A Revelation Dilemma: It is ungodly to act like god

(For the sake of clarity, this is relating to the Christian God of the Bible.)

Something interesting occurred to me this evening. Most Christians often speak of themselves and others as being “Godly people.” And according to their teachings, Man was indeed “made in God’s perfect image.” Here’s the problem, though: If true and faithful Christians actually did hold and project the traits/characteristics of the very God they praise/worship, then they would be in big trouble. For, according to the bible, God is JEALOUS. God is VENGEFUL. God is narcissistic and DEMANDS that people worship him. And these are just his most obvious wonderful “virtues.” The mind-boggling irony here is that (aside from the obvious negative qualities) those particular traits exhibited by God are seen as horribly “sinful” when applied to humans. YET, most every faithful and practicing Christian takes great pride in being a “Godly person.” Even though if they were to actually act like their God, they would be looking at a one way ticket to the hell their God made for people who act like he does. I swear, I cannot make this shit up, folks.


If someone practiced what is in the christian bible literally without any exception to all passages, they would quickly wind up in prison. What this god and bible demands is to commit horrible atrocities on their children, friends, and neighbors.


It’s almost as though “god” we’re made in the image of a bunch of characteristics which are ineradicable parts of the human condition… or something…


Primitive man attempted to explain everything they were exposed to. That is the human condition. But because of a severe lack of understanding, they invented reasons why there was lightning, hatred, jealousy, love, everything and anything. And since most events were unknown, they fell into the category of the “supernatural”, and gods or a god’s actions were attributed to such events and phenomena.

And some of those gods were nasty. Even Zeus went down to earth for his occasional rape. I guess Mary was also a victim.

Christianity was a monotheistic religion, and basically all of the gods and their attributes were lumped into one god. Although many religions attempt to deliberately conceal unpleasant or incriminating facts about their god, it’s all there in the bible.

Christianity describes man as being made in the image of god. But the reality is that god was made in the image of men.

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I saw a meme once that asked: “If there was a robot programmed to enforce every rule of God in the bible, and deliver the punishment instructed in the bible for breaking those rules, would you feel comfortable having that robot in your home?” Without any hesitation, my immediate answer was…


And, yet, so many people want to be like God. Funny… (chuckle)…

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Absolutely not. After all, you were made in the image of god. You should be able to be a complete fucking ass and get away with it, just like him. Genesis 1:27, wherein "God created man in his own image .

Very spot on. There has been several people that took their Bible too seriously and ended up in prison! Anyone remember Andrea Yates? She was just doing what her Bible told her to do and murdered all of her kids.

For God commanded, ‘Honor your father and your mother,’ and, ‘Whoever reviles father or mother must surely die. - Mathew 15:4

Hell, she should be on God’s “Most Faithful” list for obediently following His Word. No doubt she will be one of the first through the gates of heaven. All those other so-called “Christians” ain’t got the balls to truly follow the instructions of their God.

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If only we still had rams wandering around - those kids might still be above ground!

Abraham with his solipsistic delusions would be terribly proud, though.

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When talking to someone you know who is a Christian, have you ever brought up something fucked up out of the Bible? I have done that to one or two Christians and they often start trying to find something to say to justify it like this: “Well, er, um, well, things aren’t like that anymore. We men try to live to become like god and blah blah blah” :roll_eyes:

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More often than you can imagine. Well, that is to say, my wife is the one who does that better than I do. I’ve seen her pin more than a few and have them stammering for an excuse for something she pointed out from their “Sacred Text”. My tactics are somewhat different than hers, though. She is more “conventional warfare” with full-front attacks. I’m more “sneaky guerilla warfare” with booby traps and ambushes. :joy:

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What you say is true. But most “godly people” don’t ever read it. No one I knew ever did. They mostly believe if they go to church every Sunday they will be saved trough their faithful attendance. They pay their tithes an think if they build a new church that equals good works.


Welcome to the AR, Vonn. Good to have you with us. Come on in and make yourself at home. By the way, if Cog offers you a chocolate coated banana, I strongly suggest you politely decline.

Yep, attend church regularly, listen to the preacher, drop some coin into the collection plate, and your ticket to heaven is guaranteed. Oh, and don’t forget to ask for a prayer request now and then to further publically display your faith in the Lord. God certainly does love a good kiss-ass.


Yes! Just remember when you’re choking to death on a nice chunk of sirloin on the floor of a restaurant that we can’t come to your aid. This god will only allow us to do “thoughts and prayers”.

Welcome to Atheist Republic Vonnielee.

I was raised a theist, and each Sunday we would put on our Sunday best, load up the car and attend church. And all we did was nod and follow what the dude on the pulpit told us what to do and what to think.

Even though both of my parents were devout theists, there was no bible in the house. There were children’s fables and story books liberally scattered about (Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors), for example). But no bible.


Strip away the religion and what you have is propaganda, pure and in full effect. We heard just one side of the story that was the bible. Of course we heard about the story of Noah, but it never entered our minds to contemplate what it was to die from drowning, millions and million just because god messed up in mankind version 1.0.1