6 Important Topics in the Quran


2:256- There is no compulsion in religion . Truth is now separated from perversion. Whoever denies the raging arrogant and approves of God, will not break and adhere to a strong bond. God Hears and Knows.

10:99 If your Lord had willed, all those on earth would have approved the truth. So are you going to force the public to approve?

4:80- It follows God who obeys the Messenger. Whoever turns away, you turn away; We did not send you a guard over them.

6:104- Enlightening documents have come to you from your Lord. Whoever sees is for his own benefit, whoever goes blind is to his own detriment. I am not a guard over you .

50:45-We know well what they are talking about. You are not a tyrant over them . Give advice to those who fear my warnings with this Qur’an.

Many more verses defend freedom of thought. For example, if a person mocked the Quran or GOD or uttered bad words, there is no punishment for the person who did it. You will leave your environment.

4:140-It is revealed to you in the book: When you hear that the signs of GOD are denied and ridiculed, do not sit with them until they plunge into another word ; otherwise, you will be just like them. GOD will gather all hypocrites and disbelievers in hell.

6:68 - When you see those who mock our verses and miracles, turn away from them until you plunge into another word . If the deviant makes you forget, do not sit with such cruel people after you remember.

For example, those who do not believe in the Quran in the country governed by the Sharia of the Quran are governed by their own legal systems.

5:42-They listen to lies and eat illegally. If they come to you, judge between them or turn away. If you turn away from them, they will not do you any harm. If you judge, judge with justice between them. God loves those who are just.

5:43- How can they turn away from it and make you an arbitrator while the Torah, which contains God’s judgment, is standing by them? They actually disapprove of the truth.

Believers do not make fun of the God of the religion they do not believe in and do not speak bad words.

6:108- Do not curse those they invoke besides GOD so that they do not curse GOD for their ignorance. We have shown each community their work in a fancy way. Finally, their return is to their Lord, and he informs them of what they have done.


The word “Islam” means “peace / surrender to God”.

The Quran allows only defensive warfare.

2:190-Fight in the way of GOD with those who fight you . Don’t be aggressive . God does not like aggressors.

60:8- GOD does not forbid you to do good to those who do not fight you for the sake of religion and who do not expel you from your homeland, and that you treat them justly . God loves those who behave justly.

The Quran calls people to peace all over.

28:55-When they hear the empty words, they turn away from him and say, “Our job is to us, your work is to you. Peace be to you. We do not want to deal with the ignorant.”

8:61- If they tend to peace, incline towards it and trust in GOD. He is Hearing, Knowing.

25:63-The servants of Rahman are such people that they walk in the earth without pretense. When the ignorant talk to them, they suggest peace .

47:35- Do not relax on the road to peace . Victory is yours. God is with you and will not waste what you do.

4:90- Except for those who join a community with which you have an agreement, or who come to you with distress in their breasts because of fighting with you or their own people… If God had willed, He would have haunted them and they would have fought with you. If they leave you alone, do not fight you and offer you peace, God will not allow you to attack them.

4:94-Those who approve of the truth, be careful when you fight in the way of GOD. Do not say “You do not approve” to the person offering you peace, considering the temporary benefit of the life of this world . Because there are many spoils beside God. You were like them before; but GOD has been gracious to you. So be sure to research it thoroughly. God is Aware of what you do.


4:58-GOD commands you to give your trust to their owners and to judge with justice when you rule among people . What good advice GOD gives you. God is Hearer, Seer.

4:135 Those who confirm the truth! Observe justice by witnessing for GOD even if it is against you, your mother, your father and your relatives. Whether rich or poor, GOD looks after both groups. So do not be biased in accordance with your personal interests and feelings. If you distort the truth or hesitate to testify, you may know that God will hear what you do.

5:8- Those who confirm the truth! Witness justice by observing God for God. Don’t let your grudge against a community stop you from doing justice. Be fair; this is closer to virtue. Listen to GOD. GOD receives news of what you do.

7:29-Say: " My Lord commands justice . In every mosque, pray to Him, making religion belong only to Him. You will return to Him as He created you first."

Of course, the Quran also orders the justice of income.

11:85- " O my people, do the righteousness of the people and do not commit evil by committing corruption in the earth."

59:7-What God left the spoils of the people of those countries to his messenger belongs to GOD and his messenger. That is, it should be given to relatives, orphans, the poor and the stranded, so that it does not become a monopoly among your rich . Take what the apostle gave you; but stay away from what he doesn’t give you. Listen to GOD. God’s punishment is tough.


29:19- Did they not see how God initiated creation and repeats it? This, of course, is easy for GOD.

29:20-Say: " Travel the earth and see how creation began ." Then, again, GOD (in the hereafter) will initiate the final creation. GOD has power over all things.

10:100-No one can confirm the truth without God’s permission, and He condemns those who do not use their minds to disgrace.

2:44-Do you forget yourself while calling the people to do good? Moreover, are you also reading the book? Won’t you use your mind?

16:12-He put the night, day, sun, and moon at your service. The stars are also under His command. Of course, there are signs in this for a society that uses its mind.

2:164-In the creation of the heavens and the earth, the alternation of the night and the day, the ships flowing in the ocean for the benefit of the people, the resurrection of the earth after God’s death from the sky and all kinds of creatures he spread there, the winds and the clouds waiting ready between the sky and the earth. Of course, there are lessons / evidences (ayaat) for a society that uses its mind to turn it over.

12:105-There are so many evidences in the heavens and the earth that they pass by carelessly.

13:3- He who built the earth and placed on it solid mountains, rivers, and all kinds of fruit that he created, male and female. It turns the night into the day . Of course there are signs and lessons in this for a society that thinks.

21:32- We made a ceiling with a protected sky . Despite this, they remain indifferent to the signs on him.

Do not disturb the balance in nature!

30:41-Disasters on land and sea have become widespread because of what the people committed by their hands. Thus, he makes them taste some of what they did, lest they return (from evil).

55:7- He raised the heaven and put the measure / balance.

55:8- You cannot exceed that measure.

There are many verses like this one that talk about science / using reason.


49:13 O people! We created you from a male and a female, and divided you into races and tribes so that you may meet one another. Besides God, the most precious of you is the most virtuous one . God is Knowing, Aware.

30:20- The created you from dust and then be spread among His signs proliferating people.

30:21- find relax and peace with their own kind so that you might be created spouses for you from your search for your friendship and love and compassion put one of his verses . There are signs in this for a society that thinks.

30:22 The creation of the heavens and the earth, and the difference in your languages ​​and colors are among His signs . There are signs in this for those who know.

35:28- Likewise, people, animals, farm animals are of various colors. That is why, among his servants, those who regard God as necessary are scientists . God is Mighty, Forgiving.

3:195-Their Lord answered them: " I will not leave without reward what any employee of you did, whether male or female, you are all equal. I will cover and place them in gardens with rivers flowing in. As a response from GOD… The best response is with God.


3:148- GOD gave them both the blessing of the world and the best of the hereafter. GOD loves those who behave nicely.

7:56-Do not commit mischief in the earth after it has been corrected. Beg him with fear and hope. God’s mercy is close to those who do good.

16:30-He said to the righteous, “What has your Lord sent down?” called. They respond with “goodness”. There is beauty in this world for those who behave beautifully. The abode of the hereafter is better. How good is the homeland of the virtuous.

39:10-Say: “O servants who approve the truth, count your Lord. In this worldly life there is beauty to those who do good. GOD’s place is wide. Those who resist the truth will be paid without calculation.”

51:16-They take what their Lord has given them. Because they were behaving well before that .

53:31-Whatever is in the heavens and the earth belongs to God. He will punish those who do evil for what they did, and reward those who do good.

No compulsion in religion? You opened with a threat! “God knows,” yeah, and what’s he gonna do about that? Does it involve fire and boiling water? Just a thought…


Post locked because of proselytizing.

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Hahaha. And those he made that do not “behave nicely”???

Define “behave nicely”…

Unlocked because sufficient reason given to unlock.

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To be fair, to be an animal lover, to want other people’s freedom not for yourself, to be trustworthy and so on.

Great! I got no worries than. :+1:

I also hold dear the idea of honesty. For me this encompasses getting to as close to what is true as humanly possible.

Bah. This is complete and utter :poop: bullcrap :poop:. There is absolutely nothing divine about differences in languages whatsoever. That people today can actually believe such inane and stupid assertions as the Koran quote above defies explanation. Languages evolve naturally over time, sometimes noticeably even over the lifetime of a person. That the tone of voice and the pronounciation change over time is not strange at all. Neither that new words are invented, and old ones forgotten or change meaning. And that languages can diverge because of mutual isolation or influence from other languages. And today, with extensive travelling, with people moving across borders, these changes happen faster than ever before. Anyone with even half a brain will understand this. But brains infected with thought inhibiting religious dogma have now obviously been shown not to be capable of even such simple observation and deductive reasoning.

In fact, the above Koran quote should be held up high as a prime example of a clear and factual error in a book that is claimed to be the inerrant word of a sky-god.

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The French settled Quebec. But a visitor from France in Quebec would find the dialect quite disturbing. Another easy example is Louisiana French.

I was re-reading cause I’m a “disbeliever” (be unable to believe (someone or something).

I think :thinking: we are all disbelievers about something

I have no idea what this means.

Canada has its own “legal system”; secular, a “Bill of Rights”; balance of powers (or at least separation of powers); etc.

Whew :cold_sweat: another reason to not believe. Nah seriously :smirk: I have a potty mouth and I will make fun of god (if god is presented as funny or irrational or unintelligent or ANYTHING that is, well, you know … funny)

Jihad has only “ever” been defined in Islamic Law as warfare against non-muslims and it is obligatory for every muslim.

Quaran 9:29 Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the last day… Aknowledge the religion of truth, even if they are the people of the book (Christians), until they pay “jizya with willing submission” and feel themselves subdued. (NO FUCKING COMPULSION AT ALL… AND IF THEY DO NOT PAY OR FEEL SUBDUED? WHAT THEN???

Islamic law provides three options for people of the Book. (NO OPTIONS FOR THE REST OF YOU ASSHOLES… ATHEISTS ARE TO BE KILLED.) And people of the book references those who had a holy book prior to Muhammad. (May not apply to some, so called, Christian sects.) These people of the book may 1. Convert to islam. 2. Pay the Jizya (mentioned above) 3. Or be put to death. The COMPLETE FREEDOM OF CHOICE IS YOURS… PROVIDING YOU ARE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK. THE REST OF YOU ARE JUST FUCKED.



That’s a lot of words that add up to NOTHING. What the hell is any of that supposed to mean?

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Fundamentally, he states that something happens, he has no explanation (acute ignorance), thus god did it. Every proposition he has forwarded is just that.

It is appalling that if there are more than this one, the level of gross ignorance an any scientific explanation is alarming.

In practice that is a bare faced lie.

Even ‘moderate’ Islamic countries such as Malaysia have religious police. A Muslim caught eating or drinking in daylight hours during Ramadan will be arrested and will be sent to gaol. Muslim apostates are sent to prison for 2 years.

In the more extreme Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, apostates are killed.

Historically, during Muslim conquest, non believers were often given the choice of converting or being killed. .

@QuranMuslim19 I truly can’t work out if you are being deceitful*** or are simply ignorant and not very bright.

Umm, devils advocate here. That is simply incorrect.

The word 'jihad" actually means ‘struggle’ as in the struggle of daily life. It can also mean armed struggle.

Jihad, according to Islamic law

“The Arabic term jihad literally means a “struggle” or “striving.” This term appears in the Quran in different contexts and can include various forms of nonviolent struggles: for instance, the struggle to become a better person.”

So, what really is jihad?.

"The Koran describes three types of jihad (struggles), and zero of them mean or permit terrorism. These are: the jihad against yourself, the jihad against Satan — which are called the greater jihads — and the jihad against an open enemy — known as the lesser jihad. "


Not just a promulgated lie, I’d say, but also sheer hypocrisy. It’s a lie, because the Koran itself orders believers to kill nonbelievers, or to pressure them into converting through the very policies it orders. It’s hypocrisy on the side of the Koran-bashers since this piece of theoretic theology is happily ignored, and the pressure to conform to pressure from priestly castes, from society, and from family and friends is overwhelming. Yeah, no compulsion my ass.

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Flagged, I detest being preached at, and spamming your religious beliefs is against the forum rules.

This is a debate forum, not a mosque.

What objective evidence can you demonstrate for any deity or deities?

It’s time for you to piss or get off the pot.


Thank you, his posts had clearly abandoned any pretence of debate.