transfer trips in an ambulance to specialist units in other hospitals…cost to me? yes ZERO.

I love a socialised medicine. Cheaper to run than privatised. High standard of care and NO GREED.

So I am left with a badly scarred ticker, no driving for a while and if I want my truck licence back have to undergo an MRI in 6 months and get signed off by an independent cardiologist.

35% efficiency my old slammer is giving…so very gentle exercise (typing does not count) , get used to breathlessness, next “episode” will probably be the last I remember. However the drugs are meant to prevent that happening and they seem to be doing a grand job…feel better and more frisky than in months.

You can’t even start Bluey without the code. Its unbreakable. I knew you would never guess “bananas 123” amateurs.

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And I have been thinking of moving back to America where a single trip to the hospital could put me on the streets. I may need to rethink my dying days.

@Old_man_shouts_at_cl Good for you, and a relief for me and others.

Yea, having socialized medicine sure takes a lot of stress away. When I went in for my operation in 2010, after 3 weeks and multiple expensive procedures, my total cost was the cab fare home and TV rental. What few talk about is the emotional relief. I did not have to fill out forms and wait for my insurance provider to approve, and knowing that there would be no financial burden, that allowed me to focus on my recovery and health.


YEAH!!! Doing a happy dance in celebration of your recovery ❤️‍🩹

Sooooo… Uh, does that mean you won’t be doing your side job anymore?

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Background: Within the EU and the EEA, residents can get a (free) health insurance card that

gives you access to medically necessary, state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in any of the 27 EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland under the same conditions and at the same cost (free in some countries) as people insured in that country.

This is not a travel insurance card, but for medical needs, it serves as an unbeaureaucratic way of dealing with other member states’ state-run health services.

My story: Some years ago, I was on vacation in an EU country. Due to some very oddly designed and not very well thought out carpentry in a staircase, I happened to get an injury that made me bleed quite a lot, so I needed medical attention. So I presented myself at the local emergency room, got stitched up (plus a tetanus shot). The cost? I just flashed my European health insurance card, and suddenly it cost absolutely nothing. The only cost for me was the taxi to and from the emergency room. So yes, socialized medicine FTW!


Both of us have experienced this form of health insurance, and both of us have benefited from it. This is not an anecdote from third parties, this is first-hand. Part of my income tax has been directed into this insurance, and now I benefit from paying all of my working life.

In Canada we have citizens of all political persuasions. Bu tone thing in common is that our health insurance is sacred, for the simple fact we have experienced and benefited it. Even the most right wing citizen will agree with me.

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