ABORTION 101: It's not really an issue —>

So simple you felt it required two separate and identical threads apparently, along with the multiple threads that already exist on here debating the issue?

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Thanks for the heads up. I deleted the other topic :roll_eyes:


But, but, but…you previously stated:
“It’s really that simple. A. Stout”
Which brings me to an obvious question…which is it? Simple, or not?
And, while we’re at it, why would you bother to bring up a subject which you characterize as “not really an issue”, and then beat it to death like it was a B movie vampire?
I am inclined to suggest an EIT session…

Edit to look for wooden stakes

Did you mean medically or morally?

True dat, you’ve lost me just with that sentence.

I think I am at least as handsome as Brad Pitt, since we are sharing biased opinions. I’m certainly a couple of years younger, so have that Pitty boy… :sunglasses:

He’s on a hiatus for using memes instead of debate.

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Yeah! And if it weren’t for abortion, this planet would be way overpopulated!!

Could you demonstrate some objective evidence that abortion has a significant impact on the exponentially increasing human population?

That aside it is for an individual woman to decide what happens to her own body, regardless of how I or anyone else feels about it, population has nothing to do with that.


Well, if you include spontaneous abortion in the mix, and define it as any fertilized egg that does not result in a live birth, this is probably correct.

Of course, one must understand that studies indicate the vast majority of abortions are spontaneous (e.g. those not purposely executed by a human).

We could then make the leap that if, as is claimed, everything is a part of god’s plan, that the god performs a shit-load of abortions.


And also consider how much better off the world would be now if that god had decided to abort Mrs. Hitler’s, Mrs. Stalin’s, Mrs. Mao’s, and a few dozen other mother’s babies.

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If you would like to know why things are the way they are, read the Bible. A waste of time? Waste of time is spent in the grave.

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You’re proselytising sunshine, this is a debate forum, find a pulpit if you want to preach.


Sorry 20 characters lll

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