A god appears and proves itself

A God appears, and proves without a shadow of a doubt (Perhaps only something they can do that if you can prove your fidelity to them/it they will not send your off spring to torture.

(1) You are tortured for eternity

(2) Your offspring are tortured oi eternity, but not you

(3) Trust God, he/she knows what it best

(4) You have no idea of which if any are true.

(5) You are attracted to tent pegs, but God says they are evil.

(6) What do you do?

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When you say “a God appears”

Which deity is this and from what pantheon?

I guess if a deity proved its existence beyond a shadow of a doubt. I would be shocked.

Would it be mankind’s definition of what a deity is supposed to be such as “a celestial king” like Odin, Zeus, Allah, God, Samhain, or Vishnu?

Would it be domineering and commanding?

Most often it’s obey or die and be fucked forever to an after life of torture.

But alas. No deity has come forward demostrating it’s existence.


If this god is as the one described in the bible, then it already knows what I will do before it ever arrives. It knows what I will do before I even know what I will do. Certainly wouldn’t be necessary for it to ask me any questions. Therefore, there is no decision for me to make. It will (should) simply do as it pleases to me without me ever having to say a word.


Wait for another one??? :woman_shrugging:t2: Maybe it’s doing a Thanos “finger snap” power play???

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Have him prove to me that he was a god. You said he would prove it to me beyond a shadow of doubt. Okay, I accept the challenge. The only thing I will accept is his utter and complete destruction for all eternity. Only a true god could completel obliterate himself with not trace anywhere in the cosmos. Prove you are a god!

I’d seek professional medical advice probably. Or maybe cut back on the Absinthe.

I honestly walk away with more issues every time I talk to a Christian. This is up there with that common argument that they use “What if God is real and you’re wrong?”


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Amazing how many of them have never heard of Pascal’s Wager. And it’s incredibly amusing to me how they believe their god to be omniscient, YET they also think they can fool their all-knowing god by pretending to believe in it “just in case.”… (chuckleshaking my head)…

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Looking back, No Christian I’ve talked to or known in the past has ever met this deity let alone ACTUALLY “talked” to it. I’ve heard Pastors “claim” that “God” talked to them. But that was obviously a huge wet load of bullshit.

When I brought this up to other Christians, they’d all claim that “God” talked to them and I had not been “touched” by “God” and only the faithful can hear him.

But when I asked for details I got the " it’s an experience" argument (peak experience) and a load of other excuses like “he doesn’t talk like we do” and “my personal relationship with God is none of your business”. Just a lot of vague tight lipped excuses was all I got and that indicated to me that they were bullshitting and lying. They never talked to this deity. They made it up! They’re just lying to make themselves look cool!

And they even criticize how people “pray”. They call it the “sinner’s prayer”, not to be confused with the actual “sinner’s prayer”. But the Baptist were claiming that if you don’t “pray” the right way, your prayer will not be heard.

Most Christians like to make up round after round of bullshit because it conveniences them. You ask one denomination, that doesn’t adhere to the Bible, and they say it’s okay because “God” is allowing you to do it. But if you go to another denomination they will say that it’s a sin and that the denomination you asked is confused and they’re all going to hell and blippety blah blah blah.

All of them are thick with bullshit.

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If I was able to transport myself and a bag of today’s modern technology back 1,000 years, I could convince everyone I was god.

Therefore, even if some entity appeared and did amazing tricks that are beyond our present technology, I would not automatically believe this was a god, just some being that possessed superior technology.

Which leads to the big question: how could a god “prove itself” to an educated and skeptical person?


It might also be difficult to demonstrate supernatural powers should the god, itself, be patently part of the natural world after “proving” itself.

Earth already has beings who claim to channel or call upon the supernatural to affect natural events. They’ve historically tended to be accused of Satan-worship, tied to posts and burned.

Yea Sure:
Hey guys look at this, a computer! You can surf the internet. Watch. (Clicking the on button.) You can talk to people all over the world. (Waiting …) You can send e-mail. Ummm… write letters to people… um… draw pictures and send them to people. (Waiting for the screen to change…) You can play the latests tunes, (Still waiting…battery dies. Hey, where can I plug this in? Holding up the plug.) Everyone walks away.

Wait! Wait! Wait! Look at this. A cell phone. (You look at the screen to see the message, “No Signal.”) Awww, fuck. Never mind!

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Hey, Cog, for what it’s worth, I see what you mean. However, I think Dave may have been meaning technology that doesn’t rely on satellites or the internet. Things like walkie talkies, and CD players, and one of those nifty digital wrist watches with a built-in calculator. Or maybe a portable DVD player, or penis pumps, or Viagra. You know, the kind of things that would really make people bow down to him.

More like a Bic lighter and a few books about making explosives/flash/smoke devices, solar eclipse schedules, and magic tricks. Maybe some LSD to mess up any unbelievers


I guess the answer maybe simple. If a god exists and we/i have broken its standards, then I at least am guilty. That god can do what it wants to me, just as the bully’s at school did to me all those years ago and by the way, I was a bully too. Am I to thank that god that i am not gay? or should I curse him for being ugly and having to pull pud? Perhaps our fucked up lives are just that.

Thou shalt not murder, but you can kill for god. And as for rape - not a problem, just don’t dare be gay - that is if the god of the OT ever turns up. If it does, we are all screwed. But so are the Russians under Vladimir Putin.