A letter to my perpetator and abuser - God

I am an intelligent woman. I am a pianist. I am a writer. I am a Correspondent. I am an artist. I like and love cooking. I am a thoughtful, introspective woman. I am a Woman with infinite future! I refuse to be trafficked, emotionally Raped everyday, and to interact with a Rapist. I REFUSE TO PIMPED OUT BY YOU! I REFUSE TO BE A SLAVE YOU MOTHERFUCKER VIOLENT FIEND! I am going to write a missive to Human Rights Watch and tell them that you are abusing and Raping me, attacking me and engaging in terrorism against me and BLATANTLY IGNORING AND FRAUDING ME for the last 4 years, you Criminal! I agree - You hold higher standards for people than for yourself! I am especially sick of the violence and misogyny - I absolutely detest it! Jeffrey Epstein, that vile rapist, said to some scientists that he wanted to “inseminate women” to be his vessels (gross as that is) - this God is doing the exact same to me!

Finally - is “God” your abuser? Are you going to answer any specific questions?

United Nations is an organization set up by countries to help facilitate (communicate) BETWEEN member countries.

Your best bet is to approach your situation within your own country.

I’ve got a call out to Ghost Busters. They should be contacting you within the week.


Get help.

Contact the police, a doctor, or a suicide hot line.

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