Why do "some" Christians think morality is only exclusive to them?

I’ve talked to 2 guys over the years. Obviously, they both think God is the only reason for their source of morality. One guy said he’d abandon his morality if he found out his “god” wasn’t real.

He’d go kill his neighbors, rob a bank, fuck a lot of women (cheat on his wife), and really live it up. Those were his words. I was shocked.

Just because I don’t believe that deities exist doesn’t mean I would ever want to abandon my morality. It helps me sleep at night. I just can’t believe that a lot of Christians would abandon their morality and fucking murder people if they concluded their “god” wasn’t real. It’s pretty pathetic that someone would either joke about that or even say that at all.

The other guy who I worked with, Bobby ( I made a thread about this guy), believes that morality only has meaning if you are a Christian. Because he believes that Atheists have no motives to do “right”.

Hubris is my answer.

You want to know the hilarious irony of that? If he believes his Christian god is real, and he believes everything about it being all-knowing and all-powerful, then his god knows EXACTLY what that guy is thinking and EXACTLY how he TRULY feels about other people. In which case, since his god judges people by what is in their “hearts”, that guy is FUCKED, and likely headed to hell in the express lane. :joy::joy::joy:


When you have no internal locus of control, perhaps an external locus is a good thing. Some assholes probably should keep pretending they are being watched and judged 24/7.

Just because there wasn’t a god doesn’t mean that murder is suddenly okey dokey, he’d still end up in prison. To me, morality is simply knowing what’s right and what’s wrong, you don’t need a fucking god for that.


@MrDawn The first dude is not driven by morality but fear of repercussions from his god.

The second argument? I could extract an equally compelling direction for morality by reading a few Spiderman comics. Do the right thing, protect the weak, respect your parents, with great power comes great responsibility.

Or Superman, or Batman, or fucking Teletubbies.

The bible is nothing special, and any morality is preaches is just common sense that would be practiced without direction from any bible.


I learned a lot more relevant things about honesty truth justice (and the American way) from Superman than from anything in Sunday School.


LOL I learned more watching Power Rangers than I ever did going to Sunday School when I was 6.

I don’t believe I’m moral

Really? Give examples of your immorality…please…

I once rode naked on the back of a little red trike, wind blowing through my hair, a Tin Man on the handle bars passing out eggnog, an old man whistling a sea ditty as we did rings in our birthday suits around the ole oak tree under the full moon’s light.

You may have to get more specific.

I don’t know you well enough :woman_shrugging:t2:

Aw, shit. That actually happened? It WASN’T just a bad acid trip I had? Geeeez… Well, I guess that does explain why I woke up in the monkey cage at the zoo the next morning covered in eggnog.

Say what?!? :astonished: Aw, HELL no! Mods! Ban this person immediately! We don’t need no stinkin’ non-moral godless heathens around here giving us all a bad reputation! White, go unzip Cog’s leather suit, pull your rolling pin out of his ass, and chase this perverted degenerate from our site/sight. Do it! Do it now!

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In what way? Can you give us some examples of your immorality?

Dang, dude. You have to ask him such a question? It should be obvious it means he will live forever. Immoral people never die, remember? Duh… Wait… :thinking:… Maybe I’m confusing that with something else.

WAIT!!! Let me find my coconut oil first…

Okay! Go ahead! … WAIT! I’m gonna need a couple of leaves and some grass.

Okay! Go ahead!

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Do you have any idea at all how difficult it is to keep rabid hedgehogs alive on bananas and coconut oil? Sheeesh! Give a guy a break… Okay… on with the show!

Interesting comment. In the pursuit of clarity, how does your personal definition of morality apply to you?

For example, in my case I lied to protect my mother’s emotions. I do not have any goal on raping children, and I try to love a life without harming others.