Very (OT) I started to collect 33s

I like also listening to them, got a little collection. Want to expand on it, as I enjoy the old way of listening to music.


I like LP’s as well. For me it’s not just about the sound quality, I really like the artistic design that goes into it all like the cover and inside. I also appreciate having the lyrics ready at hand. I have not bought any new ones but still enjoy going through my oldies 60’s and 70’s. What genres are you into?


Great idea.

In my early tens I collected 78’s to play on my dad’s old gramophone. (single use needles). I loved the Big Bands but also found old recordings by Enrico Caruso and Nellie Melba, dreadful quality. (look them up)

I think it was those 78’s which led me to Jazz and and blues in my 40’s, on CD’s . Just about anything you will find on 33’s can probably be found on CD’s, but you may have to dig around. I got most of my old stuff from the cheap bin at stores Americans call ’ Dollar Stores’

Vinyl recordings are still made because some serious collectors claim CD’s are too bright. 33’s certainly tend to have good bass presence.

Enjoy your new hobby!

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Rock, metal heavy metal, hard rock. Thrash metal, death metal.

Some rap.


Classical and orchestrated themes and soundtracks.

Classic rock, and even some stuff from as far back as the 50s.
I like Elvis. And my roommate has some.

So a little of a lot. Ahh. Big Band singing.

Our record player has 78 so I could actually listen to them too if I had any.

And I like collecting 33s, so yes I will enjoy my new hobby.

I am 50, so I remember when that was my only choice. And then when CDs came out, you still could choose CD or record. I am glad they are bringing some stuff out on 33 these days.

Yeah .I was tempted to buy a decent turn table. I still have a good tuner amp and a pair of B&W speakers. Plus a terrific omni directional speaker a mate made for me. Didn’t buy the turn table because second hand vinyl tends to be crap and new ones are far more expensive than the digitally remastered CD’s I used to buy. .

Of course it’s all irrelevant today; I no longer watch DVD’s nor listen to CD’s. I sometimes buy obscure artists on CD on Ebay, then rip them to Mp3. Best find in the last couple of years was a CD by Anita O’Day, a truly great Jazz singer of 1950’s. ----I’d never hear of of her. Toady I have about a dozen of her albums on Mp3

I suspect you can probably buy vinyl records on Ebay, new and second hand

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Yes of course you can get records from Ebay as I am bidding on one.

If I don’t get it that is fine. Had a chance to get one at Walmart for like 32$ and bought something else. They usually go for 75 or more.

This would be my second Metallica album on 33. My first one I got on Ebay too and that is And Justice For All, two album set.

If I lose this I don’t care, it isn’t that important to have this on a picture disc. I want to up my collection of 33s. I have two Deff Leppard LPs too. Two Pink Floyd, The Wall and The Dark Side Of The Moon. The Wall is a two record set. I have a two record set of Willie Nelson’s best hits too. My Michael Jackson Thriller album skips, and I got a second one, and they both skip. And one other two record set, CCR, if you know what I mean by that. That had no skips, and one song skips twice, damn it.

I have no actual objective, just want to collect some music on 33, and listen to it too.


By the choice of your genres it seems like you have enjoyed many a days of headbanging.

I used to love my early collection all the way from the 1920’s and up from almost every genre. Unfortunately I had to sell them decades ago when I got married . My collection is small at the moment and those are keepers…it’s the wife I got rid of…lol

I enjoy songs from every genre but I also detest some as well. For instance, rap is a genre I do not like in general but there are a handful of artists that I can enjoy listening to.

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And jamming out to good music.

I use to have some classics on 78 like the Nutcracker Suite.

I don’t listen to much rap myself either. I got that record buy side two first song skips… damn it.

I also get into CCR and other older rock music. I have a double album of CCR and love listening to it.


Sorry took me so long to reply. :wink:


Hi Fieval… no worries on how much time it takes to reply. I am too busy in my real world to respond in social media in a timely fashion as well.

I love CCR. I grew up buying albums from The Beatles, CST and Young , Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Uriah Heap, Supertramp, America and countless others. There’s just something special about albums that the digital world cannot offer.

You mentioned " jamming out to good music", are you a musician? I jam with some buddies but covid has put that all on hold… I love trying new instruments. I’m great at none of them but good enough to get by.

As for the rap, I can only listen to bands that use real instruments…Fun Luvin’ Criminals is my fav. If you have seen Pulp Fiction then you have heard them. I have seen this band of 3 musicians and they are not only great but so underrated. They have played with big name famous (non rap) artists as well.

Keep on rockin’ on with LP’s

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