ABORTION 101: It's not really an issue —>

So simple you felt it required two separate and identical threads apparently, along with the multiple threads that already exist on here debating the issue?

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Thanks for the heads up. I deleted the other topic :roll_eyes:


But, but, but…you previously stated:
“It’s really that simple. A. Stout”
Which brings me to an obvious question…which is it? Simple, or not?
And, while we’re at it, why would you bother to bring up a subject which you characterize as “not really an issue”, and then beat it to death like it was a B movie vampire?
I am inclined to suggest an EIT session…

Edit to look for wooden stakes

Did you mean medically or morally?

True dat, you’ve lost me just with that sentence.

I think I am at least as handsome as Brad Pitt, since we are sharing biased opinions. I’m certainly a couple of years younger, so have that Pitty boy… :sunglasses:

He’s on a hiatus for using memes instead of debate.

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