Admission of being Atheist

My nickname is Melbourne from Cairo, Egypt, I have chosen this name trying to be away from my recognized-Arab name in my country.

I really love my new name to be like many outside my country, a name with which I can do civilized stuff and I’m happy with that.

In fact, it’s been weeks since I recognized myself as an Atheist and ex-Muslim man who really wants peace everywhere, a perfect world away from hatred and feelings on social media or even in the streets.

I was happy at first but while I looked around me, I felt isolated with my thoughts that knew the truth that we did this to ourselves by killing the beauty of everything, killing each other just to lead minds to extremism.

After such days, I found out that I’m not alone in my country, some people who know my closest ones, have also thought like me and they are many and I’m happy with it.

For now, I’m fighting for freedom even though I hide my true identity.


Good Luck to you. I often sit in contemplation and wonder what it might have been like to be born in a country of religious intolerance. I wonder if I would have ever made it into my teenage years. Life is strange.


Same here.
I’m 23 years and I wonder what would happen if I knew the truth in my childhood
Good luck to you too and I hope you a safe peaceful life.

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Welcome @Melbourne, glad to have you in the forum. Always nice to see some younger perspectives here. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the forum.

As always stay safe, and try to keep your personal identity safe. We know it’s not always safe stepping away from religions, depending on where you are.

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Welcome to Atheist Republic Melbourne.

As you have been cautioned, make sure you protect your identity. Trust no one in this forum, including myself.

Peace is a wonderful concept and goal. Unfortunately, two of the most decisive elements, religion and politics play a big part in strife and hatred. Both desire power over people and both work together in that goal.


I am very happy for you brother. Stay save and stay happy

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Being raised in a theocracy (regardless of religious ideology) is difficult and you both, @Melbourne and @youngatheist_89 are to be commended for your step. Stay safe and take time and patience with yourselves.


Thanks whitefire13. :heart:

I am really happy to see all these comments. You made me comforted and safe :heart::blush:
Thank you all and stay safe…
I’ll be here always with you

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Being a closeted atheist isn’t just socially awkward; it can also leave you feeling unfulfilled intellectually. Many atheists enjoy a good conversation about science, philosophy or politics, and these discussions can be a challenge to have when no one around you holds the same interests and beliefs. Without intellectual stimulation, you can quickly find yourself growing bored and unhappy.

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You are not alone here, you are in a safe place and among friends.

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Sometimes it is necessary to re-invent yourself to become what you wish to be; Particularly when you can be punished for being yourself.

It’s not important that you decide who, or what you are. Simply what you are free of now.

You can be an ex-Muslim. You can be an atheist (we don’t usually use capitals for that, but you do it the way you wish to). You can be both. But nobody needs to know your past to be accepted here.