A priest open letter to atheist

I thought this was interesting:

Casey Cole is like a caricature of what I’d imagine a young priest/friar to be. He strikes me as comically sincere and naive. Sincerely naive? He goes through life dressed like someone from a medieval inquisition while performing magic rituals and feels qualified to give people advice on their lives.
He ask, “Are you a good Atheist?” I wonder if he’s a good priest? I doubt we’d have the same definition, since I’d consider a good priest to be one who’d break the confidentiality of a confession and turn in a child molester with all due haste.

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Yeah, I’ve seen them.

I looked up Casey Cole. Him and his mate are Franciscans, Catholic priests. He certainly thinks a lot of himself. (Sin of pride father?) why on earth should I care about the opinion of some man child so ignorant and a naive as to become a catholic priest ?

A very naive or ignorant question: Atheism is about belief, not morality, just as are all religions. A person may be a convinced Jew, Catholic. Muslim or anything else one can think of yet remain a complete cunt.

The question of am I a good man who happens to be atheist makes no sense to me. My morality has nothing to with my atheism, nor is it dependent on the views or demands of others.

Our naive young priest will learn the internet is forever. I have a suspicion that he may be a bit mortified if he comes across that clip in a decade or so. Or not.

POINT OF ORDER: Our atheist refuter is wrong about the Catholic position on atheists. Pope Francis recently stated that the moral atheist will go to heaven. A pretty startling thing for **the ** dogmatic theist to claim.

Pope Francis assures atheists: You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven


Watching Casey I couldn’t help thinking of “Father Ted”, a rather sly British sitcom.

Below Episode1 in full. 23 minutes.

When any theist can demonstrate any objective evidence for any deity or deities, and then demonstrate sufficient objective evidence for any moral absolutes, then they might have the basis for an argument from morality. Until then all they have is subjective assumption from morality.

Is there any context in which it would ever be moral to torture a newborn baby to death?

The biblical deity did this.

Is there any context in which it would ever be moral to buy or own human slaves, and to beat them, even to death as long they last 48 hours past the beating?

The biblical deity is claimed to think so in Mosaic law.

Well, that’s big of him, especially since the church he leads said just the opposite for over a millennium. I guess it wasn’t a good look for the church in a more educated and skeptical world. Just like they changed their minds about unbaptised babies not going to heaven when they realized how indefensible it was to a lot of peoples way of thinking. I can’t even imagine the torment this caused through the ages, then oopsy, we got it wrong, sorrrrrrrrry. But, of course, everything else we say is absolutely correct , just ignore the stuff we got wrong. I wonder how long it well take them to decide that using a condom isn’t worse than getting or spreading AIDs?

Yeah, especially as he actually said “even atheists”

IMO Catholics have shot themselves in the foot when it comes to going to heaven or hell. A ‘mortal sin’ is one which damns a person. A venial sin is less severe, you go to purgatory instead and you get out of purgatory eventually.

I was taught that there are three conditions for a mortal sin: A serious matter , full knowledge and full consent. I questioned the ‘serious matter’ condition, arguing that surely one’s conscience decides what is serious, or even wrong at all. (I was about14) Noooo, was the reply. Whether a thing is a serious matter depends on an informed [by the church] conscience. I think that’s an argument from authority fallacy.

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@czechwizard Do you believe in a supernatural deity?

Has his post been deleted? Financial benefit?. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a reply.

@boomer47 czechwizard has left the building … forever. He was guilty of self-promotion. Trying to sell books or videos or some crap.

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Ah. Good to know our moderators are so vigilant.