Why don't you believe?

Any statement spoken in truth to bring about a change, even though adverse is not a Troll (you’ll probably argue this one)

"It’s your belief, so the burden of proof is logically and epistemologically entirely yours"

And I very clearly answered that I was going to respond to and discharge the burden BUT how are we going to know that my burden has been Rightly Discharged and shifted to you, if We Do Not Have A Standard for Determining when we can both agree that the burden has passed. (You will still fight this too, infact I know you will fight the whole thing I have said as Miranda say “every word or statement you make shall be used against you” whether properly or not)

Especially as Atheist such as yourself are known to Always Change their Argument and Position, Lie and Breach every Standard of Reasonable Healthy arguments that lead to a proper and concluisive end, not an argument till eternity which is not profitable to any reasonable person but an Atheist or Satanist or Hater of Truths.

So All these big scary english was just to obtain from you what are Truths to you, Established Truths, like You can not walk through walls Truth or can you? Or you can not live in the sea as a fish or you can not fly as a bird Truth.

I Stand on Truths seen in Nature and on Natural Law, I stand on it and I will fall with it.

But you have not disclosed your own Truths and neither are you willing to commit yourself to Any Certain Ground nor do you wish to stand or fall by anything.

So how can we know that what you say is True and it should be acted upon?

And I had commited myself to answering whatever reasonable question you may profer but you are not willing to disclosed your own grounds of standing for testing and verification as you wish to do to me.

On what basis of Truths are we going to measure the validity of our cases, for the basis must be upon Truths, Natural Truths, Seen and Proven by Nature, (Like if you walk into the sea until you the water covers your natural head, for one hour, you shall die Truth) Not Lies and Imaginations and conjectures which we have seen have killed people or put them in trouble

I can see that you do not positively and directly answer a question put to you eg if i asked what is your name? Instead of answering " My name is Sheldon, You shall answer "what is my name or what do you want to do with my name or some other evasive and counter response.

If you you are using this thread to practice evasive maneuvers, you’ve done a great job and there is nothing to be gained in arguing with you.

But I think you are doing more than play evasion but you are also trying to show the weak strength of your conviction by hiding and preventing your weaknesses from being challenged, which itself, is the Proof of Weakness for it is Seen, A True Strong Man Opens Himself to Challenge Both Weakness BUT a fake and false “strong” man only shows his strength and hides his weakness, THUS, HE IS WEAK!

Whilst the Christians Are Always Ready for a Challenge Anywhere, Anytime, day or night you have to adequately prepare ensuring that the circumstance is favourable to you (meaning there should be some chances to cheat and play unfair).

For your convictions can never be established on a fair fight, which is why you are not willing to commit, even when I have clearly asked you to lay the rules of engagement, so that I would show The World, that your convictions are founded on a Lie and not On Truths!

But you love to make a contention out of a contention and in the end, many words fly all over the place and nothing is resolved.

I am sorry I do not participate in vain arguments and arguments to eternity.

For if you asked me, bonafide, what is my name, I would clearly answer you Joygirl.

I am Done here. Have fun with Your Forums

Most incoherent rant yet on the new forums (taking the baton from @rat_spit , imo)!

@Sorrentino their whole argument makes no sense.

They challenge Christians, We answer, We will rechallenge them, they wont answer but will answer by rechallenging the rechallenge, like a table tennis that doesn’t drop so one player can earn a point.

But the ball wont drop. We just turn our heads or eyes from one person to the other, till necks and eyes become sore

Very Boring!

I’m out of here

Hmmm, does H20, it’s cycle - evaporation and rain :cloud_with_rain: “prove“ that the molecules of Hydrogen and Oxygen have intelligence? I mean why else “would these guys get together?”

scientits’s … hahahahaha :rofl: YOU said “tits”
We also have a lot of HUMOR …it’s a bone - a funny bone located near your elbow…

This stuff must really get you “off” …

Whew …glad to see you didn’t write “testicles”.
It’s obvious you’ve freed yourself of thought :thought_balloon: - personally, I wouldn’t brag about it. Beside the buybull is all human thought - you haven’t freed yourself from anything.

Hahahahaha. Oh fuck … breathing …hahahahaha
Do you even know what a Theory is? Scientifically speaking???

HEY I did - Jesus fuckin’Christ- I assume you’ve dismissed the Fairy GodMother? WHY???


There is no algorithms in evolution. It is binary, you die or survive based on the environment around you.

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Yes you do, and that is the standard expected by the one who is not convinced. You just don’t like it when atheists request more than just “gotta have faith”. Because deep down inside, you know there is zero evidence of a god.

But in the interests of fair play, here is one standard I will accept, the standards of a court of law.

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My prayer to Fairy GodMother … David - but it’s not like I take credit for it …it was all Her!

Yeah, you are right.
We athiests do have a problem with God(here in consideration is Islam, I assume if Islam is false, every religion is false).
That is he(man God) doesn’t know much about Physics and Mathematics.

He could have sent his verses like this:
“Oh believers do research on space there will be a time when sun will die”
“Oh believers work on science for there will be a time when coal will vanish”
“Oh believers masturbate a little it is healthy because God is all knowing and all powerful[Just imagine this verse may have solved many problems at that time]”

But instead you find
stoneage concepts,
alcohol ban or unban.
100 different translations all contradicting each other.
Women as objects.
No women prophet(imagine why Islam has no women prophet).

[My point was if God really is great why can’t he write his books even more betterly, I mean he could control anything betterly. ]
But it isn’t the case.

Doctors and scientists research for years in labs to make a medicine but God thinks prayer is better.
Can God cure corona?

Religion is outdated today.

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That is a point I consider relevant. Holy books are considered the thoughts and directions of their god. One should assume a powerful entity would write a coherent instruction book.

In the christian side, the bible has approximately 1,200 pages, yet over 30,000 sects are derived from that one book. And Bdim_X, I am sure you can identify the same issue with Islam.

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Oh fuck, he’s not going to take that well but yeah, good point well made.

Without offering a shred of objective evidence, or any cogent rational argument. I’m not even going to feign surprise.

Whilst the Christians Are Always Ready for a Challenge Anywhere, Anytime, day or night

But not apparently the challenges I provided above …

They challenge Christians, We answer

Still waiting for your “answer” …

Yeah we get that a lot, the evidence is always either about to presented, or conversely has been, and we all inexplicably missed it. Not one theists ever opens with the best most compelling reason they have for believing in a deity though, odd that.

I wasn’t sure that was coming across, I’m glad you picked up on it though, it takes work.

What? No seriously, what the fuck does that mean, is it some sort of code?

Well you could try answering my question, what objective evidence can you demonstrate for any deity, just saying like.

The name is right there, wtf are you blathering about? A word of criticism if I may, unless you were being ironic, Joygirl is about as unsuitable a pseudonym as I could imagine for you. Have you considered Joylessgirl? It seems more apropos to your posts.

Thanks, your opinion means a lot.

Code again?

Ok I have a challenge for you, try posting a coherent sentence without random capital letters. Or is that fucking cheating as well?

More code?

Do you have a cape Joylessgirl?

OK, We will Have fun With Our Forums. You have Fun With your random Capital letters, AND bizarre Disjointed rants, Joylessgirl.

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Most intelligent thing you have said yet. Bye!

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There’s nothing J. K. Rowling imagined in her series of fantasy books, that is not in the Bible. She being a lifelong Catholic, it is obvious, she’s delved into the realms of fantasy, writing imaginative fiction that she knows are impossible and/or improbable

Stop the unnecessary pseudo substance showing off, but please stay within the circa 6000 years biblical A&E account

You dont even know when and how to correctly use " Argumentum ad Ignorantiam "

Creationism, is not supported by a shred of objective evidence, you say. Is that indeed so?.

What kick started evolution then?. Who and/what is the Brain, Scientist, Creator, Architect, Developer, Painter, Artist et cetera behind evolution and creation?

There was no perfection, as to be perfect, means unable to improve any further. Only God is Good. Only God is perfect. For crying out loud, Adam & Eve were a finished article, they weren’t perfection or perfect.

OK, why not please make my day. Show me then, show me, where in the Bible, perfect design was suggested and/or presented. Show me where Adam & Eve was considered to be a perfect design.

By observation, we can tell that an Intelligent Mind created the universe, man, everything within, below and above the earth. It is true, that, even science supports an intelligent design (i.e. ID)

Lemme digress here, @Whitefire13, Whats the matter with you? I am talking representing, but you gone off on a tangent talking of interpretation. Red is the color used universally to signify danger, love, courage, strength, power et cetera. It is representing not interpretating

If I had remained an atheist, I wouldn’t think of ever debating with theists in a self existing, incorporeal, intelligent, creator, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent supreme being I have decided doesnt not exist.

Jesus said, "Thomas, do you have faith because you have seen me?
The people who have faith in Me, without seeing Me, are the ones who are really blessed!
(i.e. Blessed are those who haven’t seen Me but believe)

  • John 20:29

Zeus is the god of the sky, lightning and the thunder in Ancient Greek religion and legends, and ruler of all the gods on Mount Olympus. Zeus is the sixth child of Cronos and Rhea, the king and queen of the Titans

Apollo, also is another god in Greco-Roman mythology, a deity of manifold function, he is god of prophecy and oracles, music, song and poetry, archery, healing, plague and disease, and the protection of the young. He is the son of Zeus and Leto and the twin brother of Artemis

Vishnu originally a minor Vedic god, but now is considered by his worshippers to be the most important gods in the Hindu pantheon and, along with Brahma and Shiva.

Jesus, is the " self existing, incorporeal, intelligent, creator, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent supreme being " incarnate

It is your prerogative, freewill, by your own preference to believe or not believe.

We don’t know. Those are the three most important words on the path to knowledge. WE DON’T KNOW. But we can know, and we will know.

When you accept that there’s a gap in your knowledge, the path to discovery opens up in front of you. If you plug that gap with “revealed truth” and inherited dogma, there’s no more progress.


Genesis 1:27

So God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them.

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Right. You got the point. Our society (not all and not in all eras) may identify or use those qualities associated with red. Red itself is demonstrable. God is NOT. YOU are interpreting or representing, whatever, something that hasn’t been demonstrated to even exist.

the action of speaking or acting on behalf of someone or the state of being so represented.

ARE you representing “red”?

a stylistic representation of a creative work or dramatic role.

OR are YOU attributing or personifying it?

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So god is bisexual or hermaphrodite.