What Atheism means for me

Hmmm…( blinking slowly to clear eyes, humming softly…Trollin Trollin Trollin)
Uh :roll_eyes: WTF?
I just awoke from a much needed nap and re-read this thread, and, you know, even if this was a fishing expedition, I really don’t care, because the same solution is applicable…namely, someone needs to have the shit slapped out of themselves…No No, don’t get up…Allow me…
Uh…edit to add…sarcasm is not allowed by anyone other than an unnamed clanky individual and any others as aforementioned mechanical contrivance sees worthy of such deviations from the usual decorum seen herein…

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It wouldn’t let me do that earlier hmmm

Edit: nope still won’t let me remove that

You feel no quilt? Damn. That’s rough. You haven’t had a proper night’s sleep if you haven’t ever felt the warmth of grandma’s hand quilted blanket. I keep mine in the closet for those frosty, winter days.

As for the rest of the post … you and me are cut from the same cloth. Maybe not a quilt - but definitely a cloth of some kind.

It ain’t illegal if you don’t get caught. And if it ain’t illegal, there’s nothing to feel guilty about. Bare back as many prostitutes as one can in a given life time. The worst thing that could come of it is AIDS or the clap or syphlus or gonereah or herpes or genital worts or clamidia (did I already say “clamidia”)?. Fuck it. Drive drunk. If you believe that you are fully capable of driving after six or seven beers who the fuck out there has any God Damn right to tell you otherwise.Sure. You might kill your self. Or someone else. Or an entire family of people. But life is short, right?

Keep up the good fight, my fellow hedon. :+1:


lol, maybe @David_Killens will undo it with his mod powers. :smiling_imp:

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:joy::joy: Ratty, have you been taking sarcasm lessons? C’mon, now, fess up. Because that was pretty damn good… :kissing:… Hey, I just realized something. It sounded almost like a mix of me and Cog… Awww… (sniffle-sniffle)… Our little Ratty is starting to imitate his two big brothers. Almost brings a tear of joy to my eyes. :blush::sleepy::blush:


Uh-huh, right… You ain’t foolin’ anybody. Not today, Satan. Not todaaaay. Nope-nope-nope. Admit it. You are trying to kiss up to Dark just to get a lead on where he gets all his prostitures. Ha! Thought you were being slick, huh?


I’m not sure why, but my right hand is starting to twitch again…

Big smile :grinning: maybe I’m coming around … ha ha ha

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Kay. I don’t know how to read into this skriten. But in all seriousness … are you masturbating again? You know the wife doesn’t approve!


A somewhat loaded question don’t you think?
As to whether or not I have returned to my…uh , er I mean uh if I am doing some things I may or may not have been likely to do in the past, that has no bearing on my nearly overwhelming urge to, oh I don’t know… maybe…slap someone…

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May be…but you should probably exercise a bit of discretion…

A “loaded” question indeed. As it were, I will let you and your conscience decide what is appropriate.

As for myself, an ultimatum of sorts was made long ago - porn, and masturbation or a happy marriage. I am mentally unwell but I am not a fool. I chose marriage over my “right hand man”.

Indeed. There is a grain of truth to every lie. I am indeed contrary to the law. I find it inconvenient. If for example someone cuts me off in traffic and I give them the finger and they in turn hurl insults at me - what other option do I have than to exit my vehicle and flex my muscles at the interlocutor? If he wishes to fight and we agree upon the terms, then by Canadian law, we can assault each other without legal repercussions. This is something I admire about both the game of Hockey and the Canadian legal system. Forsooth. There is a way by which men of good conscience can battle with fists under full legality if an agreement is made.

Other than this fine point. Ie. I want to physically punish anyone who pisses me off - I have no other qualms with the law.

Ie. I do not believe in prostitution - although states like Nevada make it legal.

I do not believe in driving drunk. Although I have made that mistake in the past, I have reformed my ways and have decided that alternatives are absolutely imperative.

The rest was pure satire. I was poking fun at the OP. I seriously make no distinction between troll or honest poster. I believe both can be “killed with kindness”. And my satirical take on his hedonistic position was one of pure humour. I see no need to watch myself other than clarifying my honest position in prostitution and driving impaired.

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And my response to you was nearly pure sarcasm… I was,in fact responding to your double entendre and merely suggesting that one might want to limit where one is “coming around”.
Given your obvious proclivity towards violence, surely you can understand my motivation for wanting to slap the shit out of someone for any number of reasons including, but not limited to, bad driving habits, inappropriately obtrusive behavior, excessive rhetoric (trolling), unapproved sarcasm, public displays of religiosity, bad Jazz, or anything else which could be construed, by me, to be of a sufficiently significant degree, so as to qualify as a candidate for the characterization of “behaviorally repugnant”.
Since this sarcasm thing is probably new to you, I will at least attempt to be patient…for a while. I have no ability whatsoever to employ any measurable restraint on my propensity towards something akin to a vague representation of a hint at such things as sarcasm or sophistry, however.

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hmmm. this guy is either a sociopath or a theist troll.


Why would I specify the nature of my crimes? I never went to jail for them and never plan to. Giving out specifics leads to getting caught right? Everyone commits some crimes in their lives, only the idiots are the ones who get caught or do crimes too frequently for people to notice them.

Is it OK as long as you don’t get caught? Is it OK if I steal from your property (perhaps without you even noticing) and don’t get caught?

My troll-o-meter still reads a solid 9/10 on this one.


(Theme from Rawhide playing in head…staggering back to coffee pot)