Why do some Christian's lie about homosexuality acceptance?

So I’ve spoken to a few people who are Christian and they claim they’re being accepting of homosexuality. I’m like okay. but what about when you go to church and listen to your pastor slam it with verses from your “play book”? You gonna go “amen” to every remark he makes?

I was forced into Christianity and I watched them all play their mind games too and people would “act” all accepting towards someone who was gay or bi but in church when the pastor was slamming it, they all were going “amen”, “amen, brother” every time the pastor would read a verse from the old and new testament.

I even knew this guy that, to me, was pretending to be this gay guy’s friend. But turned around and said that he needed to get his priorities straight, quit being gay, or he’s going to hell.

I’m just sick of the level of dishonesty. Their beliefs are bullshit. No one chooses to be gay at all. It’s genetic and there was never anything wrong with it to begin with.

They lie.

As a JW, we were accepting of people who were gay, BUT didn’t engage in any homosexual activity. They had to either marry (sex only in marriage with the opposite sex) or remain asexual (not involving sexual activity, feelings, or associations; nonsexual).

The physical homosexual activity was NOT accepted or acceptable.

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LOL… So those people who choose to be gay are not really gay? Certainly, some people choose to be gay. While sexual preference may be biologically determined, at least to some degree, the choice of a sexual partner is not. Xq28 is not a ‘gay gene’ and ‘genes’ do not control sexual orientation completely. Environment and how a person is raised can also have a major impact on whatever it is we are defining as gayness. Not meaning to say you are completely wrong, and I am not taking "the other side of any argument. I am pointing out,… “It is not that cut and dry.” Human sexuality is a whole lot more complicated than “You got a gay gene so you are going to be gay.” Guess what… we ALL have the gay gene.

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Hate to break it to you, MrDawn, but that would be an incorrect statement. It is absolutely possible for a person to choose such a lifestyle, and they are well within their natural rights to do so if they wish. Sure, there are those who are naturally dispositioned to be gay due to genetic and/or social factors. However, like Cog said, it is far more complex than that. For instance, my wife is bi-sexual. Although she prefers men, she is also attracted to other women, and would happily bed a woman if given the opportunity. Not because of some “genetic” reason, but because it is a personal choice she made during her early adult years.

Another scenario I’ve seen is when a grown middle-aged man wakes up one day and decides, “I’m not happy with my wife anymore. I think I want to try going out with other guys.” Even though he may have been happily married for many years and never had any sexual feelings toward other men. Who’s to say what type of factors influenced his decision, but I would be hard pressed to believe it was due to some “gay gene.” Could be something as simple as he was getting older and just wanted to try something different while he was still physically able. Who knows? Bottom line, though, is that there are countless factors that can determine a person’s sexual preferences. It ain’t always about genetics. Choices CAN BE and often ARE made in many cases.

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Thank you @Tin-Man & @Cognostic. I stand corrected.

Good point. My girlfriend and my daughter are both bi-sexual. I haven’t really talked to them about it. I just know they both are defensive about it and have complained about how they don’t like that people, who are also religious, oppose it and that their reasons are invalid and are not justified enough to hate on it just because “the bible said so” circular argument.

One of my oldest and dearest friends is a lesbian. Her story is a sad one, of being raped by relatives when barely into puberty. She is not openly anti-male, but it took me a long time to earn her trust and I am convinced that those early traumas formed her later life, and how she got to lesbianism.

That’s why I became a lesbian, Early chimp traumas. I was a trisexual for a long time… “Tri anything onece.” But a run in with a kangaroo in Sidney’s central park, changed all that. Now I am sure I am a Lesbian.

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That’s what I keep telling my wife. I’ve always been a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. Wonder if genetics had anything to do with it? :thinking:


Maybe we can start a support group?

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