Why deliberately offend (about Blasphemous Art)

Patriots (the self-identified kind) and politicians… the extremists of all sorts who wish to legalize their forms of “defined” freedom via how they wish to translate it or perceive it (usually through muddy glasses)… other forms of “freedoms” exist.

For example. Texas is forever off my tourist destination list due to its gun “laws” (as in are there any???). Free to spend my money where I decide. Free to listen or visit websites I find valuable. Free to stay on FB and use it as a “social” tool to stay in touch.

Bwahhhh waaaaa waaaaa for the babies who scream and kick and whine to get their own ways at the expense of others or wish their ignorant opinions to be taken as seriously as those with informed opinions.

I learnt a loooonnnnnggggg time ago how to not give in to a toddler wanting “his way” and without spanking or making a scene or frustrating myself.

Was a time new mothers were told to just let baby scream, and to feed it according to her schedule, not the baby’s.

I’d make a rotten parent: It is my belief that it is morally wrong and counter productive to hit children. That x numbers of parents still do so because it’s easier , can relieve their frustration and because they don’t know any better. My mother taught me that. We were seldom hit at home. Our Catholic schools made up for that deficit.----Because they believed in “spare the rod will spoil the child” and because they were incompetent teachers.

Of course, I was always afraid I’d be the same kind of parent as my father. He spent far to much time being a cunt.

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My father was also a waste of space, he was a racist son-of-a-bitch who claimed to be Catholic. I never got along with him and felt absolutely nothing when he died. All I ever heard from him was criticism, and unfortunately I inherited that part of his personality.

We spanked our kids when it was appropriate and mostly to just get their attention. They’re both great parents with their own kids, either it worked or we got lucky.

My favorite memory is of one of my stepsons, who I raised as my own, when he was in primary (elementary) school at about 9 years old. The teacher had asked the children how they were punished when they were naughty. It went around the class with “time outs”, “my mum gives me a smack”, taking away of privileges, no desserts, extra chores, until, as the teacher put it, “there was my dear boy red faced, with pent up emotion”: The teacher was anxious as he began to speak as she thought she was about to find out something horrifying and (as she later confessed) was worried about hearing about beatings, darkened bedrooms, nights in dog kennels, all the stuff of a caring adult’s nightmares. The conversation was
T: (pensively) A?
A: (red faced and angry) You lot are so lucky! My Dad TALKS to me!!!
T; (now restraining relieved laughter) That doesn’t sound too bad A…
A; (Even more aggrieved) He tricks me into answering then I have to choose my own punishment!
Class: Wow, wish I could choose!
A: No! NO! you lot don’t know, it has to fit the crime!! It’s HORRIBLE!

(Teacher departs classroom for a couple of minutes to compose.)

Returns to find the class commiserating with A as he gave examples of the ‘cruel and inhuman’ punishments he had forced upon himself.

She met me that afternoon at the gates to pass on the story.

I fostered 9 children and have a large family of step children. I never raised a hand to them after the age of reason (about 2years, and then only to administer a transient pain to prevent an injury)

There is NO need for violence in raising children. It only demonstrates a shortcoming in your mentality.


Positive feedback when they do what you want them to works better in the long run than negative feedback when they do something wrong. Same goes for adults and other animals.