A Little Resource I Found Online

For those who will find this useful, I found a complete copy of the Masoretic Text of the Old Testament, with the ability to search by book and chapter, and to hover your mouse pointer over individual Hebrew words, whereupon a nice little tooltip containing the meaning thereof appears under your mouse pointer.

For an example of what to expect, follow this link to Genesis 1, and try out the various features.

SPECIAL NOTE : because it’s written to work with a mouse, the site won’t work on a tablet or smartphone, unless there’s a mobile version I’ve yet to encounter.

I suspect several here will find this very useful. :slight_smile:


Yes, indeed. Thank you for the pointer to this resource! I even started reading the first few sentences of Genesis. But more as a non-linguist’s approach to explorative linguistics :slight_smile:

@Calilasseia Thank you. I have bookmarked it to my “Science and Understanding” tab.