What Am I Missing Here?

Can someone please, please tell me how the greatest story ever told, and the most profound sacrifice in the history of the entire world was God ‘giving his only begotten son’ to die on the cross when He knew He was bringing him back to life in a couple of days anyway?! Seriously? That’s the greatest sacrifice of all time? And that’s what’s worth getting all weepy and falling to your knees and building your entire life around? And not only that, but in order to punch our one and only ticket to an eternal, blissful eternity, we have to actually forfeit our common sense and intellectual honesty and somehow believe that nonsense?


Sadly, my friend, demz iz da rulze. Every single aspect of a person’s life can be lived using common sense, logic, and rational thinking in everything from crossing a street, to driving a car, to building a house, to flying a plane, and beyond. HOWEVER… In order to put full faith and belief into an imaginary Sky Daddy developed by ancient desert-dwelling nomads with no knowledge of modern science, every single ounce of that same common sense, logic, and rationality must be fully suspended in that specific area. Religion is the absolute BIGGEST Psychological Operation perpetrated on all of humanity since the dawn of civilization. Almost impressive, in a warped sorta way.


Well, Tin Man, when a response is that well stated and spot-on, you simply tip your hat and say ‘Nicely Done’. Although I must admit, even though you’ve explained it perfectly, it still baffles me.


Awww maaaann. You just had to be there to appreciate it. Oh… it wasn’t actually a cross but a pole. Sorry to burst your bubble but the oldest records and all that … you know.

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@bchouck Yea, it’s crap. But this is the hook in christianity, it would be flaccid without the blood sacrifice and guilt trip. All he sacrificed was a few hours of his time. He did not die.

And even then, it’s pretty messed up that I am condemned because of what an ancient ancestor did 6,000 years ago?

Even if the bible was true, jesus spent 1 1/2 days suffering, then took the magic expressway to heaven where he is the VP in charge of doing nothing. Pretty incompetent too, no heavenly activity. Or is jesus a lazy son of a CEO and just fucks secretaries (angels)?


You know what would have been cool with the whole “sacrifice” shit ???

Adam apparently introduced sin and death into the world.
I don’t need to know about Adam, believe in Adam, let Adam into “my heart” to experience “sin and death”.

Jesus did not “remove sin and death” or restore anything lost. It’s not like I am sinless and will never have to face death without “knowing, believing or letting him into my heart”…. :roll_eyes:

PLUS the “wages sin pays is death” (Romans 6:23)

If it’s just the afterlife of going to heaven??? Jesus fuckin’Christ, god coulda just done THAT from day one :point_up:

It’s such a fucked up stupid doctrine.


You must have overlooked the Holy Trinity, god sacrificed himself to himself. A nice bit of illogical work around this problem of Jesus being a do nothing son.

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It gets even weirder. God sacrificed himself to himself because (although he is all-knowing) his creations almost immediately broke a house rule.

That is as dumb as it gets. I have owned dogs, and endured housebreaking them. Of course there will be mistakes, there will be pee or poop in a corner until I get them trained properly. Am I angered at that? Of course not, I understand this happens and part of the learning process. I have patience, tolerance, and an understanding in how dogs work.

I am better at dogs than this god is with mankind.


And one of MY favorite parts of that whole comedy routine is when Jesus asked himself why he had forsaken himself as if he had forgotten HE is the one who sent himself there in the first place.


On my journey out of my mothers superstition, one of the thought “experiments” I ran through the grinder was what kind of parent I was going to be, then compared those thoughts to what I saw in the people around me and their proposed god’s response explained in biblical from the Able & Cane story to the book of Revelations. I felt my thought experiment “good parenting” was a more reasoned and responsible possibility.

As I helped to raise our three children I often thought of this as I observed my little failures to be patient, and to try to teach the little humans which boiled down to this: Would a perfect real god have this same imperfect response?

I chose to think a “real perfect god” would not respond as it had in the biblical stories. These stories are just examples of the same human imperfections I saw in myself.

This thought process was & is self enforcing of my atheism.

Nice to see others have similar thoughts.


I’m just curious as to why people still buy into Christianity today. As a child growing up I struggled believing in it because it’s so absurd. The stories were just chalk full of bullshit and Christians like to cherry pick at the verses that are most convenient to them.

Not to mention, he’s god in the story and Christians claim that an immortal being died and rose from the dead for their “sins”. Yeah…sure.

People aren’t very smart and they are not willing to do the work to wise up. Most of them nibble at the low hanging fruit. What do you have to do to be a Christian and understand the Christian world view. “Believe in a God and go to church once in a while.” With all the different soterologies out there, and with every small city in america hosting a church on every corner, anyone can find a group that is to their liking. No research papers, no learning fallacies of logic, no discussing or challenging assumptions, just listen to the preacher and believe.


Nailed it!..

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See, you are a disgruntled mechanism because in fact you like the whole crucifixion thing don’t you? I know you want to believe just so you can relish in the idea of driving nails through someone’s body. After all, you have bolts and screws driven through your…never mind.

…(putting ruby slippers on feetclosing eyes in meditationrepeatedly clicking heels together)… There’s no place like Rome… There’s no place like Rome… There’s no place like Rome… There’s no place like Rome… There’s no place like Rome…

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Stop it, you are going to disappear if you keep that shit up.

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What`s goin on here. I think the god is here right?