Was Charles Darwin a Racist?

Thank you for clarifying this, as you’ve explained something that I’ve been curious about.

I have often listened to apologist’s Youtube videos, and they often (I’m tempted to say “always”) mention the opinions of people who are “doctors” who have a Ph.D in something, ie: ". . . Dr. Stein, a biologist who graduated from Western with his Ph.D in molecular biology says . . . " and then onward into the nonsense, or how there are a large percentage of “doctors” who believe in God, and so forth.

In my mind (and my perceptions may be flawed because I’m autistic), this constant mention of credentials detracts from rather than adds to credibility, because if these ideas had any validity, they could stand on their own.

I’m not saying that academic accomplishments are meaningless . . . just that valid ideas don’t need a constant stream of reminders of the education of the interlocutor to prop them up.

When I was a paramedic (and I’m now an RN), I don’t need to constantly remind my patients of my licensure in order to treat them . . . unless they have Alzheimer’s. :rofl:

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Hitlers first concordat was with the vatican, his soldiers had “god’s with us” on their buckles and so on…

Does that make god a nazi?

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No he didn’t, the racist ideology that Nazis propaganda espoused was not based on objective facts about evolution, but on a distortion they peddled, though even were this true of course evolution would remain an objective fact. I think survival of the fittest is proabbly the most misunderstood and misrepresented of the mechanisms that drive evolution, but it simply indicates the extent to which a species or individual is suited to their environment. How we feel about ideas tells us nothing about whether they are objec tively true. In fact how we feel merely instills a bias either as prejudice or favour. Science, and logic, that is to say the methods used, are designed precisely to remove such bias.