Absolute lunacy

This being is still a jerk. This being has produced a horrendous outcome where it’s like Z follows A - something totally absurd like this. And this being expects me to throw all my logic and rationality out the window and start acting like Z follows A - what a Psychotic asshole! This being is a lunatic - the worst thing I have yet to encounter in my entire Life! It’s seriously disgusting and gross…This being is holding me to standards that it itself won’t even keep! IF I don’t want to do anything, I DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING! Everyone in the world is living according to their free will and why the f*ck shouldn’t I?! The last time I checked, I was a human being!

I fully agree. I was never a fan of Woody Woodpecker. Of course, if you have to bang your head against wood just to eat, it is understandable you would have something loose in the belfry.

HEY! Iriss! Long time no see… I thought for sure you were banned from the site for being a troll and making no sense at all with your bizarre claims of supernatural bullshit. You know what? If you hang around here long enough, I am going to hook you up with what could be the love of your life. Ratshit should stick his dirty little nose in here at some point and the Overload might be exactly what you need to rid yourself of that stupid jerk being. I will start beaming out a telepathic message to the little shit and see if I can get in touch. You two were made for each other.

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Awwww :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: wanting time share the love :heart: - hey! We haven’t had a good fuck for awhile. See this is what happens once you let the girlfriend use the bathroom :toilet:

I think I just injured myself combining a massive groan, with a huge belly laugh…

Well done seriously.


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I still think it’s likely to be Dennis Markuze.

BUT, if it ain’t, and is just some poor unhinged person, remember the immortal words of Frankie Howerd : “It’s wicked to mock the afflicted”

If you ignore it, it will eventually go away. I don’t support banning at this stage as I’ve seem nothing which actually demonstrates trolling.

Taken on face value, I think it’s very sad. Due to lack of any conversation, I’m unable to make an informed decision .Consequently I will ignore it.

Can’t be. Posts don’t contain random Depeche Mode or James Randi videos! :relaxed: