Why don't you believe?

I accept your correction on my being too general with the whole “bumping uglies”. Yes, science is a wonderful and wondrous thing. HEY - a virgin birth is possible through medical science! Cool :sunglasses:. Too bad I missed that fucking boat…

Yeah. Forget the Yahweh way through obscure, undocumented hear-say magic. Human-invented and well-documented scientific methods and knowledge is teh shit. It was invented and works without any interference from magical sky daddies.

Yeah. Forget the Yahweh way through obscure, undocumented hear-say magic. It happens today thanks to the progresses of the human invention of science, which stands it ground at direct odds with bronze age god-myths.

I assume you mean the judeo-christian god? I don’t have a problem with the mythological character of Yahweh/God/Allah, in exactly the same way as I don’t have a problem with Zeus, Jupiter, Enlil, or Odin.

What I do have problems with, is proselytizing, anti-scientific gobbledigook-peddling representatives of diverse religions and sects/cults, that seem pathologically unable to keep their weird faiths to themselves, and who try to force their fairy tales and magic thinking on others.

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Whaaaaa??? Begone!!! You are soooo lucky that the Fairy GodMother just ignores those that don’t believe!

Are you sure?

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…or is it really “the Fairy GodMother wilfully and maliciously ignores little kids that truly want to believe”?

Fuck NO!!! The Tooth Fairy has her job :tooth:

The Fairy GodMother focuses only on adults (Cinderella was old enough to marry).

It’s a tttttoooooaster… :sunglasses:

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So, polyfairyism, eh? As if one incompetent fairy tale figure wasn’t enough…

Just barely (19 years). This Fairy GodMother sounds like an extremely shady figure to me. She is narcissistic (only wanting to deal with those who adore her), and she refuses to acknowledge children, yet promotes early marriage. Nah, better just put her in the mythological pile with the rest of the god wannabes.

The Fairy of Dirty Old Men?

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That’s her! In drag… awwww :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: She’s awesome :clap:

Actually, the Middle Ages put a damper on Her interaction with children…

A changeling was believed to be a fairy child that had been left in place of a human child stolen by the fairies . The theme of the swapped child is common in medieval literature and reflects concern over infants thought to be afflicted with unexplained diseases, disorders, or developmental disabilities.



That was my point about questioning the meaning of ‘creation’
I am of the opinion that the word is simple without needing definition when used in context here…

The impression I got was the interlocutor asking for meaning was disingenuous. I became miffed. My bad.

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It was not my original post. I replied because I thought ]and still think] the question was disingenuous given the context

Really? Obviously I wasn’t aware ,or I would not have made such mistakes.

One of my reasons for spending time here is to learn. I would appreciate it if you would point out the fallacies I made.

Warpath? ME? nah, mate I’m not even warmed up . I don’t suffer fools. Virtually all of the apologists we get here are pretty foolish. Or if you prefer, willfully pig ignorant, arrogant, patronisng and intellectually dishonest.

One or two of such is tolerable. However, seldom a week passes without at least one apologist christian inflicting itself on we innocent atheists. After a few months, it becomes truly tedious and I get cranky. .

…and he loves being Cranky! Loveable Cranky old fart :dash:

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Indeed. Theists seem to think in binary terms. Either the universe emerged from unknown processes culminating in the Big Bang, or a god called Jehovah with a son called Jesus did it. That’s a false dichotomy. Even if every cosmological theory and the theory of evolution were proved entirely false, your particular version of the god theory would not be strengthened at all.

The discovery that a theory is false is an important step forward. By discovering dead-ends, we gradually work our way through the maze toward true understanding. Indoctrination and orthodoxy keep theists locked in their dead-ends.

Why are there chameleon eyes, fly eyes, octopus eyes, spider eyes? Did god need to try various different systems before hitting on the right one? That doesn’t sound like a supreme omniscient being. It sounds like Thomas Edison trying to invent the light bulb.

Let us not forget that before DNA, there was RNA. So if there was a god, this is more evidence this god did not get things right the first time.

Assuming there is a god, what conclusion can we make? Is the bible correct? It can not be, this bible claims god is …

Psalm 147:5
Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure.

So is the bible incorrect, of this god a bumbling incompetent?

@Henry Shymexx:

Grow the fuck up and read another book. EVOLUTION HAS NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH A GOD. NOTHING. You do not prove your god’s existence by disproving evolution. You do not win by default. You want to have a discussion about overturning evolution, GO TALK TO A FUCKING BIOLOGIST!

You want to prove your god exists---- Offer some fucking evidence!


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