"A Stray Goat" Movie

This movie depicts a very sad reality of the life. If you have watched it that’s good, If you don’t I highly suggest to watch it.

After watching the movie (This movie is about Christian people but the story in real life happens in other religions and countries too like Islam and Iran at where I was born and grew up and have seen the corrupted government people who show they are Muslim and have power, do the same thing and worse than that of what you see in the movie to the people.)

  1. Do you still believe in god?
  2. Where is the morality of religious people?
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Just spent some time looking for that film. No luck so far.

I think it is this one .

@anon72029883 here is a video game that depicts the harsh reality of cults .The video game is Far Cry 5 you might be interested in it :slightly_smiling_face: :relaxed: :blush:.

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I do not deal with Amazon on principle. The owner is the world’s richest man, yet he treats his workers like shit.

I was thrilled to learn that an Amazon warehouse has recently unionised. I’m hoping that’s the thin edge of the wedge

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You are very welcome :blush: :relaxed: :yellow_heart: :heart:. I love to help wherever I can :slightly_smiling_face: :relaxed:.