Why have human minds not adapted to a state in which they do not have to feel the overwhelming thirst of most likely non-existent immaterial beings?

What about “If I may (improperly) anthropomorphize natural selection” do you not understand?

Chimps even go to war. tribes can march to a destination, and engage in violent war against other tribes.

Just so a search of " What does the Gombe Chimpanzee War say about our past?" on YouTube. I will not display this directly, it is pretty gory and violent.

That’s a very good question. Not sure I have a satisfying answer.

As a general principle, I think some human behaviour considered innate or disease caused may be learned sometimes. EG AA’s position is that alcoholism is a disease, period. I think that’s nonsense. I think it was definitely learned behaviour for me and some people I met at AA.

I also think that some emotional/mental illnesses can be learned. I think It’s probably the case with at least some of the kinds of neuroses which keep therapists and shrinks employed. (as opposed to psychoses)

Transactional Analysis aims at getting the person to unlearn behaviours (scripts) which are harmful. I tried it for six months and found it of limited help. I usually do better with one-on-one. That may be because I’m self absorbed, not necessarily because there’s anything wrong with the model

I read about 40 years ago that schizophrenia can be learned and therefore unlearned. There was a Canadian woman who cured schizophrenia without drugs. She spent seven years with 24/7one-one-one contact. IE she gave up her own life. I’ve never found that especially helpful.

I’ve forgotten the details, so the above may be taken as hearsay or anecdotal.

I did come across the blog linked below and think it’s interesting. My point is, that with human behaviour, as with most things in life, there are no facile answers . I have no faith in prescription book treatment of mental and emotional issues. Imo the whole person needs to be treated.


Don’t look to me… I wouldn’t say somthing as stupid as that. Well… not in this thread anyway.

You never know what is going to happen when I put on my Pope hat.

Sometimes when a troop of chimpanzees grows very large they split into two separate troops. The original alpha male will occasionally start to wind up all the males into a frenzy, hitting them and making physical displays of strength, and go off to attack males from the new troop. They will usually beat the unlucky male to death, and often eat its remains.

Christianity and many religions preach that mankind is “special”, unlike the “lower” animals. But science and many disciplines, from behavioral science to genetics reveal that we are incredibly similar.

I recall the old arguments “they can’t use tools”. That was debunked. And for every “exception” we possess, they get debunked.

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Yep, I posted the video on chimp wars a month or so back. Some really intereisting stuff. Hey! There is a fish that talks… Now that I think of it. At least that is what scientists think is going on… The Elephant Fish. This little sucker may actually be talking.
Smartest Fish on Earth, Mormyridae, Seem To Talk Just Like Us - YouTube

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Just so.

I read that Rooks have ben observed making a tool **to make another tool **. I once saw a magpie with a broken beak using a twig to dig up insects.

Then there was KOKO the gorilla, who learned sign language with a vocab of about 1000 words, about the same as a 3 year old human… Koko had a pet kitten.

Human beings are only animals after all. We are Simians, anthropoids, higher primates.

If there’s anything special about us it’s our collective intellect, greed and lack of awareness. We seem to be the only species smart enough and bloody minded enough to actually make our world unfit for human habitation. Seems to me that we are actively working towards our own extinction. If not, our numbers must drastically, eventually fall imo

Oh, like so many other animals, we are breeding to use available resources. I think we’re just more thorough than say mice or rabbits…

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After billions of years humans evolved just a couple of hundred thousand years ago, as one species of great ape. The idea we are special is facile, the idea we are singled out by a creator deity is absurd, and at odds with all the objective evidence. Genetics alone kills that idea stone dead.

Not sure that’s true in the absolute way your claim suggests. Would you mind fleshing that idea out a bit.


Is Rick Wiles very stupid or just willfully pig ignorant?

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Mind you:


I only meant that genetics demonstrates conclusive evidence of shared ancestry between all living things, and equally demonstrates that humans are no more special than any other species. While there is no objective evidence at all that we were created in the image of a deity, it is however a scientific fact we share varying amounts of DNA with all other living things.

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Also, another thought :thought_balloon:

This is where I get confused with Christian fundies.
Isn’t Israel the “be all” in their relationship (last days, god’s people :woman_shrugging:t2: I thought most fundies support Israel for their spiritual reasons) …

Again. Idiots.

I suspect many of these high profile “idiots” are smart, and doing it for money. They are catering to a small fraction of the entire population, but for those people, Wiles is pushing the right buttons and getting massive attendance and support, whether in person or online.

The Governor of Florida, Rick Santos, is killing thousands of his fellow Floridians, but he is making a huge fortune in fundraising.

The number of times I’ve encountered people prepared to deny this mind, is frankly flabbergasting.

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Yeah, I was stunned too. Probably allowed due to the second amendment in the US. So much for Youtube monitoring posts. They seem to me interested in copyright, [for economic reasons?] and fuck all else.

Jews stopped being a separate people centuries ago. Neither are Muslims still mainly Arabs.

A tragic thing is The Jews and Arabs are both Semitic peoples, with Hebrew and Arabic having the same root.

According to the Torah, the mutual hatred goes back to the Prophet Abraham. He was the putative father of Isaac, who became father of the Jews and of Ishmael, who became father of the Arabs. I don’t believe that’s literally true, but I do believe the hatreds go back millennia.

I’m not arguing that the Hebrew and Arabic languages are as similar as they once where, especially in their written forms.


This thread put me in mind of a song by Tom Lehrer, who was Jewish:

For the scientists among you