What is this evidence of God atheists talks about?

Yours might be, but I have no such notion. I have no way of knowing such a thing.

My disbelief is for all god(s)

What evidence will I accept? I’ll reply exactly as I do when theists ask me the same question; I have no idea, not my problem. At the very least, the Abrahamic god with his infinite attributes would have no problem coming up with evidence I would be able to accept .

Just a hint: Atheists are simply people who do not believe in god. This about belief. There is no atheist position on any other topic. This includes the kind of evidence we will accept.

Before we talk about evidence, I’d like to hear a definition of god.Once we know what we’re looking for, we can start to assess the evidence.

I suspect the first part of this process would take forever because of the millions of different descriptions of gods. I doubt if you could even find two people with the same idea of what old Jehovah looks like, let alone Allah, Siva, Amaterasu and all other sky-fairy fantasies.

But it would take zero time to go through all the evidence.

I wish to expand on my position on using the standards of evidence for a court of law.

For example, if a theist was accused of a major crime, they would welcome those standards. In every aspect of their life (with the exception of the god question) they welcome and apply those standards in their daily life. From researching a mortgage to finding out what is a decent day-care those basic principles are applied. From examining witnesses to filtering out the BS from reality.

But when it comes to the god question, they insist on "special "standards because their god is “special”. They must rely on their special rules to validate their special god.

It is circular reasoning.

I agree with you.

Okay, what if many can appear before us saying that they are the God, but they aren’t, how will you verify that the one who appeared before us is actually a God? Suppose, saintly human can appear us as God, or if Satan exist he can also appear before us as God, and God himself also appear before us as God. Suppose all this as a possibility, then how will you ascertain that the one who appeared is a God?

You seem to forget me. I am a theist who think religions are made by Satan and not God.
But I would like to change my view now. Now I would like to say that Satan or some evil has more influence over or through religions even if it is made by God.
I will clear these things further, and don’t ridicule it right now. It takes time to explaining and understanding anything that is correct. I hope, till then, you will remain patient.

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That is the agreed upon concept of God within which you need to find the God. Otherwise your findings won’t be accepted as God. That’s what I understand.

Yes, God must be knowing what can convince you of the existence of God.

Or he can’t appear as one of so many gods of so many religions because none of the gods of any religions perfectly fit his actual qualities, and said things in religions doesn’t fit the reality perfectly. If such a God appears then most will call him Satan or something like that.

Yes, that’s what I mean. You summed it up correctly.

The relevance is to say that scientists are not patient enough to see the causal link which takes many years or decades, in some field of knowledge, like psychology. Also, are not ready to change the methodology a little for different type of causal links, in which many other factors make their influence in the time duration between given cause and it’s effect.

Then this god is not doing what is sufficient to make this person start believing in this god and/or switch religion(*), whether it is due to lack of almightiness, due to sheer incompetence, or because the god does not want to. Either way, it’s not of any fault or concern of this person. And the end result is exactly the same as if this god does not exist.

(*) one must assume that an almighty god would know what’s necessary to start believing, and to make this person switch religion, as well as this person’s peers.

This would be the same as saying that the effect(s) that purportedly show the existence of a god is/are, in practice, not detectable, and that the world behaves for all intents and purposes just like it would without a god.

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The simple answer is that I would accept Satan as a god even if I didn’t worship him; he might as well be from a god from a Christian perspective, given how powerful he supposedly is. So if a god of some kind appeared before me and demonstrated his godly power meaningfully, well, I would believe a god exists, whether that god was Yahweh, Satan, Vishnu, whoever. It wouldn’t matter to me so much at that point because a god existing does not mean I would worship that god.

Would I be impressed by a god? Of course. Would I worship a god? Probably not. That’s not really my thing. I might idolize him if they were impressive enough, might draw them, might talk about them to other people, but fall on my face and worship… not so much.

Hope that answers your question.

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How our mind receive, store and transmit information?
By this I mean there are some ways which are not known to human about how everything store and transmit information.

The deity should not ask for blind belief and give a room for a doubt, and lot of doubts if necessary.

And I don’t need the evidence for its existence. I already know that such a thing (I won’t call it a deity) exists which ask for blind belief with little to no doubt.


That’s what I mean.

I agree with all you said.

Okay, what if I said God and Satan is both within us, and verifiable through observing human interactions?

If I said, there is something within you which controls you from inside. One of them is good, and the other is evil. Evil is greater power, and activated through blind beliefs on wrong things. Good within you is activated through knowledge and love for truth at all cost. What would you say?

How can you accept millions of descriptions of God to verify this God exists or not? He exists with his own attributes, not with the attributes you put on him. Isn’t it the right way to think?

How do you know he exists at all, emphasis on he? You’re making an assumption there already. What if god is a she, a they, an it, etc.? How would you know one way or another? I think that’s the right way to think.

I don’t accept that any god exists, and I would even be willing to say that many gods do not exist. I might go as far as to say “There are no gods” but I think I’ll get called for that on this forum, and perhaps I should, so I won’t say that.

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It’s your claim a deity exists, I know you’re fishing here, but here’s a novel idea, why don’t you demonstrate the best evidence you think you have FOR YOUR CLAIM…

You’re wasting bandwidth with this bullshit, piss…or get off the fucking pot.

Suppose it isn’t…:roll_eyes:

Are we done supposing, now one more fucking time…

Can you demonstrate any objective evidence for any deity or deities?

Oh that’s right, you can’t…

What has that vapid nonsense to do with my question?

Noted, you’re utterly closed minded. Now back to my question you’ve responded to but haven’t even tried to answer…

What kind of evidence do you actually want for all the deities you don’t believe in?

You see the word don’t in there right?