A "God-made" hobbyist Supercar concept called "Aria Dio" (Italian for "Air God") done to ultimately try to evoke rational thinking instead of religiosity

iRobot author Isaac Asimov’s words at time 1:37 in video: “I may influence an occasional person here and there, and every small addition to the sum total of rationality is precious, and I would like to be responsible for as many drops as we can possibly add to that small pond.”

Asimov discussion: https://youtu.be/fb3AkW3JVBM

My video: https://youtu.be/NaDtqq_LTcw

  1. As a hobby, in my days off work, I aim to somehow try to get a solar/electric artificial intelligence powered supercar out starting as a prototype. I call the car “Aria Dio”, italian for “Air God”, partially inspired by my own actual name, “God Bennett” and aerodynamic structures.

  2. I had already started by naming and I had made a 3d model of the car from scratch in Rhino3d, and I had additionally used tools including blender3d for rendering. I took about 10 hours to compose the initial 3d model from scratch.

  3. The ultimate goal of Ario Dio’s production is to promote rationality/science, instead of religiosity/non-science, despite Dio’s name, similar to how the name “God particle” is designated to the Higgs Boson by journalists, (while crucially being disparate from the religious God) can be seen as a way to evoke interest in Science in the everyday reader. Similarly, my own name “God Bennett”, is partially meant to help draw more people into scientific thinking, instead of non-science/religiosity, as I explained here:


Aria Dio’s origin story as well as a clearer picture of my goals, can be seen in the youtube description below after top section describing tools used in video:

  1. Aria Dio implemented by myself in Grand Theft Auto Iv:

FMD. A 12 year old spends their time doing this stuff.

Let me know when you decide to be serious.

BTW its a crap design.

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  1. I like the ep9. I first saw it in 2019.

  2. As for your rip-off comment, most supercars share a similar profile, so many of them may look like rip-offs of each other. Car guys may notice many differences, although people who may not be car enthusiasts may miss some key details. This almost reminds of when a non-car enthusiast calls a Lamborghini a ferrari :slight_smile:

I think my design looks closer to the venom f5 albeit, although that too has a more closed rear design.

  1. Something even faster is the electric beast, the lotus evija.
    I’m going for a more open rear look. The ep9 has a less open rear look, i.e. the rear is closed off with mesh.

Open rear means it’s obvious that the rear is open as seen in the 20000 hp lotus evija:

or the 1800+ hp bugatti bolide:

or the ferrari fxxx, although less open than the ones above, the mesh is a bit more free than the ep9, and it is a track only car:

This is the venom f5:

Also, you don’t see the head and tail lights? Head lights are somewhat typical, although the tail lights on my design are not conventional, but there are clear curved red lines forming the rear lights in my design:

Here is an example of what I mean when I say many supercars share similar profiles:

The ep9 you referred to:

The lotus evija:

The ferrari fxx:

Venom f5:

An illustration of why I think my design looks more like the venom f5 or the ferrari la ferrari, although there are obvious differences :

  1. Did you know some car manufacturers launch their cars in games?

For example, this company used a Gran Turismo video game equivalent to promote a concept car they built:

  1. Three Dimensional models of cars of this scale, are also not typically done by 12 year olds. I used Rhino3d, 3ds Max, Blender3d etc tools, that are not typically used by 12 year olds to make models of this scale.

  2. Albeit, my next step is to get the shell/body of the car 3d printed, which I have discussed elsewhere.

Your opinion about the design is noted, and actually quite rare. I’ve only heard positive remarks until yours, which is a typical reminder that nothing that exists will be liked by everyone.

It is also strange that you mention this, because all manufacturers I am aware of (40+ manufacturers) start off with 3d models.

Didn’t you know this?


and employ professionals. Whereas gamers, habitually (especially those with the mentality and maturity of 12 year olds) will experiment and play as you have done.

You seem unable to distinguish between your fantasy of actually being a car designer/programming god and the reality of your life…

Does anyone think @GodBennett knows what rational means?

I must say I’m dubious…

I concur, his posts have long suggested a fantasist with delusions of grandeur.

He (@GodBennet) has also claimed:

  1. The theistic world will abandon their beliefs because he renamed himself God.

  2. To have invented “non-beliefism” where humans abandon all beliefs.

1 is as hilariously stupid as it is egotistical. I’ve just re-checked the news, it didn’t work. 2 seems to suggest he doesn’t understand that beliefs can be valid, and of course essential for all humans to interact with reality.

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Jesus Christ (I’m an atheist, just an expression) these forums have a nice interface, glad I found it!

Odd forum post on an atheist site I should say.

But anyway, I’m not seeing how the OP’s car design looks like a rip-off of the NIO ep9.

Left is nio ep9, right is OP.

OP’s car looks closer to a ferrari to me, but still looks like a different vehicle, although notably ferrari is real while OP is only a 3d model.

Are we talking about the nio ep9 shown throughout this thread?

Looks like OP hopes to get the Dio/Air God car popular somehow coupled with his or her name as God, and somehow get people to read into Science from there.

Well, to be fair, the higgs boson underlined in OP was indeed called the God particle by journalists, and although it is disgustingly opposite to deities, this could get people to read into physics.

I doubt his/her actions will do much though. Getting a car off the ground is next to impossible without heavy funding

BirdPerson was a socket puppet of GodBennett; both are gone.


Then where is the Aria Dio’s interior ?.Also if my post is odd then the Aria Dio is beyond bizarre let’s be honest this vehicle will never make it to market the design is unfinished .
There is no interior .The character is holding an invisible steer wheel .
Here is a mod Ford Crown Victoria taxi it is much more detailed. It is not my mod to be honest I didn’t make it .But shows how a real 3d model design should look like .


:grin::grin::grin::grin: hilarious…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: very funny .I put a picture of god in Crysis 2 sandbox he (God) is
holding a convoy of vehicles

And as usual he destroys the vehicles .

Meanwhile, in the land of sim racing …

Probably more realistic than what GodBennett was saying.

Honestly I got no idea; part of me has always wanted to do racing and stuff; but that shit looks expensive :relaxed:. I knew someone who did uhhh very amateurish 2500cc?, homemade, pipe buggy racing (I doubt that is the correct terminology, just a layman’s description). It was fun and I learned a little about working on cars helping him, but even that was expensive.

Although I applaud anyone attempting anything creative, I do wonder how along the scale of competent this person is. I have a friend who was (just retired) a vehicle dynamics engineer for a major game studio. In other words he made the cars and trucks gamers drive around in an attempt to kill and blow up stuff. What I see is two individuals at the complete opposite ends of the spectrum in knowledge and abilities.

But anyhewwwww … if a god made a machine, this is it …

A bit harsh. I quite like the design, but then I’m not a trained draftsman.

Reminds me of the dream house I designed when I was twenty. It was perfect for the Australian climate. Walls a metre thick and 4.5 metres high. The shape was a rectangle ,with big rooms. Only small windows on the outer walls. It had a wide return verandah and a large atrium with a fountain in the centre of the house.

Imagine my surprise when I saw my dream house in 1985! (close enough) It’s called “The House of The Vetti” and is in Pompeii. :laughing: