A random serious post…

How can anyone not be moved by this?


Awwww! Fuck! I can’t think of anything quippy to say. I agree with all of it. (Wiping a tear from my eye.)

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If you’re a flat earther, apparently it’s pretty easy.

Too damn bad we can’t get a majority of the human population to understand all that he said. Thank GOD, though, that we have religion to keep the vast majority believing they are SUPERIOR to all the rest of us who do understand what was said in the video. :roll_eyes:

There. Perhaps that will help inspire your mushy banana brain. You just have to think outside the box a bit.

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There’s a box? I knew a cat once…

I just had a realization. While everyone on the site will understand the reference to the cat and the box, no one around me would comprehend it. (Gloom!)

Au contraire mon frère…they comprehend it just fine. They just find references to menu items tedious…(glee)

Edit to look for my lunchbox

Uh, by chance, is there any relation there to The Cat in the Hat? Or were you referring to a cat’s litter box? My cat’s have two of those, by the way. Always hard to tell, though, if they are dead, alive, or dying when they use them.

(Edit to search for my pooper-scooper.)

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Your cats have two hats? Each?

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