Why don't you believe?

Why mention color? Well, being proud of your ancestry doesn’t mean you hate other’s. Anyway, if you could totally erase Semetic religions - then all other religions of the world could “mesh” and coexist just fine. It’s the fascist dogma of the Biblical god that always has trouble mixing.

Are you preaching anti-antisemitism?

@Socialdarwin You are treading on very shaky ground at this time. Very shaky. I will be very clear, racism, white supremecy, and anti-antisemitism are NOT tolerated in here.

Please explain how that claim is not anti semitic.

I’ll mention it again: Without exception, religions reflect the cultures which invent them and the the individuals who practice them. The tribalism and xenophobic hatreds pre existed organised religions by millennia.

The only constant seems to be that human beings have used religion to justify wars and other evils long before the existence of the Abrahamic faiths

In my opinion it’s incorrect and mentally lazy to refer to those religions as ‘fascist’ . They are simply patriarchal and misogynistic . This is as one would expect given the times they were invented. IE they reflected the societies which invented them.

Over the last two thousand years, Christianity especially has happily co existed with all kinds of governments, from monarchies, to fascist dictatorships to all kinds of democracies. Religions tend to evolve as societies evolve. EG Judaism today is very different than the religion invented by a tribe of illiterate , nomadic, bronze age sheep herders. Same goes for Christianity. EG they no longer burn dissidents alive. Same for Islam with the odd exception.

Jesus Fuckin’Christ this is the most fucktarded thing I’ve read here in awhile… “mesh just fine” lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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That is almost as crazy as believing that Abraham was a real person!


Please have go at defining exactly how you define the term ‘white people’ . Do you include Southern Europeans? What about Arabs? What about citizens of the Indian sub continent? Where do you draw the line?

Now for the howler about the sons of Abraham.

The religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are called the Abrahamic Religions because they trace their spiritual origin to the Prophet Abraham . IE The three worship the same one god, YHWH, who the Christians also call God the father and the Muslims call Allah.

Do try to get your facts straight. .So far you come across as rather ignorant and bigoted.


“Meshing” of religions? Are you kidding?

We have seen Thai Buddhist monks in the 1970s claim that killing Communists in response to atrocities, did not violate Buddhist ideals. Thai Buddhists violently clashed with Malay Muslims in 2004 declaring it was politically and not religiously prompted, so the deaths there were considered acceptable.
In Myanmar, Burma, the nationalist military regime tried to implement a form of Buddhist nationalism, often by force. In reply to the violence and deaths, the resulting Saffron Revolution pitted Buddhists in a continuing uneven and violent war against each other. In 2013 Time magazine ran a front-page story entitled “The Face of Buddhist Terror” featuring a portrait of a prominent pro-violence Buddhist monk named Wirathu. The Rohingyan population have been terrorised and displaced by Burmese government officials, community leaders and Buddhist monks with outbreaks in various cities. This was 10 years ago, but there is still no sign of universal love and tolerance there.
Despite the pleas for peace and tolerance from the Dalai Lama and other prominent Buddhist leaders it is acknowledged that while Bhuddist monks do not instigate violence they willingly engage and encourage others to participate to prolong events.

The Hindus in India have a long violent history usually involving Muslims and anyone who kills cows and especially those who eat them. The violence and intolerance these two belief systems generated demanded the creation of the new nation of Pakistan out of the Indian mainland as a means to distance these two destructive religions of peace.
Hundreds of people are still being killed in India in localised religious disputes every year, women are casually and constantly murdered for meaningless infractions against the valueless dignity of men. And Hindus aren’t particularly fond of Sikhs.

Sikhism, that curious form of Hinduism modified by Islam was born out a deeply held sense of armed defiance, against their Hindu and Muslim oppressors. It does have a reputation for negotiating peace through dialogue and tolerance, but war is still very acceptable under their tenets as a last resort, to the point that there is great reverence for the martyred warrior. But then they are targeted as heretics by both Hindus and Muslims.

So, no. Even if you were to remove the Abrahamic religions, there is no evidence or reason to suggest the other religions would “mesh” harmoniously and all would be well.
Religion can be a most virulent poison no matter what god or deity or power you claim to exist without verifiable objective evidence. It just makes people crazy.

Sam Harris did warn we would all be in great trouble if the Jains got politicised and militant, but that’s never going to happen because they’re all too busy trying to avoid treading and squishing ants and breathing in midges and mosquitoes. But thats not peace that just being too distracted to do anything.


I think the picture of the bible should be under the word fiction, they can put a picture of a priest under the word fascist.

Yes I know, that’s a blanket derogation. I’ll say 50 hail Mary’s.

Oh no wait, I’m an atheist, so I’ll just feel a little contrition, and then move on.

Would this be over the top?

Sneaky little atheistses. Wicked, tricksy, false!


Have a like for that gif, made me larf…

Only the Abrahamic religions go into foreign territories and try to convert the “savages”. The Hindu have a right to resist the “invading “ Muslims! The Buddhists have the right also to defend their native traditions. Think about it for real - it’s always the Abrahamics invading and “converting”. That’s my reason for being ANTI-Abrahamic (this is not racial hate, it’s hate of invasive ideology)

So does this hate now extend to the Vikings? What about political invasive ideologies?

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Christianized vikings, adhering to the teaching of “White Christ” (old Norse: Hvítakristr) (*) certainly did impose their christian belief when they went raiding or conquering. But I’m not so sure about pre-christian vikings of the norse mythology persuasion. Did they really impose their belief in Odin, Thor, etc. on the locals when they raided, invaded or settled? I might have misunderstood you, but if this is what you mean, do you have sources?

From what I have read about history, polytheistic religions like the Norse and the ancient Greek ones were much more accommodating when it came to other beliefs. After all, the gods of their trading partners or the locals in their newly conquered lands were just more gods in a universe of several gods, so it was probably much easier for them to accept other beliefs than for monotheists. For example, after the conquest of Alexander the great, much of the Middle East and Egypt were under greek influence for centuries. But the flow of influence also went the other way, with local gods being assimilated into the greek belief system, with gods being added to and merged into the greek pantheon. See e.g. Age of Conquests – The Greek World from Alexander to Hadrian by Angelos Chaniotis.

(*) Viking Answer Lady Webpage - Why did the Vikings call Jesus the White Christ?

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Yay, we’re making progress here! Thanks for your input! That’s exactly what I mean about non-Abrahamic religions being more accepting… that’s why I think the pagan religions could “Mesh” for the future and the world would not have to choose Atheism to progress forward. I’m so glad someone realizes. that I don’t hate Semetic genealogy, just their fascist laws - especially the Zionist agenda. You’ve got to realize Anti-Zionism is NOT a racist ideology (it’s a Anti-biblical ideology)

To be honest I think if they could have they would have. Christianity hitched itself to European imperialism right from the get go, and Islam is hostile and pervasive as Christianity, it’s just that the cultures where it originated haven’t had the same political and military start the industrial revolution provided.

I’m not quite sure if I understand what you are trying to say here. Atheists certainly existed in ancient Greece (“Philosophical atheist thought began to appear in Europe and Asia in the sixth or fifth century BCE.”) and in other cultures. But given the lack of understanding of how Nature really worked (i.e. what we now can explain through purely secular disciplines such as biology, geology, physics and chemistry), supernatural explanations involving godly interventions were all they had. The big seed for the growth of non-belief/atheism came with the age of Enlightenment, where scientific results of great significance came in, and it gradually dawned on people that there are rational ways of explaining the world that doesn’t need to involve gods or supernatural shit. When much of Europe was bogged down under dogmatic christian tyranny in the Middle Ages, Islamic scientists brought the fields of mathematics, astronomy and alchemy huge steps forward. However, it is important to realize that these early scientists were religious, so it was NOT their atheistic world view that motivated their research.

So, I don’t really get what you’re after. The rise of non-belief, or the non-necessity of attributing natural phenomena to godly acts came with Science. How Science would have progressed under other polytheistic systems, we will never know, so your suggestion sounds like speculation to me.

The way you choose to communicate your ideas, i.e. with the words you choose, do not give me the best of vibes. I suggest you modify your language, lest your writings be mistaken for a type of ideology I for one absolutely detest.

It may be the wording, but that sounds a little contradictory. There is no Zionist agenda, there’s the way the government of Israel conducts itself, both the good and the bad.

I am wary of blanket derogations, especially ones that are aimed indiscriminately at entire religious demographics. Personally I think all religions contain aspects that are pernicious, not least the concept of putting the worship of an unevidenced deity ahead of the welfare of any single human being.

Not sure about that one.

The history of some weapons indicates that cultures like China were far ahead of the rest. The Chinese invented gunpowder A.D. 850 (in their search for life-giving elixirs)

Swords were initially bronze, then low grade steel. But high carbon steel, (Damascus swords) were imported from India mid‐1st millennium BCE.

To me, these are tenuous indicators the such cultures did advance more in the scientific realm as Abrahamic cultures.

But the burning of the Library of Alexandria and the tendency for christians to stifle scientific exploration does confuse the matter.

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You just don’t understand the curse of Ham. Christians, Muslims and Jews all know that the Curse of Ham is the reason for sinful dark colored skin. If you become a Mormon, your skin will actually begin to lighten. It’s true that the Latter Day Saint movement used the curse of Ham to prevent the ordination of black men to its priesthood, but now we know that you can become white on the inside and you are welcomed with open arms. You do not have to spend your life wallowing in sin. Repent. Come into the light. Learn to be white! Break the curse of Ham. Join the chosen sons of Abraham! You poor delusional creature.


If you don’t think there’s a Zionist agenda then I got some swamp land I’d love to sell you. The US spends billions each year propping up Israel (I’m not being genetically racist now - hope no one bans me). The rest of the world doesn’t even accept the boundaries is Israel (it keeps expanding with no recourse). What if Britain just stretched out and claimed Iceland as there’s? Would no one question that?!